Chapter 2975: Death

Guan Yunpeng’s arrogant style was deeply rooted in his noble upbringing. Though his cultivation was nothing compared to the big shots here, his status as the junior brother of Orchid Sage allowed him to be on the same level as them.

“Slap the annoying brat.” Li Qiye nonchalantly ordered.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” Yunpeng got struck by a dozen slaps in no time at all. He started seeing stars; blood oozed out of his mouth along with both rows of teeth when he tried to speak.

The scene became soundless. All eyes were on Li Qiye now.

Causing trouble at this feast was quite bold. This was the same as not giving Tai Yinxi any face - something most in Immortal Lineage wouldn’t dare to do.

“Little animal, you court death!” Yunpeng roared and took out a painting scroll.

“Don’t!” Seven-ring God tried to stop him.

It was too late. The furious youth rolled out the painting, revealing only one word written on it - Suppress.

The character didn’t have that many lines but still contained a majestic power.

“Boom!” The character descended on Li Qiye like a thousand mountains with a billowing progenitorial aura.

It was as if a progenitor was attacking right now; some of the spectators became frozen.

The stars in this dimension trembled; the pavilions sank down a bit, unable to withstand this force.

Gasps and deep breaths could be heard from the spectators.

“An authentic scroll from Orchid Sage himself!” A big shot shouted.

Yes, Orchid Sage wrote the word and instilled in it a mighty power.

“Just a fox exploiting the tiger’s might.” Li Qiye commented and raised one hand into the sky.

He tore the firmament apart along with the myriad realms. Nothing else mattered beneath his grasp.

The character instantly crumbled and the scroll was ripped to pieces by his palm.

“Ugh…” Guan Yunpeng was held up by his neck before anyone could react; his feet kicking back and forth and his eyes turning white.

“Don’t hurt him!” Seven-ring God activated all seven of his halos. They spread and created a domain of power.

“Evil creature, halt!” Both the monks started chanting Buddhist mantras and became shrouded in a bright radiance. This radiance then rushed towards Li Qiye.

The two showed their true form. The left child was a long-armed ape and the right child was a black pupa. They had a Buddhist disk behind their head, looking like two enlightened demons.

“Ra!” Their weapon of choice was a massive Buddhist pestle. 

“Boom!” Some stars above crumbled as a result. The two pestles accompanied by Buddhist brilliance and chanting came crashing down on Li Qiye.

“Die!” Seven-ring God was in a hurry to save Yunpeng so he fused his halos into a seal. It turned into a supreme mountain, also flying towards Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” The trio’s combined attack nearly crushed one of the closest pavilions, alarming the experts inside.

They were undoubtedly powerful, living up to their fame. Alas, this wasn’t enough to warrant Li Qiye’s attention.

“So be it, I’ll grant your death wishes.” Li Qiye said, then formed a mudra. He flipped it over and the resulting seal came pressing down.

“Boom!” This casual mudra had enough power to suppress the gods and devils for ages. Everything would turn to ashes in the blink of an eye.

“Rumble!” It annihilated both the Buddhist radiance along with the halos and continued heading for the three combatants.

“No!!” All three started screaming and summoned their strongest treasures while utilizing their mightiest merit laws in an attempt to destroy the incoming seal.

Unfortunately, how could fireflies compare to the luminous moon?

Blood poured down like the rain after a burst of miserable screams. The three were instantly slaughtered by Li Qiye’s seal. Resistance was futile.

Drops of blood fell on the wooden railings of the nearby pavilions - truly a stunning sight to behold.

The stench of blood filled the area and wouldn’t dissipate. Moreover, the atmosphere has become tense to the extreme. The masters here exchanged glances with each other.

Li Qiye had killed the two monks with no regard for their master. Doing so meant becoming an enemy with both Brightking Buddha and Lankavatara Temple. No, all of Buddhism.

Moreover, he killed Seven-ring God too, offending Strong Grass in the process.

Many took a deep breath after realizing that Billionaire Li wasn’t only rich but also mighty. Most importantly, he was a merciless man who would kill after a single disagreement.

“What, what do you want?!” Guan Yunpeng gasped for breath and said.

“You tell me. You wanted to kill me earlier, who is killing who now?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Don’t, don’t be insane!” Yunpeng was scared out of his mind. His life was in someone else’s hand right now so he couldn’t be arrogant like always.

“I, I, am the successor of Strong Grass, my father is Guan Yunshen, my senior brother is Orchid Sage…” The pale youth stated his backing.

“Idiot, so what if Orchid Sage is your senior brother? He doesn’t like having an idiot like you around, I’m sure.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Kill, kill me and my senior brother will avenge me! Our Strong Grass will hunt you down, you, you’ll have nowhere to hide!” Yunpeng shrieked louder after seeing that Li Qiye was unimpressed.

Of course, Li Qiye was an exception. Others certainly shuddered after hearing the title, Orchid Sage. This person was still an invincible progenitor.

“Orchid Sage owes Guan Yunshen a great debt.” A spectator quietly said.

Everyone knew that Yunshen had taught Orchid Sage before. Orchid Sage would have no choice but to seek vengeance in order to repay this favor.

They thought that it was unwise to have a progenitor as an enemy over Guan Yunpeng. No one would do something like this.

“Let’s find out.” Li Qiye chuckled and slowly closed his fingers.

“You! Senior Brother, save me-” The frightened youth pissed in his pants and cried for help.

“Pop!” Li Qiye rendered him into a bloody mist.

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