Chapter 2969: The Magical Immortal Coffin

Her arms were still glowing even though Li Qiye had pulled back. Dao runes continued to buzz and circle around them.

Yanbai thought that she could tear apart the sky or lift up a continent with her newfound power, maybe even killing a true dragon.

“What’s happening…” She felt that she had transformed completely.

“A retracing of your latent primordial talents.” Li Qiye said: “You had it from the very start but didn’t use it. I simply assisted you with waking it up. The future is still up to your own fortune and effort.”

“Also, do not let down the sacrifice of this hand.” He added.

“Incredible, I can only think of another person right now who can refine their hands to this level.” The bull commented.

“Stonecarver used to be a unique race. All of their talents and arts were focused on their hands. A successful refinement grants incredible raw power, easily slaying gods and dragons.” Li Qiye said: “It’s a shame that they are nowhere to be found now, especially pureblooded ones.”

He then looked at Yanbai and finished: “This is a touch of fate indeed, a continuation of their legacy. We can’t let nameless heroes be without successors.”

The last sentence eluded the two girls. The bull might know but it didn’t reveal the story, only nodding in response.

Yanbai finally bowed towards Li Qiye without needing to be reminded by Jinning or the bull.

She understood that Li Qiye had given her a great gift on the same level as life. She would never forgive this kindness.

“My good disciple, with your talents and the greatest teacher in history in me, you will be unbeatable soon enough. That old tree demon will open his eyes to see my greatness. You will take him down a notch.” The bull gloated, seemingly already able to see the day of its disciple’s domination.

Li Qiye only smiled. Of course, it wouldn’t be that easy to surpass that tree demon. There was a long way to go. Nevertheless, the bull and its disciple had this potential.

“Sir, I don’t care about the other treasures, just let me take a careful look at that immortal coffin.” The bull smiled towards Li Qiye.

He decided to be generous and took out the coffin.

Both the bull and Bai Jinning hurried over, wanting to take a better look. They have seen it before on stage, just not this close.

Yanbai and Jinning couldn’t notice anything because they weren’t at the right level. Even the top emperors couldn’t see through this.

On the other hand, the bull took a while before commenting: “Haha, it doesn’t matter if there’s someone alive or a corpse in there. In my opinion, the most valuable thing here is the coffin itself.”

Li Qiye had to admit that this bull had incredible insight, far surpassing those emperors.

“Sir, I have several amazing treasures on me right now, do you want to trade?” The bull salivated after realizing the coffin’s true worth.

“Including that one?” Li Qiye smirked, referring to the treasure that was with the bull since birth.

“Well… if you are willing, I’ll do it.” The bull hesitated for a moment before making up its mind.

“It’s not about me, I don’t think it’s worth it for you though.” Li Qiye shook his head: “The tree demon was right. You have plenty of resources and innate gifts, just lacking dao heart and patience. Cultivate your mind and dao heart while stop being so mischievous, then it’s not impossible for you to surpass him. This coffin doesn’t matter, you don’t need it to reach that level because your inheritance and lineage are more than enough. It’s the same as your bull spirit in my hand, actually. I am invincible but can’t use it to its fullest potential. Only you can because it exists solely for you.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “Treasures and merit laws can’t be invincible, only the dao heart. When your dao heart is firm enough, defeats are only temporary.”

“Makes sense.” The bull smiled wryly. It naturally understood what Li Qiye was trying to say. However, how many people could actually cultivate a dao heart of that level?

In its opinion, the tree demon was incredible enough. As for Li Qiye’s dao heart? No one else had a similar one.

“Leave now.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve.

The bull shrugged, thinking that it’s too bad the coffin belonged to Li Qiye. If it was anyone else, it would have tried to steal it. Doing so against Li Qiye would only result in death.

Li Qiye then sealed the area and sent the room deeper into a hidden dimension after they left.

He gently stroked the coffin as if he was caressing a lover.

“How strange, who brought it here? This coffin was in the nine worlds, then the thirteen continents, now here?” Li Qiye said.

Li Qiye came to the auction for this coffin alone. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have participated at all. The robe and ancestral sword didn’t matter to him since he only got them for fun.

This coffin was another story. Its presence actually confused him.

He already had background information, unlike others. This allowed him to understand the coffin quite well.

He closed his eyes and after a buzzing noise, a third eye appeared. This wasn’t a heavenly gaze in the traditional sense that would appear on a cultivator’s forehead. This third eye was actually his dao heart. He used it to look into the coffin, searching for its mysteries.

During this observation, the coffin disappeared from sight and no longer existed. Li Qiye began tracing back in time. Millions of years passed by in the blink of an eye, then billions.

This river of time was long enough to render the strongest beings into dust. No one could withstand this level of temporal polishment. Worlds would go down due to natural forces, let alone living beings.

His dao heart managed to survive this torture, still unmoving and tough as always.

This was the reason why others couldn’t figure the coffin out. The mysteries were hidden in time. One must go back billions of years in order to truly understand it.

They would go crazy from going back so long in time or die in the process. That’s why they couldn’t do it despite being so strong.

Numerous figures appeared during this temporal reversal. For example, the supreme and cool Jiao Heng, soaring through the sky with total freedom. Next came the unmatched True Emperor that can calculate heaven and earth. Images of the nine worlds and thirteen continents were next.

As he went on, even the figures of the three immortals showed up.

Sure enough, these were the people who have obtained the coffin or tried to understand it before.

In this boundless space existed a great galaxy with shiny stars. The planets here looked like diamonds. A girl was sleeping there for what seems to be an eternity.

The sky above her had terrible lightning storms, ready to strike at any moment.

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