Chapter 2972: Five Element Mountain

Respect and silence were the first two reactions whenever Five Element Mountain was brought up in Immortal Lineage.

There have been plenty of progenitors in history and people had different answers to the question about the strongest one.

Some would say the first progenitor, Bao Pu, would be the strongest one. Another popular answer would be the brilliant Gao Yang or Fire Ancestor who started the famous expedition…

However, in terms of one era or a system with the strongest progenitors? People would think of Five Element Mountain first.

Due to the ancient finding date of this system, there were very few records about its progenitors. There wasn’t only one either, unlike the majority of systems. There were at least two.

Just imagine, two progenitors appearing at the same time and creating an immortal-level system? Quite hard to believe.

It wasn’t rare for two or three progenitors to show up in each generation in Immortal Lineage. However, each system normally only had one.

In order to become a progenitor, a cultivator must stop following the path of those before them - leaping out of their current dao system.

For example, Orchid Sage came from Strong Grass but couldn’t stick with it after becoming a progenitor. He must leave in order to have his own legacy and go even further.

Strong Grass no longer had the means to gestate him, just like a shallow pond being unable to contain a true dragon.

Five Element was an exception with at least two progenitors for its founders. Moreover, rumor has it that it even had two dao sources.

A system should only have one because two would definitely cause a conflict, tearing the system asunder.

There were numerous explanations for this unique property in this system. First, the two progenitors might have been twins with a connected heart and mind. That’s why they became progenitors at the same time to start Five Element Mountain.

Another stated that they were husband and wife. With love came solidarity and harmonization with a dual cultivation dao. 

The most excessive one believed that it didn't only have two but rather, five progenitors. They proved their dao at the same time, meaning that the system actually had five dao sources.

Of course, no one believed this last one due to the mere impossibility.

However, the sect having at least two progenitors from the same era became widely accepted.

Later on, it produced more incredible masters, one of whom was on the same level as Fardao - Lotus Ancestor.

Lotus Ancestor followed the same framework of Five Element yet still managed to prove his dao and reached the apex - nothing short of a miracle.

Many other systems tried to copy his path. Why? Because in order to become a progenitor, one must jump out of their system. However, Lotus Ancestor improved the dao of the previous progenitors, making it even better. 

So many systems wanted to have multiple progenitors. Having two would boost their power by several folds.

Alas, for millions of years, no one else has been able to replicate this task.

This, in turn, allowed Five Element Mountain to be above all the other systems. Rumor has it that Lotus Ancestor was still there in the sect. Thus, it had a character on the same level as Fardao in this world.

A living immortal-level progenitor… No other system could top this.

However, Five Element rarely involved itself with worldly affairs. People didn’t even know where it was located.

This didn’t affect its unique position. Even though it had no disciples, everyone still viewed it as the top system.

Furthermore, it meant that if a disciple from the main branch there were to come out, something big was happening soon enough.

One known disciple of Five Element was Tai Yinxi right now. He wasn’t part of the main branch, only an outer disciple training there for several years.

Nevertheless, this outer disciple still became a top existence in Immortal Lineage, a Supreme Everlasting.

From this, one could see how powerful and terrifying Five Element was.

Now, a big shot from there was here in Sky Pass? The world rightfully became startled and kept on talking about it.

The date of the feast finally arrived. The invited big shots made their way into Tai Yinxi’s residence.

His mansion was quite large and impressive, located in a corner of Sky Pass.

Of course, as a Supreme Everlasting and the commander of Sky Pass, it wasn’t unreasonable for him to have such a nice place.

Li Qiye finished his cultivation as well and came out. Bai Jinning then told him about the feast.

“Mmm, that brat? I guess we can go get some free food there.” The bull remained unimpressed by the feast. 

Others were nothing but respectful towards Tai Yinxi but the bull viewed him as a clever brat.

“Come, I need something from him.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Let’s go!” The bull took his disciple along as well.

Liu Yanbai looked quite good after dressing up - golden hair, bright blue eyes, and an exotic aura.

The group made it outside of the residence. The bull looked at the place and laughed: “The brat got rich in recent years, I suppose. Gotta bark up his tree since it’s time for him to pay me back.”

His mansion was heavily guarded with soldiers from Sky Pass Legion everywhere. Bai Jinning was a captain and had prepared a spot for Li Qiye.

However, there were two more people now - the bull and Yanbai. This made it a little difficult for her since this particular party was very exclusive.

Jinning greeted the guards by the gate, wanting to bring everyone in.

A while later, she returned and told the group: “We only have one invitation letter so the guards will only let the young noble in.”

She was only a captain with no influence to speak of. Getting that one spot was hard enough already.

“What? This brat dares to put on an act before me? I’m gonna crush his place.” The bull became annoyed right away.

This attracted the sharp glares from the guards nearby.

“What are you looking at?!” The bull glared back and said: “I’ll beat you all up too!”

The guards’ expression soured. Who would dare to cause trouble at the mansion of their commander?

Some started walking over to block the group from moving forward, looking awfully hostile.

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