Chapter 2961: Flirting

“Depends on my charisma?” Tang Ben’s eyes lit up after hearing this.

He fixed his long hair and assumed a pose he thought was the most handsome - a beaming smile. It didn’t turn out too well since he looked too perverted.

“Sis, my charisma is off the chart.” Tang Ben shot a flirting glance back at the auctioneer: “Do you want to come to my room tonight? I bought a few cool treasures and would like your appraisal.”

“I’m sorry to say that my ability is weak and won’t be able to help you, Young Noble Tang.” The auctioneer shook her head.

“No way.” Tang Ben smiled: “You are the main auctioneer of Arrogance with peerless insight. You have seen more treasures than I have seen rice, able to tell the quality at a single glance. You know how I am, I just love treasures and buy everything. They pile up at my house now so that’s why I need your discerning opinion. With your help, I won’t be tricked by others. What do you think, Sis?”

While everyone else was contemplating about the immortal coffin, Tang Ben tried to flirt with her instead with wanton regards for the public setting.

The emperors and Everlastings on stage didn’t know what to do. This young master was something else.

They wondered about his background. Just what kind of clan could be so rich yet educate a child like this?

People could only sigh. Flirting with the auctioneer was quite impressive, requiring courage and mental fortitude. Of course, let’s not forget about the most important factor - shamelessness.

“Young Noble Tang, if you are afraid of cheap copies and imitations, you can come to an Arrogance branch. They are all over Three Immortals and can accommodate you with anything.” The auctioneer cleverly rejected him.

“So what if I want Sis, will your store accommodate me too?” Tang Ben continued his shameless attempt.

“I can’t make a decision on that request, you will have to ask our managers.” She didn’t become angry and politely answered.

“That’s okay, I’ll go ask them when I have time.” Tang Ben smiled: “But are you busy tonight or not, Sis? You can teach me a private lesson on recognizing treasures. I recently bought a horn from a tri-runed water dragon. I think the age of this horn is just right, the problem is the bloodline. Will you come to check it out?”

“Young Noble Tang, please feel free to bring it to our store, we will give you a sure answer then.” She smiled.

“Absolutely, I’ll ask for you then.” Tang Ben immediately answered.


One could read the words clearly written on his face - “want to sleep with her”. Everyone was at a loss for words.

“So vulgar.” Flying Sword Marvel commented.

Tang Ben pretended not to hear her and moved closer to the auctioneer to resume his flirting attempt.

Meanwhile, the black bull was also staring at the coffin. It eventually concluded: “This thing is amazing, simply heaven-defying.”

“True, one treasure, two items. Not bad at all.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What’s inside, a corpse or a fairy?” The bull’s eyes lit up and asked right away.

“No rush.” Li Qiye said implicatively with a profound gaze.

“Haha, Sir, we absolutely can’t miss something this good. We gotta get it.” The bull persuaded.

Li Qiye smiled, seemingly amused by what’s to come.

At this point, the emperors and Everlastings on stage were exchanging their opinions. They naturally hid some of the key points but still wanted to listen to the general points.

“Fellow Daoist Holyfrost, what do you think?” Supreme asked Holyfrost.

Holyfrost pondered for a moment before answering: “This thing is above spatio-temporal constraints. It must have something to do with the flow of the river of time. I don’t know if it is from an immortal world.”

“Your incredible light must have seen something.” Brightking Buddha’s mirror image said: “We cannot open it by force, only by understanding its profundities. We don’t know if it’s a living or dead thing inside either.”

“Yes, the content is very elusive.” A different Everlasting added.

“In my opinion, we shouldn’t open it.” Another emperor said gravely: “Sure, it will be auspicious if it’s an immortal item. However, if it turns out to be evil, it’s not something you or me can stop. Something sealed inside of an item of this level should be powerful beyond imagination.”

“I agree, Fellow Daoist.” One big shot said: “And from what I’ve seen, only a progenitor at the immortal level can open this.”

Everyone exchanged glances. Immortal Lineage didn’t have an immortal-level progenitor, at least not right now or maybe they didn’t know about them.

In the present, two people have reached the dao. However, they were yet to be at the immortal level. This might happen in the future; it just wasn’t the case right now.

Therefore, no one in Immortal Lineage could open this coffin.

The listeners below were amazed to hear this. Needing an immortal-level progenitor? This coffin must be insane.

Of course, these commenters all had their own thoughts and goals while discussing various ideas. In the end, none could figure it out.

They then returned to their floating pavilions. The big shots on the thrones were next in line to take a look.

In the entire process, Tang Ben still didn’t return to his palace and continued chatting with the auctioneer.

Of course, there was nothing she could do. He was a VIP right now who had spent a big sum for arrogance.

Moreover, he was certainly annoying but hasn’t done anything wrong outside of flirting. This didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Some viewed his action as vulgar and shameless. Tang Ben himself didn’t care at all. So what if he acted like a rich young master? He was really one anyway.

Eventually, the observation finally ended. 

The auctioneer returned to her podium and told the crowd: “Everyone has gotten a chance to take a closer look now. Even though we can’t say what’s inside, I’m sure we all have a better idea of its value now…”

The powerful masters here didn’t find anything special but one thing was certain - the coffin was a supreme treasure. It wasn’t incorrect to list it as the defining treasure of this auction.

“Our young lord found this item and we don’t have a listed price for it since it is priceless.” The auctioneer said.

This confused the crowd. If it’s priceless, what’s the point of having an auction?

“Thus, we’re doing something special. Everyone will write their bid down. As long as someone put down an acceptable price for us, this coffin will be theirs.” She elaborated.

“Like that?” The crowd was surprised. Such a casual way of doing it for a key treasure? Quite unprecedented.

“However, everyone only has one chance and can’t change it after we record it down. Please be mindful of this. Moreover, it is not limited to true stones and money, items are fine too.” She said.

“Not bad, that makes it more interesting.” Some became spirited.

Many workers from Arrogance showed up, waiting to record the bids.

The scene became silent. People weren’t in a rush to bid and would rather be the last ones. After all, they only had one chance.

Ordinary cultivators didn’t even bother. They weren’t qualified and weren’t capable enough to win. An attempt would only earn jeers.

“Alright, the auction is starting, feel free to bid everyone.” The auctioneer announced.

“I have an ancient bell from Sky Ruins, would that be alright?” A white-haired old man took out a box containing an old and golden bell inside.

“Senior, your bell is good, most likely created by an emperor.” The auctioneer recognized it right away.

A worker then recorded the old man’s bid.

“I have a soul grass, 360,000 years old. Is this enough for a bid?” A sect master wondered.

“I have an old residence left behind by our great ancestor who used to be under the banner of Fardao. This residence is rumored to be blessed by Fardao himself, so I will offer it as my bid…”

“I am an Eternal, I offer myself.”

“Yeah, as if you’re worth that much.” The ones nearly laughed at this bidder.

Many knew that they couldn’t afford the coffin but Arrogance Enterprise didn’t state a minimum. Thus, they wanted to join the fun.

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