Chapter 2976: As Easy As Pie

The red mist scattered to the wind, leaving the crowd in rumination.

In recent days, everyone in Sky Pass has heard of Billionaire Li and his crazy bids. Now, his action was arguably fiercer, offending two powerful systems in Immortal Lineage.

He looked nonchalant and brushed off his sleeves as if he had only swatted some flies. No one dared to stand in his path any longer, aware that this guy was a monster.

They watched him move up the highest pavilion towards the mysterious girl.

Meanwhile, the maid named Jing’er stared at Li Qiye with her big and round eyes, being cautious as if he was a thief.

Supreme gave his regards while Holyfrost got up to greet Li Qiye. She considered him as an ally because he used to be a student at Repentance Institution so they were both from Academy of Light.

Li Qiye got in front of the mysterious girl and sat down without any hesitation with a smile on his face.

Though the others were prestigious, they still didn’t dare to sit close to her. This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye.

The atmosphere became quieter after this bold act. One could hear the drop of a needle now.

The big shots here knew her background and showed nothing but respect towards her. Li Qiye, on the other hand, showed zero courtesy and reservation.

“Hmph, you can’t sit there.” Flying Sword Marvel scowled, still having the same enmity towards him.

“There’s no spot in this world that I can’t sit.” Li Qiye smiled, not bothering to look at her.

“Only a progenitor can sit there, you’re not qualified!” She retorted.

“Speak for yourself.” Li Qiye ignored her and continued staring at the mysterious girl.

“Fellow Daoist, act politely before the goddess.” A young True God close by spoke.

He had an unmatched style as if each wave of his hand could erect myriad domains. He seemed to be blessed by the sages and protected by the gods.

This powerful youth was named Shen Guzhan. He came from Border of God and was on the same level as Holyfrost and Metalkin War God.

“Your name is goddess?” Li Qiye ignored the youth and asked the mysterious girl instead.

“That’s just people joking around.” She smiled in response: “My name is Hui Qingxuan. You can call me Qingxuan if you don’t mind.”

People could feel an elegant smile though she was shrouded. The smile contained boundless charisma, enough to charm everyone.

Everyone became startled by her reaction. The older big shots couldn’t believe it, thinking that they have misheard. Their eyes darted back and forth between her and Li Qiye in confusion.

Keep in mind that this girl was as prestigious as a progenitor. However, she didn’t seem to mind Li Qiye assuming the same seniority level at all.

She was indeed from Five Element Mountain and wasn’t a regular disciple either. She was part of the main branch, acting as its successor. Therefore, people called her “Five Element Goddess.”

They haven’t seen her face but still knew of her prestigious background. They didn’t know her real name because it would be improper and disrespectful to ask for it.

Now, she told Li Qiye her name on her own volition to the astonishment of the crowd.

Some geniuses felt jealous as well. Five Element Mountain has always been mysterious and unreachable.

Now, the appearance of the goddess was a chance for everyone to get close. After all, earning her favor meant a future full of potential.

In fact, if they could make her fall in love, they could even become a progenitor in the future. It’s certainly not impossible for Five Element Mountain to groom a progenitor.

“Hui Qingxuan? Nice name, I like it.” Li Qiye casually smiled. Alas, his attitude right now was considered disrespectful by others. [1]

The maid behind Qinghuan gave him the side-eye. This was her first time seeing a man acting so nonchalant and speaking so much in front of her lady. In her opinion, no one was worthy of her lady.

“My heart can’t handle your compliments.” Qingxuan’s voice was pleasant; one could never get tired of listening to her. Her elegance naturally made people want to stick around forever.

Li Qiye assessed her meticulously without holding back. His rude gaze wanted to find out everything about her.

“How vulgar.” Shen Guzhan critiqued.

Supreme and Holyfrost could only smile wryly, having seen his arrogance and domineering style before. Flying Sword Marvel scowled, clearly dissatisfied with him.

“Decent cultivation, you have indeed learned the majority of arts from Five Element.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze.

Some became frozen after hearing this. Though Qingxuan hasn’t shown her true power and cultivation before, everyone here was smart enough to know that she far exceeded them - virtually unfathomable.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to become the successor of Five Element. Some even believed that she could be on the same level as Orchid Sage and Luminous Master, capable of contending against them.

“You’re too kind. I am but a firefly compared to your radiance, Dao Brother. Your battle against the three emperors on Sacred Mountain was brilliant.” She responded.

“As easy as pie.” Li Qiye smiled before adding: “Hmm… a girl like you is very adorable indeed.”

“That’s him, that’s Fiercest! The guy who killed Goldtypha True Emperor and the others!” A shocked spectator realized who Li Qiye was after hearing Qingxuan.

“So that’s Fiercest? No wonder why he’s so haughty.” Many have heard of Fiercest before. A person who killed three emperors was qualified to act in this manner.

“It is an honor to be praised by you.” Qingxuan answered. One could tell that she was smiling beneath the concealment.

“A smart girl is always so lovely yet can be rare. If I were to pick someone in Immortal Lineage, you would definitely be a top candidate.” Li Qiye joked.

1. Qinghuan = pure/clear jade

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