Chapter 2962: Insane Auction

“I have a tiger king with draconic runes, phoenix talons, and the bloodline of the White Tiger, 300,000 years of age. It hailed from Imperfect Mountain, that’s my bid…”

“My system has a star-remnant ore mine spanning for around eight thousand miles that produce one-third of the supply for Immortal Lineage. How about it?”

“My sect has a secret domain with many mounts, 178 different species actually. The kings are suitable for emperors…”

“My kingdom has a nine-twists river with a special carp named heaven-shaker. This is a peerless alchemy material. Around three thousand of them are born each year, desired by all in our world…”


A few big shots stated serious bids unlike the comedic ones after careful rumination. They were the lords, sect masters, and kings - usually at the Eternal level.

Their bids varied but one thing was certain - everyone was slightly moved to hear them.

They weren’t bidding with money but these resources could be considered great sources of wealth. Some eventually decided to treat their sects’ defining treasures for the coffin.

Arrogance Enterprise recorded all of these bids without answering right away.

“I have the skeleton of an immortal phoenix on top of three billion true stones at the five-palace level!” It was time for Tang Ben to reveal his wealth.

“Three billion!” Everyone gasped after hearing this.

Many stared at him, thinking that he wasn’t just an ordinary young master. The crown princes and young lords of the big sects couldn’t produce this sum even by going bankrupt.

“Three billion… I want to rob him now.” Someone murmured.

“Oh, Brother, feel free to try. My bodyguards are Epoch Eternals.” Tang Ben laughed and looked at this person to say: “I’m trying to recruit another dozen Everlastings. Money, fine, treasures, fine. Dragon blood? Auspicious beasts’ essences? I can accommodate anything.” 

The person blushed and coughed: “I was just joking, that’s all.”

Tang Ben’s suggestion wasn’t impossible. Everlastings were usually proud but as long as he could pay the price, a few items could still tempt them into working for him.

“Sis, what do you think about my bid?” Tang Ben didn’t forget to flirt with the auctioneer.

“Your bid is excellent, we will prioritize considering it.” She didn’t want to offend him so she smiled back.

“I actually don’t care for this coffin at all, just having a bit of fun. I rather get closer to a beauty like you, Sis.” Tang Ben said.

She smiled without responding. The listeners nearby wondered if this guy was here for the auction or to just find some girls.

The true stones at the five-palace level were certainly impressive, but the skeleton of a phoenix?

Everyone became more curious - just who was this youth? Could he be the son of an emperor?

That couldn’t be right. Even if this emperor was rich, he still wouldn’t let his son be this wasteful.

Most were very strict with their children’s education and discipline. They wouldn’t let their children become young masters or useless princesses that only know how to spend like Tang Ben.

How could a youth from such a rich family be so unknown? No one knew a thing about him.

“We, Metalkin Divine Court, are willing to bid five hundred million progenitorial stones at the myriad level.” An influential old man from this power bid.

“Five hundred million myriad-level stones!” Many gasped in response.

Once they calmed down and thought about it, this price still didn’t seem enough.

“That’s a high bid.” One Eternal whispered.

“But earlier, Billionaire Li paid one billion.” His friend answered back.

“Forget about that madman.” The Eternal said: “That ancestral sword is only worth around 50 million at best, that’s already high. It should be 30 million. This immortal coffin is the key treasure tonight but five hundred million is a reasonable price already. Just think about it, how many other systems can produce this sum right away?”

The crowd exchanged glances. The sect masters and lords calculated what they had in their system’s main treasuries and realized that they wouldn’t be able to produce this much, not even stones at only the myriad level.

“That just shows how insane Billionaire Li is.” Another said. Metalkin Divine Court could only do half of what Li Qiye did.

Comparison was a source of pain. Even a system as mighty as Metalkin Divine Court could only muster five hundred million. In the case of one billion as a possibility, they would need to meticulously deliberate this.

“My father has agreed. Our Strong Grass System will also offer five hundred million and one manual containing the experiences and findings of a progenitor.” Guan Yunpeng jumped in.

He looked quite pleased with himself after revealing the bid. He didn’t do anything special tonight despite winning one or two treasures. The winning prices weren’t impressive either.

This annoyed him a little bit. After all, he was Orchid Sage’s junior brother - a very prestigious role.

He considered himself to be on the same level as the emperors but unfortunately, he didn’t have that much money himself and required his father’s approval.

This immortal coffin finally got his father’s interest. The mirror image told him to outbid the divine court.

The old man from Metalkin glared over at Yunpeng. This bid was a challenge between the two systems.

Yunpeng wasn’t afraid at all and arched his chest to meet the glare.

Meltakin Divine Court was certainly powerful and feared by many. However, Strong Grass was not a weakling in the contemporary.

Meltakin War God only had twelve palaces, not even close to being on the same level as Orchid Sage. 

Therefore, Yunpeng could stand proudly against this top master from the court.

His cultivation was only average at best. On the other hand, the old man was very close to his father in both status and power.

The latter became vexed after seeing this pompous youth.

Alas, there was nothing he could do outside of scowling. The kid had a good father and an amazing senior brother.

“Miss, how is our bid?” Yunpeng thought he looked quite cool right now and raised his voice.

“It is excellent. We’ll let you know once we make a decision, Young Noble.” She nodded and smiled.

Yunpeng was satisfied with this answer from the auctioneer and sat back down on his seat.

“Lankavatara Temple is offering two scriptures personally written by Lankavatara Buddha. What do you think?” The left child made a bid in his master’s stead.

“Scriptures from the progenitor?” People were shocked because the scriptures from this temple have never been passed to outsiders, let alone scrolls written by the progenitor himself.

The content was one thing but the fact that they came from the progenitor meant that they were priceless. They should be able to suppress evil by themselves. The peerless teachings within were simply extra.

Remember, Lankavatara Buddha wasn’t only an immortal-level progenitor. He was famous alongside Desolate Saint.

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