Chapter 297: Heaven-Shaking Ploy

Chapter 297: Heaven-Shaking Ploy

“I understand what you’re thinking.” Sikong Toutian saw through Li Qiye and said in a low voice: “If it was any other day, then these people would not dare to attack the academy even if they were one hundred times more courageous, but the situation is different right now.”

Li Qiye smiled and asked: “Oh? How are things different? Do tell.”

Sikong Toutian cautiously spoke: “I heard that the Realm God of the academy is on the brink of death. It might have been affected by the opening of the portal. Not only will it die, but it will also explode. Rumor has it that there is something wrong with the Realm God, and it might just go mad and destroy this piece of earth.”

Li Qiye smiled cheerfully and added: “So this is why some people want to fish in troubled waters?”

Sikong Toutian replied: “Yes! At that time, the academy will have a hard time stabilizing the chaos, and it will be the best opportunity to rob the houses that are on fire.”

Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “Are you talking about yourself, or other people?”

Sikong Toutian awkwardly smiled and answered: “How could I be so courageous? Plus, taking advantage of the situation is something only petty thieves do. I heard of a secret message, one that stated that someone wants to seize the entire academy!”

“Seize the entire academy? This is not an easy matter.” Li Qiye knew the strength of the academy; even an Ancient Kingdom wouldn’t necessarily have the same foundation as the academy.

Sikong Toutian then whispered: “That’s right! So many people formed an alliance in secret and they wanted to take out a few Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. Even Immortal Emperor True Treasures were brought up.”

Li Qiye squinted his eyes and said: “Their reputations must be great. A few lineages can scrape up several Immortal Emperor Life Treasures, but there aren’t many of them. Gathering True Treasures would be even harder.”

“An amazing character came out. I heard that it might be a legendary master convincing other great heritages. A few seclusive undyings might be tempted to come out. This not only involves the Eastern Hundred Cities, but also the Grand Middle Territory, the Western Desolate Wasteland, the Southern Barren Earth, and the Northern Grand Sea.” Sikong Toutian said in a low voice.

Li Qiye rubbed his chin while pondering. A single legendary character would not be able to swallow the academy, not even an Immortal Emperor lineage would be able to do so. Several great legendary characters must have joined forces to aim for the academy.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Experts in the legends...” The Difficult Dao Era did not produce legendary experts; these existences were old men who buried themselves!

Sikong Toutian quietly asked: “What do you think?”

Li Qiye gave him a look and said: “You shouldn’t participate in this matter; otherwise, at that time, you wouldn’t be able to eat mutton and instead would only be basked in the tempting smell of one. You will follow me when the portal opens this time, you might be of some use.” [1. Idiom meaning that he will not only not get any benefits from it, but he might be involved in a negative manner.]

Sikong Toutian rubbed his nose and hesitantly said: “This…”

Li Qiye smiled and didn’t say anything else before turning around to leave. Behind him, Sikong Toutian ground his teeth and stomped his foot before calling out to Li Qiye: “If Young Noble needs me, then just say the word. I will not refuse!”

Li Qiye then turned around and looked at Sikong Toutian a bit, then he smiled and said: “Do you still have the Chi brat’s medicinal ingredients?”

Li Qiye’s sudden inquiry left Sikong Toutian startled. He guiltily laughed and answered: “Hehe. Young Noble, that brat doesn’t have time to worry about me. Recently, he has been getting all heated up with the little girl from the Bao Yun Clan. They are like inseparable glue, so I don’t want to bother them.”

“Go return them.” Li Qiye demanded: “Do this first, I will not repeat myself a second time.”

Sikong Toutian took a deep breath and nodded to say: “Since Young Noble said so, I will definitely hand-deliver them to him.”

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else and turned away.

Sikong Toutian quickly called out to him: “Just let me know if you need me, I am staying at the Idle Era Hall!”

Li Qiye was not surprised about Sikong Toutian staying at the Idle Era Hall. It was a complex and chaotic place with all types of people; this brat hiding there was like a fish in water.

When Li Qiye got back to the Grand Era Hall, his yard was empty and the beautiful scenery that was filled with pretty girls was no longer there like in the morning.

Chi Xiaodie served Li Qiye with a bath. Now, she had considered herself to be a servant for Li Qiye, but he never made her position clear.

After the bath was over, Chi Xiaodie asked: “Is it alright if I got together with my sisters tomorrow?”

“A get-together?” Li Qiye gently asked.

Chi Xiaodie quickly replied: “There will be some Grand Era students and some Zenith Era students. They are part of the younger generation that either came from the Lion’s Roar Country or the neighboring countries. Some are also from the royal families.”

Li Qiye nodded his head and understood: “So you are making connections.”

This was the difference between Chi Xiaodie and Li Shuangyan. If Li Shuangyan was cold and arrogant like the snow apricot, then Chi Xiaodie was a beauty in the world of mortals.

Chi Xiaodie’s origin was not as great as Li Shuangyan. In other words, she was a lot closer to minor sects while Li Shuangyan was high up above and didn’t care for the smaller entities.

Chi Xiaodie also needed to interact with the younger generation of the neighboring countries in order to stabilize her country’s status and gain more friends.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “I will also go with you ah!”

“Well…” Chi Xiaodie couldn’t help but become surprised. She didn’t expect for Li Qiye to want to go with her.

He gave her a look and freely said: “As many beauties as there are clouds with voices as pleasing as the orioles... Just as Little Autumn said, it would be a waste to not observe the pretty and white legs. Being surrounded by supreme beauties will bring about great enjoyment, so how could I miss such an opportunity?” These words were very perverted and obscene. If someone else said such words, then they would be seen as a low-life and lewd person. However, when Li Qiye uttered them, there was an air of elegance and naturalness like pure flowers and the moon.

Chi Xiaodie was slightly taken aback. She didn’t expect Li Qiye to have such a side to him. Ever since she followed Li Qiye around, he gave her an enigmatic impression, someone with prestige as great as a high mountain that rendered others stunned with awe. Sikong Toutian and Old Daoist Peng were both afraid of Li Qiye.

Although he was clearly younger than her, she had never viewed him as a boy. Li Qiye was more like a solemn predecessor.

His sudden change caught her by surprise; it was completely different from her imagination.

“Well, don’t be surprised, going out to relax is a good thing.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “Recently, I have been quite strict with you so we can relax a bit. I am also a person at the spring of my youth, right? So how could I not go contribute to this lively fun?”

Li Qiye pondered for a bit. Recently, he had been quite harsh towards Chi Xiaodie. After he returned to the Eastern Hundred Cities, along with the dust-laden battles, so much of the past came sweeping back again, causing Li Qiye’s heart to be quite heavy from remembering old matters.

The deeper the love, the deeper the pain. Love here did not refer to Li Qiye loving Chi Xiaodie but rather, the Chi Clan Ancestor, the Hundred Battles Godking — his loyal general. After meeting his descendant, Li Qiye initially didn’t plan to train Chi Xiaodie, but he changed his mind because of the general’s loyalty. He was also very strict towards Chi Xiaodie.

Chi Xiaodie smiled and said: “Okay, I will arrange everything for tomorrow and introduce Young Noble to my sisters.” Suddenly, she seemed to be a lot closer to Li Qiye. The words “Young Noble” came out a lot more naturally. Before, because of his strictness like a master, she had forgotten that Li Qiye was also at a young age. Li Qiye’s current words caused her to now feel that youthful air.

“Just be yourself.” Li Qiye smilingly added: “I won’t speak more profound truths today, so just relax your mind and calmly face the lonely grand dao. I will only guide you in the present, your future cultivation will have to rely on yourself. After all, I am not your master.”

Chi Xiaodie took a deep breath and then stared deeply at the much-younger Li Qiye as she said with a relaxed smile: “I understand.”

Li Qiye smiled and nodded his head without saying anything else.

On the next day, Chi Xiaodie and her sisters met at a restaurant not far from the Grand Era Hall and reserved an entire floor. Although the Heavenly Dao Academy was called an academy, it was more like a country with a vast territory that contained countless cities! This particular city was very large and bustling.

There were a few dozen beauties that planned this feast for Chi Xiaodie. Most of them came from the Lion’s Roar Country or nearby nations. Their backgrounds were quite formidable; they were either princesses or descendants of sects. Their status and cultivation were similar to Chi Xiaodie's. Outside of a few that came from the Zenith Era Hall, all the others were from the Grand Era Hall.

In just a short period of time, the party was quite enjoyable as the sweet sounds of the golden ladies resounded. Their playful pouting and conversations along with their good figures and graceful bearing culminated into a scene too much for the eyes to take in.

With a group of girls getting together and chattering about various matters with laughter, Li Qiye — who was quietly sitting in a corner — couldn’t help but smile.

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