Chapter 2973: Seeing The Mysterious Girl Again

The guards were exasperated with the bull. Causing trouble in Sky Pass was one thing but disrespecting their commander was far worse.

This was the territory of their legion. Even the fiercest person would need to tuck their tail between their legs, let alone purposely provoking them.

In fact, this wasn’t only limited to this area. Sky Pass Legion and Tai Yinxi were respected everywhere in Immortal Lineage.

Tai Yinxi was one of the strongest masters in this world, enough to look down on the world. Moreover, he had friends everywhere. In other words, provoking him was the same as poking at a beehive.

They glared at the haughty bull while gripping their sword hilt, ready to go.

Strangely enough, the bull didn’t give a damn and said: “You wanna go? Come, come, bring your entire legion with you! I’ll let you train for a bit, let’s see how much that brat has learned since he’s so arrogant now.” 

Bai Jinning smiled wryly, aware that a fight was inevitable. The legion wouldn’t let anyone disrespect them here.

Alas, there was nothing she could do. These guards wouldn’t listen to a mere captain like her.

“Hmph, our legion protects the border for generations and will not stand this!” A guard scowled, seemingly the leader of this group. He gripped his saber with a murderous flash in his eyes.

Li Qiye only smiled, perhaps content to watch the show. On the other hand, the stubborn bull shouted: “A good dog does not block the way. We’ve been nice enough to not make Tai Yinxi come out here to greet us! That’s already giving him plenty of face!”

“Boom!” The bull sent the leader flying right away.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The guards hurriedly unsheathed their swords and sabers, surrounding the group with haste. A battle could break out at any moment.

“Ahem.” A cough suddenly interrupted the two sides.

A master and servant appeared - the two women Li Qiye had met on the street before.

The master still hid her appearance while her maid still dressed like a man.

The guards were surprised to see their sudden appearance. They quickly put down their weapons and respectfully lowered their head, not daring to breathe loudly.

“It’s a non-issue, no need to resort to weapons.” The mysterious girl’s voice was very pleasant yet left no room for questioning.

“Fellow Daoist Li, we meet again.” She looked at Li Qiye.

Though her face was shrouded, one could still see that she was smiling and very friendly towards him.

“Fate always arranges a second meeting.” Li Qiye said.

“Right, we will cross paths again.” The girl nodded and walked into the mansion. She then added: “Sir Yin is always hospitable and will not refuse a guest.”

As they were leaving, the maid stared at Li Qiye as if he was a bad guy, a thief of sorts. She looked to be on guard against him.

Li Qiye met her gaze and smirked. This only served to annoy her further but she didn’t say anything.

“We’re going.” He then told the group and entered the mansion.

The guards kept their head lowered, no longer stopping them this time.

The de-escalation let Jinning heave a sigh of relief. She naturally didn't want to see a fight between Li Qiye and her legion.

The master and maid were nowhere to be found inside the mansion. After all, the place was just too big.

“I heard that those two are the guests from Five Element.” Jinning quietly told them. She heard it from her colleagues.

Li Qiye didn’t care too much and only smiled in response.

“Five Element Mountain, huh? Looks like it can’t sit still any longer. The water is very deep.” The bull murmured, gazing at the distance.

The haughty bull became serious when talking about this system, no longer showing the same disdain towards all. 

“I heard Five Element is above all systems. Many progenitors would come to visit that place; some even stay there for a bit to seek the dao.” Bai Jinning said quietly.

Many in the legions knew about the legends of Five Element because of their commander.

“It’s not bad. Calling it a miracle isn’t an exaggeration.” The bull nodded.

It paused for a bit before adding: “However, times are changing. This is Sir’s era now. Five Element is no longer the top dog. A dragon needs to coil, a tiger needs to let him ride as he pleases. Everyone else are mere insects that need to worship him.”

“You’re only good at being a sycophant.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The bull’s skin was unreasonably thick. It began teaching Liu Yanbai: “Disciple, remember this well, later on, wherever and whatever the occasion, just make sure to latch onto Sir. The world has no boundaries and restrictions under his protection. You can do whatever you want. In fact, call him ‘Uncle’ from now on. It’s more intimate that way.”

“Uncle.” The inexperienced girl naturally listened to her master and nodded. 

Her voice was soft enough already, so this “uncle” from her was enough to make people go soft.

“I’m still young!” Unfortunately, it didn’t work on Li Qiye. He grimaced and glared at the bull.

“Hehe, I know, but she can’t call you brother because that would put me above you in terms of seniority, I would be taking advantage of you then, Sir, and I do not dare to do that.” The bull revealed its reasoning.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else, seemingly agreeing.

“We’re here, that’s Frightened Star Pavilion ahead.” Jinning told the group.

In front of them was a pavilion reaching the stars. A youth leading fellow disciples served as the reception.

He looked quite gallant, clearly talented, not to mention a majestic aura around him.

“Young Lord.” Jinning bowed after seeing him.

He was Tai Yinxi’s son, Tai Xuanfeng, the young lord of Sky Pass. His father personally taught him so he was quite powerful despite his young age. An old adage was apt in this case - a tiger wouldn't give birth to a dog.

He was quite famous right now. In terms of power, he was on the same level as Flying Sword Marvel and the others.

“Captain Bai, this gentleman and lady are..?” Xuanfeng recognized Bai Jinning but not the rest.

He knew all the esteemed guests, especially the younger talents. However, this was his first time seeing Li Qiye so he became curious.

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