Chapter 2963: Progenitor’s Promise

This bid from Brightking Buddha was quite shocking. Many stared at the auctioneer, waiting for a response.

However, she didn’t answer and only smiled while recording the offer.

“Our Northern Academy has a Grand Diagram of Light, a World-savior Boat, and a Bowl of Repentance, all created by our progenitor. That’s our offer for the coffin.” Holyfrost True Emperor revealed her bid.

She was representing the Northern Academy, not just herself.

“The legacy items of Desolate Saint.” The crowd was moved once more.

Many stared at Holyfrost True Emperor with saliva oozing out from their mouth. This particular bid was insanely tempting.

“These items are all created by Desolate Saint.” One big shot became startled.

“These three treasures are incredible. According to the rumors, the saint traveled across Three Immortals in order to refine the diagram. Therefore, it encompasses all three worlds. As for the next item, the boat, it should be able to escape from any calamity. And finally, the bowl can wash away any sin, allowing a sinner to return to the righteous path.” One Eternal took a deep breath.

“They’re so valuable then.” The big shots nearby felt their heart beating faster.

Desolate Saint was a member of the Decenary, a wondrous being. Therefore, Holyfrost’s three items clearly defeated Lankavatara Temple’s offerings.

Brightking Buddha didn’t show himself nor said anything. However, his two servants’ expression changed, aware that they have been bested this time around.

Of course, they didn’t say anything either because Holyfrost was on the same level as their master. The disparity was too much.

“High Sun Pavilion will give your Arrogance Enterprise one position lasting for perpetuity.” Supreme True Emperor spoke.

“A spot for High Sun?” All eyes fell on Supreme.

This organization was mysterious and unfathomable. No one knew its true strength.

For millions of years now, only a selected few have been able to join it. Some progenitors weren’t eligible, let alone emperors.

The benefits of being a member remained unknown but virtually all masters wanted a spot. The best recent example was the commander of Sky Pass, Tai Yinxi.

He obtained his position with the help of High Sun. From this, one could see its power.

A few emperors and Everlastings knew that this was a great opportunity. Joining High Sun would allow them to reach a greater height.

Thus, the focus shifted onto the female auctioneer.

She bowed towards Supreme and said: “Thank you, Your Majesty. We will carefully consider your proposal.”

It didn’t take long before those qualified have made their bid. The scene became quiet.

Some started looking up instinctively towards the palace of Creek King. Though she wasn’t here in person, her mirror image still represented Luminous Master.

In the auction tonight, Creek King didn’t try to bid on any treasure outside of the ancestral sword.

People also understood that she merely tried to help Flying Sword Marvel. Her real goal was this immortal coffin.

They patiently waited, thinking that Luminous Master would most likely outbid everyone present.

Power, wealth, and resources? He was superior to anyone here.

“One promise to be carried out by Luminous Master.” She finally spoke. Her words turned into an eternal mantra.

Golden springs emanated from the ground - an incredible visual phenomenon.

The moment Arrogance Enterprise accepted, her words would become a promise that would last forever.

The shocked crowd began imagining the potential. A favor from a progenitor? This was another priceless bid.

Perhaps he could teach someone to become a True Emperor or he could give you enough money to rival anyone…

All in all, this was indeed a tempting offer with boundless potential.

Not to mention regular people, the emperors here would love to have something like this.

“It can benefit generations to come.” A sect master murmured, thinking about the future.

“We appreciate your generous offer.” The auctioneer bowed respectfully.

Everyone thought that they had zero chance. If they had the choice, they would definitely pick the promise of a progenitor.

The other treasures and resources were incredible, of course, but not on the same level as Creek King’s offer.

One could get all of these things with the help of Luminous Master.

“Looks like Arrogance Enterprise will pick Luminous Master.” Everyone concluded.

“Young Noble Li, will you place a bid?” The auctioneer looked over at Li Qiye and smiled.

Everyone finally remembered about this particular fella and began paying attention to him.

“Yes, Billionaire Li.” They remembered how crazy he was with his bids.

“What does your enterprise want?” The bull asked before Li Qiye could answer, wanting to scout first.

“We are deciding as we go since this auction is very special. Young Noble Li?” She asked Li Qiye.

He became the center of the spotlight once more.

“What will Billionaire Li do?” No one could accurately predict this eccentric and crazy person.

“I don’t think money matters here versus the promise of a progenitor.” One expert mused.

A different True God agreed: “People say that money is omnipotent but maybe not in this case.”

“Right, Creek King’s bid is too tempting.” Others nearby agreed.

“Not necessarily, Arrogance Enterprise is a business so what if Billionaire Li bid something ridiculous? Maybe it will be enough.” Another big shot disagreed.

“I just don’t think it’s possible because Arrogance isn’t aiming for money or they would have had a starting price. Money can’t beat a progenitor. Can you create a progenitor by just having a lot of money? No.” An Eternal said.

“Right, money is only an external thing even at the highest level. It doesn’t matter as much once you reach the progenitor level.” Many shared this opinion.

Even the big shots such as Supreme were waiting for Li Qiye to make a crazy move.

“Of course I will bid since I must have this immortal coffin.”Li Qiye smiled, still as nonchalant as ever despite everyone staring at him.

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