Chapter 2974: Seven-ring God

During his moment of confusion, a guard hurried over and whispered into his ear. His expression changed a bit while listening.

He then cupped his fist and smiled towards Li Qiye: “So you are Young Noble Li. It is an honor and please excuse our lack of reception.”

Li Qiye smiled and walked into Frightened Star Pavilion.

The bull walked past Xuanfeng and glanced back at him: “A bit like your father back then, not bad at all. Some potential there.”

Xuanfeng didn’t figure out the bull’s identity but still chose to smile back despite its condescending tone.

He was still a big shot nowaday. Many older experts acted humble before him; this was his first time being spoken to like this.

After this group went inside, Xuanfeng ordered a guard: “Go report this to father, hurry.”

Meanwhile, the group was teleported to the highest level of the pavilion after entering the entrance.

They were now standing inside a new area with numerous buildings and pavilions. They looked like blooming lotuses beneath a starry sky.

This place was no longer Sky Pass but deeper in space. One could see the stars inches above them, hence the pavilion’s name. One could frighten the stars just by speaking loudly here.

The buildings varying in height were specifically arranged to form a formation, looking very mysterious.

Inside each pavilion were banquets with guests sitting down already. They came from all over the world - demons, celestials, metalkins, fireys… [Fireys will be the noun for members of the fire tribe for the sake of readability and brevity.[/ref]

The guests here had exceptional auras and brimming with divinity. All of them were clearly lords, sect masters, and top True Gods from the previous generations.

After all, Tai Yinxi only invited the most influential figures.

Li Qiye looked around and noticed the highest pavilion. Only the top figures were actually there - Supreme True Emperor, Holyfrost True Emperor, FLying Sword Marvel…

These were the strongest emperors and Everlastings right now in Immortal Lineage, the so-called apex existences.

Others wouldn’t dare to sit there unless they believed they were at that level. They chose the other pavilions instead.

The mysterious master-servant duo was also in there. Everyone came over to greet these two including Supreme from High Sun and Holyfrost from the academy. Even the arrogant Flying Sword Marvel came over to greet them.

She was definitely from Five Element. That’s the only sect strong enough to command respect from the rest.

“Billionaire Li is here too.” Someone recognized Li Qiye’s group right away.

Li Qiye and his nickname became quite famous after the previous auction.

“What is he here for?” Some experts grimaced, becoming a bit unhappy.

They knew he was rich and a big spender. No one else here was on the same level, not even a young master like Tang Ben.

However, this person stinks of money was invited too? Remember, they considered an invitation from Tai Yinxi to be an honor. Thus, they felt strange that someone like Li Qiye would be able to participate as well.

“How did he get an invitation letter?” A sect master raised his brows.

A nameless junior like Li Qiye shouldn’t have been invited to this feast in their opinion.

“Maybe he bought one? After all, a sky-high price can definitely get you a letter.” A clan master sneered.

Some started thinking and thought that this clan master made sense. Perhaps if Billionaire Li had offered someone a billion or more, some might have been willing to sell him their spot.

Li Qiye glanced over at the mysterious girl and she nodded back to greet him.

He smiled and started heading for the highest pavilion. The ones in there were all looking at him now.

“Hmph, this isn’t the place for you.” Someone blocked his path, glaring at him with disdain.

It was none other than Guan Yunpeng, the successor of Strong Grass and the junior brother of Orchid Sage.

“You again, Horsey? Your skin is quite thick for you to still show up in public.” The bull laughed and said.

Yunpeng turned red after seeing the bull. Being ridden by it was the most humiliating experience in his life.

“Hmph, demonspawn, you can’t do as you please here.” Yunpeng regained his confidence and arched his chest.

An old man appeared behind him just like a specter. Though he had converged his aura, his divine ring was still faintly pulsing.

“Seven-ring God.” An expert quietly said, recognizing the old man right away.

“Guan Yunshen’s First Disciple.” Many were shaken to see his pulsing ring.

No wonder why Yunpeng dared to come looking for trouble. He got a strong backup this time - a powerful Epoch Eternal.

He never forgot about the humiliation prior and swore to have vengeance at all costs. Thus, he asked his senior brother to help him.

“Scram if you want to live.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye.

“You think having dirty money is everything? There are plenty of people stronger and richer than you in this world.” Yunpeng uttered coldly.

“They’re all insignificant. Scram.” Li Qiye retorted.

“Amitabha.” Two monks appeared behind Yunpeng after Li Qiye finished speaking - the left and right child of Brightking Buddha.

“Benefactor, you are incorrect and disrespectful for saying this.” The left child said: “Sir Yin invited the heroes of the world here, don’t be impudent…”

“Very few can call themselves heroes, the likes of you are more similar to dogs.” Li Qiye looked at them and said.

“You!” The two monks had an ugly grimace, becoming furious.

This feud attracted the attention of many guests. No one would be able to restrain their anger after being called “dogs”, definitely not these two monks.

Be mindful of its owner before kicking a dog. Even if these two monks were average, their master was famous on top of being the abbot of Lankavatara Temple.

He was clearly disrespecting Brightking Buddha as well.

“Ignorant fool, you can’t back up your words!” Guan Yunpeng jumped in to help the two monks: “You deserve death for insulting the heroes participating in Sir Yin’s event!”

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