Chapter 2984: Unsolvable

Plenty tried afterward but none found success.

A few showed off everything they had. Someone used their profound merit laws in an attempt to derive the mysteries of the boulder. Another used a powerful ancestral weapon in a direct attack. One more big shot took out their ancestral creed, hoping for harmonization…

The boulder didn’t react to a single thing. 

Holyfrost and Supreme tried as well, only to find the same failure as those before them.

During her attempt, she raised one finger and engulfed the boulder with a layer of frost. This freezing affinity could break through anything, just not this boulder.

Supreme activated his myriad dao, using them as searching vessels. Many strange images appeared behind him - the statues of wondrous progenitors including Gao Yang.

The crowd was in awe of this sight. Supreme has clearly been blessed by numerous top masters. From this, one could easily deduce his power and ace cards.

It’s a pity that these progenitors couldn’t affect the boulder in the slightest.

Different masters continued trying for a bit before a feeling of futility set in.

“Even Luminous Master couldn’t figure it out, we’re just wasting our time.” One frustrated experimenter gave up.

No one was really embarrassed about this because the other geniuses and big shots failed as well, including Luminous Master.

“This boulder is extraordinary.” This became the consensus in the room.

They have tried so many methods including the strongest merit laws and weapons along with the fiercest flames… All failed to damage the boulder.

Putting aside the mysteries within, just its toughness alone made it special. Creating a weapon out of this would result in something unimaginable.

“What do you think, Dao Brother?” Five Element Goddess has been nonchalant the entire time in her chair. She finally looked over at Li Qiye with her rippling eyes and asked.

Li Qiye has been aloof the entire time as well with no intention of joining the rest in their experiments.

“A heart as strong as a rock.” Li Qiye glanced at the boulder and said.

She paused for a moment before praising: “Your height is above our reach. I examined it for a long time before understanding it. You only need a few glances to know the mystery right away. I feel ashamed in comparison.” 

“At least you’re way smarter than them.” He chuckled.

“This is far from enough. Perhaps this is due to my insufficient dao not being at the right level, unable to open it. It seems like I still have a long way to go.” She shook her head in response.

It looked like she had secretly tried to open the boulder but failed. Of course, she still learned a thing or two, knowing the method. Alas, knowing didn’t mean that she had the ability to do so.

“You just need the polishing of time to grow more determined.” Li Qiye smiled: “No one is born with it since it has nothing to do with innate talents.”

“Right, Dao Brother.” She nodded and agreed: “Your words are always beneficial to the willing listeners. It’s easy for cultivators to lose their way and original aspirations, getting farther and farther away only to never return.”

“They won’t get too far in that case.” Li Qiye said: “The only thing they will obtain is a palace made of glass, eventually crumbling.”

“You are correct, Dao Brother.” She agreed and glanced over at the boulder: “Who do you think left this boulder behind?”

“Not sure, but one thing is for certain. It’s a progenitor among the top ten. That’s why the boulder is unbreakable.” Li Qiye answered.

“A member of the Decemvirate.” She tilted her head in contemplation.

Some have compiled a list in the past, comparing various historical figures. This resulted in the formation of the Decemvirate, only consisting of the figures with unmatched accomplishments.  She began thinking about which one among the ten.

Meanwhile, Tai Yinxi became disappointed after seeing everyone giving up. They have only learned one thing - the toughness of this boulder.

He held high hopes after inviting everyone here even though Luminous Master had failed. 

After all, there were too many hidden masters in this vast world. Just because Luminous Master couldn’t do it didn’t mean no one else could.

Alas, none had outdone Luminous Master so far in this quest. Tai Yinxi had invited virtually all the big shots around. This task proved to be harder than expected.

The next step came with inviting characters of Jade-zenith Progenitor's level. Unfortunately, these characters were imperious on top of being mysterious with their whereabouts. He couldn’t get them to come.

“Anyone else?” He asked, still hoping for more people to attempt.

“There’s still someone left.” A young genius said; his eyes fell on Li Qiye.

Right now, the two obvious ones left were Li Qiye and Five Element Goddess.

No one dared to bother the goddess. If she didn’t want to do it, that’s the end of this. On the other hand, Li Qiye seemed like the elephant in the room. All eyes were on him now.

“Young Noble Li...” Tai Yinxi didn’t dare to force the issue. He stared at the guy with great anticipation in his eyes.

After all, both the bull and goddess seemed to revere Li Qiye. It meant that the guy was very capable.

“You want me to open it?” Li Qiye smiled and wasn’t in a hurry.

“Nothing can be better if you are willing, Young Noble Li. This boulder pertains to the prosperity of all living beings in Three Immortals. Please try.” Tai Yinxi cupped his fist in response.

“Three Immortals’ wellbeing has nothing to do with me, I’m just a passerby.” Li Qiye shrugged in response.

“Everyone is responsible for the prosperity of the world!” Someone became annoyed and shouted.

“Unfortunately, it’s your world, not mine. The responsibility is yours, not mine, once again.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“You!” The big shot became furious.

“Haha, it’s just an excuse to not try.” A genius jumped in and snorted.

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