Chapter 2983: Who Knows How To Open It?

These dao avatars still commanded everyone’s attention.

“Virtuous Nephews, what have you found in Sky Ruins?” Tai Yinxi asked.

“Amitabha.” The dao avatar of Brightking placed his palms together: “Brother Metalkin and I have caught up to the meteor. We’ll be landing shortly.”

Everyone held their breath, waiting to see what these two had found out. They didn’t expect them to go so far into Sky Ruins.

They were curious about the thing coming out of Uncrossable Expanse. This was unprecedented in history. Things only went in to never come out.

The meteor from there was truly shocking, scaring everyone out of their mind. When they regained their wits, it was already inside the massive Sky Ruins.

This was a cause for celebration. Only very few people like these two would chase after it.

“There must have been a reason why the meteor flew out of Uncrossable Expanse.” Metalkin War God said. He had a fierce aura, always ready to rampage on the battlefield - true to his title of a war god.

He wasn’t the strongest person here but his battle intent was quite oppressive. It made people feel as if they weren’t his equals. Provoking him meant a battle to the death.

“That’s why after deliberating with Brother Brightking, we believe that this piece is the key, hoping that the commander and the rest of the world will be able to open it.” He added.

“I see.” People understood why these two sent their dao avatar back. So they still needed this boulder.

“That’s also my intention.” Tai Yinxi nodded and told the rest: “Ladies and gentlemen, as you have heard, just let us know if you have any idea about the boulder. Feel free to come forward to see if you can open it. The future of Immortal Lineage is in your hands.”

Many guests started walking over after hearing this.

“Give it a shot, use whatever means necessary. We have tried to break it. It’s quite tough, many weapons didn’t do a thing.” Tai Yinxi said.

If a powerful being like him said it was tough, then they must have tried many things already.

“I’ll give it a shot.” One genius said.

“Us too.” The other big shots got closer. They didn’t want to miss this chance after being granted permission.

This could allow them to shine more than others. If any of them could open this boulder, then they would look like a crane among a flock of chicken - able to lead the tides.

It didn’t take long before the boulder was surrounded by big shots from all over Immortal Lineage.

One person researched the composition of this boulder; another focused on the tiny runes. One more began striking it...

Everyone used different techniques and methods in order to figure out this mystery.

“Strange, I’ve never seen or smelled this type of composition before.” An Eternal specialized in ores and minerals said: “I’ve been working on them for tens of thousand years now and had seen all the different types in Immortal Lineage. This isn’t any of them.”

“I don’t think it’s just a regular boulder. It must have been blessed and augmented by a progenitor. The runes seemed naturally formed but there are patterns to it.” One ancestor from a powerful system said.

“Let me try.” A celestial clan master spread his wings and shouted.

“Clank!” A golden radiance bloomed behind him.

The wings were thin like cicada’s wings but as sharp as can be. They could easily cut through the hardest substance like tofu.

“Nothing can stop Brother Yun Yi’s golden wings.” One person said as the group pulled back.

“Clank!” The clan master cut down with his wing blades, utilizing extreme speed and sharpness. Space itself was severed, leaving behind minuscule lines.

“Damn!” The clan master bellowed.

His feathers were actually sharp blades too, extremely precious. However, not a single one was intact right now. They either fell off or had holes, causing him to cry in agony - suffering both physical and mental damage.

“So tough.” A few became startled: “Brother Yun Yi’s golden feathers themselves are incredible not to mention being augmented with peerless cicada metal. They have cut through numerous weapons before…”

The clan master was still in shock. He spent so many years refining his wings on top of adding precious metals. So many foes and weapons have been cut down by him using them. Alas, this boulder had gotten the best of him today - truly a heartbreaking loss.

“I have a bottle of true-star ancient flame. Let’s see.” A three-palace emperor was next.

People maintained the same distance with a cautious expression.

The emperor took out a bottle with numerous glyphs on the surface. It was a powerful treasure in-and-of-itself. Only this level of artifact could contain the power of this flame.

“Rumor has it that this flame had killed a twelve-palace emperor before.” A big shot from the last generation said.

“Pop!” The emperor opened it and an unbearable heat wave assaulted the room, seemingly capable of incinerating everything in the blink of an eye.

“Zzz…” Space was being ravaged by this heat. A few masters moved back even more.

“What a domineering ancient flame.” A spectator murmured.

Everyone could see that it was still being sealed within the bottle despite the current heat. Once released, its destruction must be insane.

The emperor began pouring down this flame on the boulder. It had the consistency and shape of lava. 

It slowly flowed around while burning the boulder, resulting in smoke. Alas, it failed to meld the surface, only leaving a faint mark at best.

“What the hell is this material?” The emperor couldn’t believe it.

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