Chapter 2979: Prophecy

Tai Yinxi then shifted his focus towards the guests and said: “I’ll get straight to the point for inviting everyone here today…”

He paused for a bit and looked at everyone: “A few days ago, there was a calamity and Sky Pass stood at the forefront…” 

Everyone became emotional, even the strongest beings here.

That event was truly frightening - something massive akin to a meteor flying out of Uncrossable Expanse almost like the heaven falling down - more than enough to crush numerous systems.

Billions of living beings and top masters were scared out of their mind, feeling powerless.

The powerful True Emperors and Everlastings might have been able to escape. Alas, they wouldn’t be able to protect their sects and systems.

“Fortunately, it was only a scare since the meteor only passed by Sky Pass and disappeared into Sky Ruins instead.” Tai Yinxi had a solemn expression.

His attitude was understandable. Sky Pass was certainly the first to be struck by any calamity from outside Immortal Lineage. As its commander, he no longer dared to take this lightly - always ready for a great battle. He shouldered great responsibilities in this place.

“Alas, who knows what will happen in the future? I’m sure everyone remembers the previous descent of darkness along with Jade-zenith Progenitor’s prophecy - the heavenly change heralds a monster. Thus, it’s not looking too optimistic.”

The crowd was moved again, feeling a chill coursing down their spine. The dark descent nearly turned everything evil with its influence.

That was utterly frightening and unexpected - starting and ending so quickly almost like a dream.

Some even believed that it was only an illusion, not a real event. Others said that it was a prelude to a calamity.

Regardless of whether the event was real or not, it still made everyone nervous.

Fortunately, peace came after and people calmed down again until the meteor several days ago. Once again, nothing came of it.

Alas, Tai Yinxi was bringing it up again so the listeners felt the same dread once more.

“So the meteor is the heavenly change mentioned in the prophecy?” One big shot asked.

Jade-zenith was a mysterious progenitor from a previous generation, known to be still alive.

Everyone knew that she could gaze into the future and calculate its general flow. If the prophecy came from her, it would definitely be correct.

“Amitabha. This prophecy truly came from our progenitor, no question about it.” A monk stood up and revealed. He wore an old kasaya that has turned white from being washed too many times. 

His age looked to be up there unlike his starry eyes. These eyes belonged on a twenty-year-old youth, not an old monk.

Li Qiye had seen him before back in Immortal Demon. The guy threatened him at that point.

“Master Dajue.” Many were shaken to see him. Some Everlastings stood up and bowed with respect.

“The previous teacher of the state.” One of them revealed.

He hailed from Heaven Calculating Kingdom, previously serving as the national teacher. However, he had retired for a long time.

Heaven Calculating Kingdom was one of the strongest sects within Jade-zenith System. It was created by a disciple of Jade-zenith Progenitor, versed in calculation and source-seering.

Master Dajue was even more incredible. His trigram style divination was considered to be the best in Immortal Lineage. Some believed that he was only second to Jade-zenith Progenitor.

“The heavenly change heralds a monster is what our progenitor said.” Master Dajue placed his palms together and said: “However, I have a different interpretation. I don’t think this change is from outside or above Immortal Lineage. And, the monster might not be an external darkness or devil either. It could be a title.” 

He stared straight at Li Qiye after saying this.

“What does he mean?” People exchanged glances of confusion.

A few followed his gaze and stared at Li Qiye as well. Some smart people got his point.

“It wouldn’t be an unreasonable interpretation. Billionaire Li also has another title, Fiercest. It shares the same characters as monster. Is Jade-zenith Progenitor referring to him?” A big shot whispered.

“Are you saying Billionaire Li is actually the biggest threat to Immortal Lineage? Or is the prophecy pointing at someone else?” Discussions sprung up.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye seemed immune to the gossip about him.

“So what if I share that title?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Idiot, your divination art is foolish and you are throwing away your progenitor’s reputation. Don’t claim to be able to read the future if you’re blind.” 

Some gasped after hearing this diss from Li Qiye. The monk’s calculation art was as good as can be. Emperors and Everlastings have come to him for help. Thus, this critique appeared inaccurate and too strong.

“I don’t agree, Master Dajue’s art is recognized by all. The blunt comment is unwarranted.” One Eternal said.

“I agree that my cultivation is weak but this is my own interpretation of the progenitor’s prophecy. I’m not specifically aiming at you alone either, Benefactor. However, nothing is certain and you might still become a calamity. I have observed you before, brutal and prone to massacres. If darkness really comes, you might seriously damage Immortal Lineage.” The monk didn’t become angry.

Some actually agreed with this statement, especially those who had knowledge about Li Qiye’s murderous conduct. This fella might actually conspire with the darkness or become its blade.

“We need to destroy all those wanting to be part of the darkness.” Shen Guzhan said seriously: “It’s a necessary precaution for the sake of protecting Immortal Lineage.” 

The crowd started thinking. If Li Qiye was indeed the monster in the prophecy, he might really become part of the calamity.

Why not take the initiative instead of giving him more time to grow alongside the darkness?

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