Chapter 2982: Mysterious Meteorite

Tai Yinxi cleared his throat and interrupted the tense atmosphere: “These are not the main topics of today. I didn’t invite everyone here to have a battle over face and pride.”

He got everyone’s attention again since they still didn’t know the purpose of this meeting. It certainly wasn’t only to eat and drink.

“Uncrossable Expanse has always been a mystery.” He went on: “Even progenitors can’t give us an answer. In my opinion, if there is a calamity in the future, it will come from there.”

As a Supreme Everlasting, his words carried just as much weight as a progenitor. Thus, his speculation certainly made the crowd ponder, not to mention that the meteor back then really came from the expanse.

“Numerous pieces fell off along the path of that meteor. Though all have floated into Sky Ruins, one actually made it to Sky Pass.” He went on.

“One fell here?” Many became startled with a few standing up.

Everyone saw the massive meteor that day with numerous broken pieces trailing behind. That was a magnificent scene. That’s why the presence of a single piece here in Sky Pass intrigued everyone.

“Sir Yin, you personally stopped that piece from hitting?” One expert asked.

Back on that day, Sky Pass had activated all of its defensive barriers, serving as a wall protecting Immortal Lineage.

“This is the interesting part. I didn’t stop it myself. It split from the rest and simply fell down. Moreover, for some inexplicable reason, the barriers of Sky Pass didn’t repel it either.” He elaborated.

“Really now?” Everyone became amazed by this revelation. Did the barriers simply let something in?

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A circular stage outside started lifting a large boulder up to to the height of their floor.

“Everyone, this is the piece that made it here.” Tai Yinxi jumped on top of the boulder and said.

They saw that it was as black as coal. Was this its original shade or the aftermath of being burnt?

The shape was irregular from top to bottom with many holes and cuts, potentially from blade cuts or just from the falling impact.

Upon closer inspection, one would find tiny runes, seemingly natural instead of being carved by someone.

“This is it?” A few became disappointed since it wasn’t that special.

People thought that a boulder necessitating a gathering of heroes would be exceptional.

“I have carefully examined it and found that there are great mysteries inside. It is no coincidence that it was able to fly through Sky Pass. In my humble opinion, it is here because of a supreme progenitor purposely letting it follow the meteor. The progenitor might be trying to send us some messages or an item within.” Tai Yinxi elaborated.

“Is that so?” Some big shots got up and activated their heavenly gaze for a closer look.

“Indeed.” Tai Yinxi confirmed: “Many progenitors have entered Uncrossable Expanse in history. I’m sure some of them have tried to communicate with us.”

“Makes sense.” People exchanged glances and agreed with this speculation.

They didn’t believe that all of the brilliant progenitors have died there, drowning in that ocean. They certainly would have tried to communicate with their descendants outside.

“I tried my best but didn’t come up with anything concrete. Luminous Master had observed it too and had no conclusion. Metalkin War God and Brightking Buddha were next, they believed that they might find more clues in Sky Ruins so they went ahead.” Tai Yinxi said.

“They examined it too?” The crowd pondered this new information.

“Yes, this boulder is of utmost significance. That’s why I called everyone here so that we can figure out this mystery together.” He said.

“If those three can’t figure it out, I’m afraid we can’t either. We have no talents to speak of in comparison.” A great character smiled wryly and shook his head.

“This is true. Luminous Master’s grand dao is peerless, I don’t think we can overcome this.” Many nodded in agreement.

They weren’t being unduly humble or displaying false modesty. Luminous Master outmatched them in terms of talents, cultivation, and insight. Few in the current generation could compare to him.

If he couldn’t figure out the messages within the boulder, they definitely wouldn’t be able to do so either. None had the confidence to surpass him.

“Not true.” Tai Yinxi shook his head: “There are plenty of masters in the world with incredible techniques. Moreover, this boulder might not be from Uncrossable Expanse but rather, a progenitor with descendants still around. Though we can’t, these descendants might be able to figure it out.”

Everyone absorbed this statement and eventually agreed.

“That’s one possibility.” Someone said.

Those present right now were the strongest characters in their respective systems. Some were descendants of progenitors.

If this boulder was indeed left behind by one that wanted to send a message to their descendants, perhaps the right person would be able to read it unlike the rest.

“The question is, which progenitor?” This became the next topic among them.

A while later, a sonorous voice joined the fray: “This boulder from the meteor should have great uses. Opening it will benefit Immortal Lineage.”

“Buzz.” Two figures emerged inside this floor of the pavilion.

One had boundless Buddhist affinity while the other had unmatched divinity. Everyone felt their rampant auras.

“Brightking Buddha, Metalkin War God.” Many stood up to greet these two.

“They’re back with dao avatars.” Tai Yinxi nodded.

This was indeed the case after everyone took a closer look. Their real bodies were still in Sky Ruins.

Nevertheless, these dao avatars exuded incredible auras.

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