Chapter 2977: Good Graces

Such flippant flirting astounded the crowd. It required wanton arrogance.

Everyone took a deep breath and stared at Five Element Goddess, thinking that she would become furious and teach Li Qiye a lesson.

Remember, her status was comparable to the two progenitors. The oldest ancestors right now would still venerate her.

Li Qiye’s comment about wanting her to be his woman was the same as offending all of Five Element Mountain.

In fact, some have said that they would rather offend a progenitor rather than Five Element. This was far more insane than challenging Luminous Master.

“This brat must be tired of living.” Someone murmured.

“There’s no place to hide if Five Element wishes to pursue this. No one would grant him shelter either.” An Eternal added.

“A frog wanting to eat swan meat.” Flying Sword Marvel said.

“So shameless and lacking self-awareness.” Shen Guzhan chimed in. His eyes flashed with animosity towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye ignored them and only smiled at the goddess.

“Yes, that sounds good.” The bull seized the opportunity and laughed: “Sir, you and the bloodline of Five Element will birth an immortal child with limitless potential.”

“Goddess, what do you think about this?” It then turned towards her and asked, seemingly impatient.

In the bull’s opinion, nothing would be better than Li Qiye leaving an offspring behind in Immortal Lineage, especially with such a good match. The child would be the greatest in an epoch, completely unmatched. 

“I’ve had enough of this!” Shen Guzhan snorted and exuded his divinity towards the bull like a supreme god.

“Fardao is a one-and-only genius in history but his descendants are only mediocre at best.” The bull didn’t care at all as it waved its hoof around.

This look of disdain exasperated Guzhan. His eyes lit up with all-piercing rays.

Border of God was the system under Fardao. He was the only person who started a system without becoming a progenitor - another miracle of the ages.

Others would naturally respect the youth due to his background, just not the bull and Li Qiye.

Jing’er has been doing nothing outside of shooting unfriendly glances at Li Qiye while standing behind Hui Qingxuan.

“So egotistic.” She finally commented.

On the other hand, Hui Qingxuan remained friendly and smiled: “It is an honor to be considered by you, Dao Brother.”

No one expected this response from her. All of the emperors and older experts stared at Li Qiye in disbelief.

In fact, her lack of a furious reaction meant that she had pretty much accepted his offer. Thus, jaws dropped to the ground.

“How, how can this be?” A dumbstruck listener said.

In their opinion, Li Qiye should be dead right now for teasing her in such a blatant manner and she shouldn’t be so nonchalant.

They started looking around. She still didn’t have a dao companion so some predicted that Five Element Mountain wanted to let her look for a potential husband on this trip.

Because of this, so many big shots became excited since they had talented juniors. Perhaps there was a shot.

A few powerful emperors and Everlastings harbored this intention, not only because of Five Element Mountain but also because she was indeed a peerless woman. Having a wife like her would be the fortune of a lifetime.

They tried to court her, albeit in a gentlemanly and non-aggressive style. Unfortunately, she has been keeping a distance from everyone until now, Li Qiye. He suddenly became everyone’s love rival.

“That’s awesome to hear!” The bull became excited: “Hehehe, when are you two marrying then? I’ll drag that old tree demon to the ceremony for a drink too, it’s best to have a baby as soon as possible!”

The bull couldn’t wait for a marriage between these two. Later on, even if Li Qiye were to leave Immortal Lineage, that baby would be well taken care of. It would have the bull, the tree demon, and Five Element Mountain.

This baby would definitely reign over Three Immortals with a radiance illuminating one era after another, hence the bull’s excitement in being a teacher of such a majestic being.

“Stop fantasizing.” Li Qiye kicked the bull straight out of the pavilion. 

It climbed back in right away and said: “Goddess, what do you think about him? He’s not a bad choice, definitely the best in history.”

Qingxuan only smiled after hearing this; her eyes resembling running water still fixated on Li Qiye.

“Dao Brother, how about visiting Five Element Mountain when you have time? The seniors there all wish to see your impeccable style.” She asked.

“Isn’t this too fast?!” People breathed in deeply after hearing this.

She hasn’t invited anyone else back to her system before. Normally, only progenitors could go there. Those invited were all top and brilliant existences of their era.

Now, the successor of Five Element was inviting this fella? She spoke as if she had agreed to the marriage and was ready for him to meet her family.

All of this was happening too quickly for the crowd to take.

“I don’t get it…” The older Everlastings lost hope in their juniors having a chance with her.

The young ones right now who had a crush on her could tell that she favored Li Qiye.

“Why?” One young Everlasting couldn’t accept it.

They were young and powerful yet couldn’t earn her attention. On the other hand, a vulgar person like Li Qiye got it in no time at all?

They thought that they weren’t inferior compared to him at all. So why did he win?

In just a short time, jealous stares were sent his way.

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