Chapter 2981: Support

No one really had anything to say right now. They were famous characters, renowned for their prowess.

None of them would have been able to challenge the crowd right now. After all, who would dare to fight the rest of the world? And using one hand at that? This act was more than enough to antagonize everyone here.

Alas, Li Qiye spoke as if this didn’t matter at all. The whole thing seemed trivial to him.

Of course, the ones that didn't like him from the start were glaring angrily at him due to the disdainful provocation. Power came with pride and they had plenty of both. There was no way they could handle this public disdain.

“Goddess, what do you think about this?” An emotional big shot cupped his fist towards the goddess.

He wanted her to take charge of this matter since this was the most appropriate course of action. Moreover, this should also stop her from favoring Li Qiye. After all, Five Element Mountain wouldn’t want to antagonize everyone else.

With her in charge, Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to handle Five Element Mountain regardless of how strong he was. This was a system with strength above a progenitor.

All eyes were on her now, waiting for her to make a decision. They thought that this fella wouldn’t be able to act haughty for much longer.

“Everyone is worried about an imaginary fear and starting problems over nothing.” She remained nonchalant and only said this.

The big shot became frozen with an awkward expression. If he were to say something against her wish, it would be the same as offending her.

Her answer clearly supported Li Qiye even though he had shown wanton arrogance towards everyone else. They simply didn’t understand why she would do so. Why did she favor him so?

Nevertheless, a few of them realized that Li Qiye had all the momentum right now, akin to a carp about to become a dragon or a bird turning into a phoenix.

Li Qiye was already strong enough on his own, clearly not inferior to Holyfrost’s group. Now, he also had the support of Five Element Mountain?

It wouldn’t be impossible for them to groom him into a progenitor. Thus, various emotions struck the crowd. 

Many youths became jealous of her attitude towards Li Qiye and started glaring at him.

“Hmph, what’s good about a guy from Repentance Academy?” An arrogant genius scowled and murmured.

They didn’t know why he won the goddess over. He looked normal at best with an insignificant background. He was strong but not enough to dominate the world. The top youths could have killed those three emperors too. Therefore, no matter how they looked at it, he wasn’t the most brilliant or the strongest one here.

“Goddess, this person is ruthless and violent, he’ll definitely become a calamity later on…” The big shot coughed and continued.

“Didn’t you hear My Lady the first time?” Jing’er glared at this big shot: “Nothing has happened yet so no need to jump to a hasty conclusion or accusing him of crimes. Let me ask you this, Sir, have you never killed anyone since your dao debut? Try to remember, I’m sure you have killed a million or so, no?” 

She was aggressive unlike the calm Qingxuan, not holding back against this prestigious old man at all.

Of course, there were words Qingxuan shouldn't say due to her position and status. Her maid had much more freedom in this regard.

“Not, not that many…” The big shot had no response.

To be frank, all the big shots here have killed plenty of people; their hands stained with blood. This was the way of cultivation. They wouldn’t be standing here right now without killing many foes.

“What’s the difference then? The lives you killed are still people. Young Noble Li’s kill count is most likely far fewer than yours due to his age.” Jing’er revealed her sharp tongue against this big shot: “You accused him of being ruthless and violent. Which words should we use to describe you then? The devil king of Immortal Lineage?”

Jing’er certainly didn’t like Li Qiye but since Her Lady supported Li Qiye, she needed to show the same consideration.

“Well…” The big shot remained defeated.

Others had the intention of jumping in for their own agenda against Li Qiye but stopped after hearing Jing’er.

She had logic on her side. Li Qiye or the so-called Fiercest was still a new cultivator. His kill count should be lower than anyone here.

If one were to judge someone’s morality based on this, they would be eviler than him.

“How amusing, I like your style too, little girl.” Li Qiye clapped after she finished.

“Pah, in your dreams.” She glared at him.

He ignored this and continued: “Wait until I become your lord, you will be my bed-warming maid.” 

“How shameless!” This directness made her blush since she was still an innocent maiden so she barked back.

Li Qiye didn’t mind the critique at all, still standing there with a smile.

Others were at a loss for words. This guy kept on being more outrageous by the minute, to tease a girl in public like this.

However, Five Element Goddess didn’t scold him at all, just letting him do whatever he wanted. She seemed to be pampering this bastard as much as possible.

His enemies and those who had a crush on her felt their hatred growing as well. They started thinking of ways to eliminate him in order to have peace of mind.

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