Chapter 298: I Am A Proper Person

Chapter 298: I Am A Proper Person

Of course, Chi Xiaodie was just joking when she talked about introducing him to the others. At the party, Li Qiye simply sat there quietly; he was only there to feel the youthful air and emotions that accompanied it.

Naturally, the girls immediately brought up Li Qiye to Chi Xiaodie.

“Princess Chi, is this little brother a disciple from the Lion’s Roar Country?” A girl smilingly asked while looking at Li Qiye.

Another young girl around the same age as Li Qiye also smiled and said: “I remember that Sister Chi only had one little brother, and the brat always followed right behind you. Could this guy be a cousin of yours?”

Another lady with a noble look and an amazing background looked at Li Qiye and gave a friendly smile: “Sister Chi, is this really your cousin? Do you want me to be a matchmaker? There are so many sisters here, maybe one is suitable for him.”

Chi Xiaodie was at a loss for words. Matchmaking for Li Qiye? Even Bing Yuxia was only qualified to be his maid! Thus, she looked at Li Qiye as if she was asking for help.

Li Qiye sat there quietly while he carefully examined all the girls present at the party, then he nonchalantly said: “This little brother doesn’t know what to do when Big Sisters are speaking like this. This is my first time talking about marriage and matchmaking… Big Sisters, please don’t laugh at me; I am still young and very thin-skinned — easily embarrassed…”

“Please, embarrassed?” A lively girl looked at Li Qiye with one eye and said: “In my eyes, you are a little lecher. From the moment you came in, your shifty gaze has been glancing at us nonstop. Look at your sneaky thief-like appearance, you clearly have no good intentions.”

Another girl quickly added: “That’s right, I see that although he is young, his lewdness can shadow even the sky.”

Li Qiye was the only male at the party and he was younger than them, so a group of girls gathered together to boldly tease him.

Facing the dozens of ladies, Li Qiye did not panic. He calmly spoke: “These words really do this little brother injustice.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “If I was really so lewd, then if I liked someone, wouldn’t I just directly carry her back home?”

Another girl smiled amusingly: “Oh, this little demon sure can retort. Daring to kidnap a girl with just your three-legged cat ability? Watch out or she’ll smack and punch your face swollen.” [1. A three-legged cat surely can’t be that skillful.]

A girl that looked just as pretty as Chi Xiaodie laughed and said with some charisma: “Xiaodie and I are close sisters, and Xiaodie’s little brother is also my little brother. Tell Big Sister, which girl you like, I will help you and go to her house to arrange a marriage.”

Another girl pointed at the youngest girl at this place whose age was closest to Li Qiye and smilingly teased: “I think Little Yan is a good match.”

This other girl suddenly blushed and angrily exclaimed: “If Sister Lin makes fun of me again, I will ignore you!”

The group of girls suddenly became rowdy as Chi Xiaodie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. These girls didn’t know the type of person they were teasing. Don’t you dare think that he looks harmless; once he becomes enraged, everyone would become frightened.

Although many girls were teasing him, Li Qiye remained composed and said: “Aizz, I am a proper person, but with Sisters making fun of me like this, I am unable to handle it.”

“Bah, a proper person? Then when you are not proper, you will no longer be human ah!” A girl laughed and spoke.

Li Qiye then very innocently replied: “These words are not right. What am I if not a person, a lowly bastard then? Alas, my good personality does not include such an unbecoming trait.” [2. This passage relied on the word 人 (person/man) and the prefixes describing the man. It is a wordplay of sorts, starting with the girl joking that Li Qiye is not a person because he wasn’t acting proper contrary to his statement that he was a “proper 人”. Then, Li Qiye used a duality of rhetoric to retort the first part being foul using the word 贱人 (lowly person/slut), which is derogatory and shouldn’t be said in front of ladies, but then he dispelled it by saying that his characteristics do not involve such a lowly trait as if he was a noble. Wordplays, or rather, the little intricacies with the Chinese language can be hard to translate like this particular passage.]

Another girl pouted and said in jest: “You’re already improper after just speaking one or two phrases, are you not embarrassed at all?”

Li Qiye was alone in this place, so the group of girls teased him without any pressure; they felt that bullying Li Qiye was quite enjoyable.

Chi Xiaodie — on the other hand — sat down to watch. She was relaxed and was just waiting to see how her Young Noble would end this.

The noble lady smilingly said: “Little Brother, tell me, which one do you like? I will help you.” This noble lady was a princess from a neighboring country of the Lion’s Roar Country.

“Hmm…” Li Qiye smirked at the girls as his eyes slowly swept by them one by one as if he was picking a suitable partner.

A girl coquettishly exclaimed: “This little pervert!”

However, before Li Qiye could look at all the girls present, some footsteps appeared. A few people were coming up to their floor.

In the blink of an eye, five or six people arrived. With both men and women, the group had an imposing air about them. One guy wore a royal crown while another girl wore a phoenix robe. The guys were heroic while the girls were charmingly beautiful.

The lively atmosphere suddenly turned silent as if everyone was doused by freezing water. The girls all changed their expressions the moment they saw this group of people at the scene.

Leading this group was a girl; she wore a phoenix robe with a tiara adorned on her head. She had a noble aura as her phoenix eyes were quite oppressively glaring at Chi Xiaodie.

Chi Xiaodie’s face sank when she saw this person. As for the other girls present, they were also shivering inside because… this group of people had great backgrounds.

“Chi Xiaodie, it is good that you are here, it saves this princess from having to go to the Grand Era Hall to find you.” [3. Note, this is a 郡主; jùnzhǔ, a princess from the brothers of the king, not a first rank princess 公主 like Chi Xiaodie.]

This girl was extremely arrogant as she coldly declared with disgust: “Going to the Grand Era Hall will dirty my soles! You’re just a bunch of rats and cockroaches at the lowest level!”

The girls couldn’t help but become outraged by these words! A neighboring princess asserted: “Princess Huangfu, these words are way out of line! The Tiger’s Howl School is also not an Immortal Emperor lineage!” Although this princess joined the Zenith Era Hall, she had quite a good relationship with many sisters from the Grand Era Hall.

“So? Not convinced?” This girl coolly said: “If you are a student of the Zenith Era Hall, then don’t mingle with these dogs and cats. It is shameful to the Zenith Era Hall’s reputation.”

This girl’s name was Huangfu Feng, and she came from the Tiger’s Howl School. She was also bestowed the title of princess in the Tiger’s Howl Country. With a natural King Fate, her talents were not bad. Her ancestor was a great demonic Golden Bird so she had the very rare Houtian Golden Bird Physique. Huangfu Feng was already a Royal Noble; she was not the most excellent genius of the younger generation, but she was still very excellent. [4. Golden Bird here is a luan, a type of mythical bird relating to the phoenix without a direct English translation. However, it is not the strongest type of phoenix so I’m using Golden Bird instead of calling it Phoenix. Phoenix and Dragon will be reserved for the most pure/strongest bloodline in Emperor’s Domination. An interesting note is that her name is Feng, which is actually phoenix.]

“You--!” The neighboring princess became enraged and suddenly stood up then glared at Huangfu Feng.

The people who followed Huangfu Feng were all from great powers. A guy coldly warned: “Lady Zhu, do not make a mistake. Do you wish to oppose the Tiger’s Howl School?”

Huangfu Feng ignored the neighboring princess and glared at Chi Xiaodie: “Chi Xiaodie, you better control your brother; otherwise, he’ll die without knowing why! Hmph, know your place, lest you want your country to suffer a disaster!”

Huangfu Feng was a princess of the Tiger’s Howl Country and also the martial sister to Hu Yue. Since Chi Xiaodao was trying to court Princess Bao Yun — who very well might be Hu Yue’s fiancee, Huangfu Feng couldn’t let go of this annoyance so she came to back Hu Yue up.

Her stark threat left Chi Xiaodie startled. The Tiger’s Howl School was indeed powerful, but her arrogant threat was intolerable.

All the girls were glaring at Huangfu Feng for they felt grievance in Chi Xiaodie’s stead.

At this time, a lazy sound came about: “Chi Xiaodao is under my protection. Him chasing after Princess Bao Yun is nothing outrageous. An unmarried man and an unbetrothed woman — if they are both willing, then this matter is the natural course of man. Little Miss Bao Yun still hasn’t been betrothed to your school, so what is this unruly attitude!?”

Li Qiye was the speaker. He didn’t even bat an eyelid nor bother to glance at Huangfu Feng as he continued on: “Since you came here running to threaten the people by my side, go back with my message: if the Tiger’s Howl School is smart, then tuck its tail together and behave. If Little Miss Bao Yun is willing to follow Chi Xiaodao, then what does it have to do with your school? If Hu Yue dares to try and suppress this matter and separate the little lovers, then I will personally remove his bones!”

Li Qiye’s brazen words left Huangfu Feng and her followers shocked. She coldly gave him a look and didn’t think highly of him before commanding: “Beat, beat up this little demon and end his life! I will personally take care of Chi Xiaodie!”

“This thing not knowing life from death...!” The youngest man standing next to Huangfu Feng suddenly reached out towards Li Qiye with his fingers that had an incomparable razor sharpness.

“Scram!” Li Qiye immediately stood up with a suppressive swing of his arm. “Boom!” before this young man knew what happened, he was already struck flying away by Li Qiye’s one hand.

Li Qiye then became as fast as lightning and immediately soared towards Huangfu Feng. She became alarmed and shouted: “Do you want to die!?” In the blink of an eye, Huangfu Feng slashed down with her feather saber; it was extremely sharp and even a King Physique would not be able to withstand this cut.

“Pop!” Li Qiye didn’t even lift his gaze towards the cut. His heavily swung his arm forward, and the feather saber immediately shattered while Huangfu Feng was also struck flying away as she spewed out blood. She underestimated her opponent too much and thought that one slash would easily kill Li Qiye. She didn’t expect for Li Qiye to knock her away with one strike instead.

However, before the blood-spewing Huangfu Feng could fall down, Li Qiye moved with an indiscernible speed. In a flash, he already gripped Huangfu Feng’s neck as her body was hanging in the air against a wall.

At this time, Huangfu Feng — who was gripped by Li Qiye — hung there like a white crane. Her fine unblemished neck that was clasped firmly in Li Qiye’s hand caused her to no longer be able to hang her proud and noble head high.

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