Chapter 2978: Tai Yinxi

Everyone desired to earn Five Element Goddess’ love, brilliant emperors and Everlastings included. Nothing could be better than having her as a dao companion.

There were many women in this world, some great beauties too. However, they paled in comparison to the goddess.

This development happened too quickly and caught them off guard.

“Sure, I’ll visit Five Element later if I have time.” Li Qiye agreed without hesitating.

“I’ll be waiting.” Qingxuan’s actions and style seemed to be natural and without pretense. Others couldn’t help admiring her.

“Sooner better than later.” The bull laughed: “If it’s a good thing, why not do it as early as possible? Marry fast and have a baby quicker…” 

It knew that Li Qiye would leave soon so there wasn’t that much time left if they didn’t get married right away.

“Scram.” Another kick from Li Qiye sent it out of the balcony but it still shamelessly climbed back in.

A few didn’t know what to think of this strange creature. Holyfrost, on the other hand, didn’t feel the same way.

She didn’t know all the details about the bull but many ancestors in the system revered the bull. They told stories of brilliant geniuses and emperors suffering to its mischievousness.

But now, it looked like it had a good relationship with Li Qiye. Therefore, she realized that she had still been underestimating the bull.

“His Excellency, the Commander of Sky Pass, is here!” An announcer roared.

Two groups of soldiers escorted an old man into the pavilion, marching in an orderly fashion.

The old man was still full of spirit despite his gray hair. His eyes were as bright as the sun and moon or the gathering of a thousand stars.

He had concealed his invincible aura but each step was as sonorous as thunder. Any gesture of his could beckon a storm.

He was Tai Yinxi, a Supreme Everlasting!

“Gentlemen, thank you for visiting my humble abode and excuse any lack of reception shown so far.” Tai Yinxi cupped his fist towards the guests in the various pavilions.”

Everyone stood up and returned the gesture.

Though there were ancestors and powerful emperors among the crowd, none dared to show any slight towards Tai Yinxi.

His background was one thing but just his power alone was awe-inspiring enough. A Supreme Everlasting was a being standing on the same level as a progenitor.

A half-step like Flying Sword Marvel was far inferior. Some grand-completion Everlastings or those at the peak of this realm only had the same seniority level and fame as a progenitor, not the power.

However, Tai Yinxi has been at the supreme level for numerous years. He had the capabilities to fight one.

Therefore, his status was equal to the two contemporary progenitors. Of course, it would be hard to know which of them was the strongest.

“The brat is old enough to need to put on an act now.” The bull only gave Yinxi a quick glance, not paying too much attention.

Many stared at it, thinking that it was being too disrespectful. No one else here would dare to make a comment like this.

Tai Yinxi noticed the bull and quickly walked over to bow deeply towards the bull: “Senior, please forgive me for not greeting you earlier. My apology.” 

“Okay, no need to flatter me.” The bull waved its hoof but was clearly enjoying the attention.

“I do not dare to forget the kindness you’ve shown when teaching me back then. I simply didn’t know that you have left Sacred Mountain or I would have received you a million miles ahead.” Yinxi continued.

“Haha, I was going to trample your crappy house but since you’re being respectful enough, I will spare you this time.” It laughed, no longer feeling annoyed like before.

Tai Yinxi was slightly embarrassed but still felt much better. He knew that if the bull wanted to do it, he could only watch the thing trample his mansion.

Many started pondering after seeing Tai Yinxi’s respectful attitude towards the bull.

Of course, the guards earlier had cold sweat everywhere. They disrespected the bull earlier but now, their commander was assuming the role of a junior before this thing.

Tai Yinxi had his reasons for doing so. He had joined the academy during his youth and was smart enough to get some pointers from the bull. That’s why he viewed the bull as a senior and had nothing but gratitude towards it.

“Goddess.” He then bowed towards Five Element Goddess.

People didn’t find this surprising either. He was an outer disciple of Five Element while she was its successor. This ceremony was warranted.

“Elder Yin, this is Young Noble Li. You might need his help in the future.” She stood up and nodded.

Yinxi shuddered in response. He had a good idea of her power and actual influence. Only a few in this world could be viewed so highly by her to warrant this grand introduction.

This man named Li Qiye was definitely extraordinary.

“It is my honor to meet you, Young Noble Li.” Yinxi bowed towards him: “I heard you are from Repentance Institution. I was also a student at the academy, fortunate enough to learn many things there. I suppose we share the same alma mater then.”

He was quick-witted enough to build a relationship with Li Qiye, using the fact that they had the same school.

He had Li Qiye’s information prior to this. For example, that the guy had killed three emperors.

This was an impressive showing of power but still not enough for Yinxi to care.

Many others could have done the same thing. For example - Holyfrost, Supreme, Metalkin War God, Violet Dragon Empress.

Such power was still far below his. On the other hand, this introduction from Five Element Goddess changed everything.

Meanwhile, the young ones were still envious, especially those who had a crush on the goddess.

“Bow now, it is an honor for you to see him. You might need his protection later.” The bull laughed and added.

Yinxi became emotional. Since the bull had taught him before, he knew just how mighty this creature was. This meant that Li Qiye was as deep as an abyss.

He decided to get on his knees because he was a practical person, grounded in reality.

“Rise, no need for bothersome rites.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve after sitting there and accepting the bow.

The spectators became more curious about Li Qiye’s identity and his abilities. A few masters have been trying to see through him for a while now. Alas, they couldn’t see anything special.

Thus, they still had skepticism, thinking that he wasn’t on the same level as Luminous Master and Orchid Sage.

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