Chapter 2980: Different Interpretations

Shen Guzhan was as direct as can be. Everyone started staring at Li Qiye but no one made a move.

Some big shots agreed because Jade-zenith Progenitor would never be wrong.

If this Fiercest was the same monster prophesied, he would definitely become a calamity later on.

In fact, some were willing to preemptively take him down first, breaking the egg before it hatches. They would rather kill ten thousand innocent than to miss one criminal.

Nevertheless, they wouldn’t dare to act recklessly. First, Li Qiye might be more powerful than them.

Secondly, they saw how much the goddess liked him. Causing trouble now was the same as antagonizing her and Five Element Mountain. Anyone with a hint of intelligence wouldn’t dare to do so.

“Come then.” Li Qiye smiled, not giving a damn about Shen Guzhan.

This naturally exasperated the youth, leaving him with an ugly expression. He wasn’t used to being treated in this manner due to his power and background.

“Senior Brother Dajue, I have a completely different interpretation.” A pleasant voice came from a girl moving into the spotlight.

She wore a green dress with a veil shrouding her face. Her eyes were bright enough to illuminate the night sky.

Her name was Xu Xiaojin and once said that she was connected by fate with Li Qiye back in Immortal Demon.

“Miss Xu of Heaven Calculating Pavilion.” Tai Yinxi cupped his fist and greeted her.

“The pavilion?!” Some were surprised to hear this. A few stood up in order to take a better look at her.

“So a disciple from the pavilion is out too in this generation.” Some emperors and Everlastings quietly discussed among themselves.

The pavilion had great influence in Immortal Lineage, revered by many.

Jade-zenith Dao System had plenty of individual sects and kingdoms - for example, Heaven Calculating Kingdom.

The kingdom was created by a disciple of Jade-zenith,, meaning that it was also one of her legacies. However, the ultimate branch still belonged to the pavilion. The reason was very simple - Jade-zenith herself was staying here. 

Its location remained unknown. No one could enter without being invited. 

The disciples from pavilions rarely came out. Nevertheless, the pavilion remained the main representative of the system despite Heaven Calculating Kingdom being so strong.

That’s why her appearance stirred the crowd. To a certain extent, the pavilion represented the will of this great progenitor.

Many began cupping their fist to greet her. For millions of years, numerous big shots desired an audience with the pavilion in order to inquire about the future. Unfortunately, most have been refused.

“Brother Dajue, my interpretation of the progenitor’s prophecy is the exact opposite of yours. Immortal Lineage relies on Young Noble Li, he is our hope. Thus, the characters for monster here are indeed pointing at Young Noble Li, but our progenitor is saying that he’ll be the one to stop the incoming waves.” Xu Xiaojin said.

People exchanged glances and pondered. They didn’t know which was more trustworthy.

Both have inherited the arts of Jade-zenith Progenitor. On one hand, Master Dajue was the probably second best seer right now, only second to the progenitor.

On the other hand, Xu Xiaojin came from the pavilion where the progenitor resides. Thus, the pavilion was above the kingdom in terms of status.

Since she was allowed to enter the world, it meant that she had reached a brilliant level or the pavilion wouldn't have allowed it.

The two interpretations were different or rather, completely opposite from each other - hence the confusion among the crowd.

In terms of status, they would definitely pick Master Dajue since he has been famous for a long time. Moreover, numerous people have asked him for advice before and were rarely let down.

On the contrary, the girl seemed to have the progenitor behind her.

“Junior Sister, what you say is reasonable but I maintain my own view. This pertains to all of Immortal Lineage and trillions of living beings, we can’t afford to be careless. Just one wrong step and the abyss will consume us.” Master Dajue said.

“Right.” Many big shots nodded in agreement. They would rather kill an innocent rather than to miss a potential evil-doer. Too much was at stake here to let mercy be an influence.

“I disagree, Senior Brother.” She shook her head and solemnly responded: “We should only be calculating the future and examine its momentum. Interfering with the world is not what we should do. It is the opposite of our original aspiration. Revealing the wish of heaven will incite a tribulation.”

“We need to change the mandate of heaven for the sake of the people. I am willing to accept the worst of all tribulations.” The monk retorted.

“Okay, okay, stop wasting time.” Li Qiye interrupted the two of them: “Your calculation art is an embarrassment, don’t try to show off here. I can be more accurate while guessing with my eyes close. Scram to the side.”

Everyone exchanged glances after. Some have become on guard towards Li Qiye despite the conflicting interpretations.

“Amitabha…” The monk chanted in response.

“Ami your sister.” Li Qiye lost his patience and waved his hand: “So what if I’m the monster, come and take me down then. I’ll beat all of you into submission so there will be no more eyesores.” 

Such a domineering statement astounded the crowd. He didn’t give a damn about anyone else in the world.

There were several invincible emperors and powerful Everlastings present on top of a great master in Tai Yinxi. He made it sound as if he could swat them away like flies.

This naturally infuriated the majority of the audience. Some glared at him; others had an aggressive flash in their eyes.

“Wanna fight then? Come, the more the merrier so I can get this over with.” Li Qiye didn’t mind at all and smiled.

His attitude did a number on the crowd, causing a few to scowl in response.

“Are you challenging all of us here alone?” Shen Guzhan coldly uttered.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Come, I’ll just need to use one hand.” He raised one hand forward after saying this.

The crowd didn’t know what to do right now, flabbergasted by what could only be described as insane arrogance. 

Those dissatisfied with him were at an impasse, not knowing whether to attack or not. Both choices seemed unwise.

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