Chapter 2971: New Page

Li Qiye, in his rune form, continued to flow in the dimension within the scripture. The danger of losing himself was ever-present.

He chose a dangerous path. In fact, he only needed to search the dao for comprehension next to the source instead of becoming a part of the scripture.

Of course, the bull and the others had no idea that something so perilous was taking place. Even if they knew, they wouldn’t have been able to help him either.

Even if the bull was strong enough to drag the coffin out of the chaotic temporal flow, it wouldn’t be able to save Li Qiye inside the scripture.

Sun and moon didn’t exist in this space. Eventually, a faint figure slowly emerged among the dazzling expanse - as faint as a candle in the wind. It pulsed back and forth, just one gust would be enough to extinguish.

However, the figure persevered and gradually became clearer. Yes, Li Qiye had finally come out of the source of time.

He turned into a rune there and lingered around for an unknown amount of time due to a lack of flow in that place.

The coffin stuck in the chaotic temporal flow also stopped. It stabilized next to Li Qiye, no longer moving around.

A supreme witnessing this sight would have cold sweat streaming down their back. Even the strongest supreme wouldn’t be able to do this.

This went beyond understanding the time affinity. He had fused himself into the time source for enlightenment and came back unscathed - a testament to the might of his dao heart.

He sat quietly next to the coffin as if he has always been here, not moving an inch.

He opened his eyes and slightly moved his upper torso. 

“Buzz.” Numerous dimensions vibrated as a result.

“Pop!” Space opened and he pulled the coffin back from that deep dimension.

“A new epoch and a new heavenly scripture. Let’s use this as an outline.” He said while touching the diamond-like coffin.

He had obtained its profundity and had a full grasp of this scripture after becoming a part of it. In a sense, the scripture was now a part of him.

He closed his eyes once more and his body lit up. The strands of light emanated from him weren’t that bright but looked so real and tangible. They looked like crystal needles, seemingly made from the temporal affinity.

The coffin harmonized with him and sent out its runes.

Remember, inside this coffin were countless sealed dimensions and history with no end in sight.

However, these ancient runes in the room right now were the ones found in the source - the essences of Time Scripture. They looked happy like carps leaping out of the water.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye became brighter with a dao maelstrom appearing in front of his chest.

“Buzz.” The carp-like runes leaped out of the water and floated around Li Qiye at an increasing pace.

“Boom!” He released his grand dao and ordered these ancient runes to compile themselves into a supreme chapter. This supreme chapter then fused into his grand dao, becoming one with him.

Dao runes emerged all over his skin, making it look like he had been splashed by ink from top to bottom. It’s just that the ink was a bright shade in this case instead of black.

Lastly, the supreme chapter entered into the coffin once more, returning to the source.

“It’s finished.” He opened his eyes and said.

A monumental change had taken place today. Alas, no one was none the wiser because Li Qiye had sealed this area.

They also didn’t know that the curtain was slowly being lifted. A new epoch was growing. When the time was right, it would replace the old epoch for a new golden age.

A new scripture was undoubtedly present since Li Qiye had opened a new page. It was Time no longer.

He began meditating again to refine his grand dao.


Sky Pass became rowdier during his isolated cultivation. The excitement didn’t die after the end of the auction.

Next came the feast of their commander, Tai Yinxi. Many big shots in Immortal Lineage were invited.

The arrival of some has caused quite a stir. For example - Metalkin War God, Brightking Buddha, and Violet Dragon Empress.

“A gathering of heroes.” A spectator commented after seeing these big shots.

Only someone like Tai Yinxi could invite so many big shots successfully.

“I heard someone from Five Element Mountain is coming too.” Another rumor spread.

“What? Five Element Mountain?!” Everyone, regardless of their status, became startled.

“Is it true? People from that sect haven’t come out in a long time.” An Everlasting asked.

“It’s true, someone very amazing from there too!” A knowledgeable person confirmed.

“Dang, Tai Yinxi actually got someone from there to come.” Another took a deep breath.

Of course, many members took pride in being invited.

“Being able to meet someone from Five Element can be a great opportunity.” One emperor became emotional.

“Well, there must be something big going on for Tai Yinxi to do so. It is indeed a good opportunity.” A big shot thought about something else.

“I mean, is it really surprising? I thought Tai Yinxi was from Five Element himself.” Another added.

There have been rumors of Tai Yinxi being from Five Element Mountain. This event might have just proved it. 

Of course, he was from a side branch, not the main branch. This was still amazing enough because this sect rarely recruited disciples from the outside world. Maybe five or so in the last million years.

Being recruited as an outsider actually showed Tai Yinxi’s talents since he was recognized by Five Element Mountain.

Later on, he went to Academy of Light and never bragged about his background. This made people question the validity of this rumor.

Now, he has to be from there since very few people in Immortal Lineage could successfully get Five Element Mountain involved.

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