Chapter 2960: Profundity Unknown By All

“Buzz.” A bright light manifested on the stage with a woman inside.

She was ethereal, impossible to get a clear view of. Nevertheless, just her faint outlines made it clear how beautiful she was.

A noble aura still assaulted the spectators. She didn’t need to put on an act or anything; her bloodline alone buried nobility deep in her bones.

She had converged this aura in an attempt to be low key but it still soared above the nine firmaments. Just her faint figure alone resembled the ruler of the myriad realms. She has been in charge for too long so this noble aura was impossible to hide.

“Your Majesty.” The auctioneer bowed deeply after seeing her.

Of course, this was only a mirror image, not her true body.

Nevertheless, many stood up to greet her including emperors and Everlastings.

She was definitely more powerful than anyone else here. Just her strength alone was worthy of respect.

“Young Noble Li, please.” The auctioneer invited Li Qiye next.

He smiled and climbed up the stage for a better look.

The large auction house seemed to only have the two of them now - the focus of all attention. 

This duo created quite a special painting. Li Qiye was completely normal while the opposite could be said about the noble king - a striking contrast.

However, Li Qiye remained nonchalant as ever. Because of this, it created a unique, unrestrained harmony.

Creek King nodded towards him, a type of greeting. Li Qiye smiled in response.

She didn’t hold a grudge against him, still acting cool as if nothing had happened.

His eyes narrowed as he stared at the coffin; his gaze seemingly penetrating the coffin despite its numerous embedded dimensions. It crossed through everything, both space and time.

Creek King did the same. She would occasionally knock on the coffin before raising her finger to perform dao laws.

“Pop!” The dao laws were repelled by the coffin. Nevertheless, she continued trying with tiny laws rotating around the tip of her fingers.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye circled around the coffin twice before placing his palm on it and closing his eyes.

Everyone has been watching every action from these two.

Creek King used supreme arts to test this coffin while Li Qiye looked like a statue sleeping. The two of them didn’t say a single thing.

The crowd grew restless by the minute, not wanting to miss a thing.

Unfortunately, the coffin had no response to these two. It was still glowing in the same manner, as silent as ever.

“Hmph, don’t put up an act by just standing there if you don’t have the ability. Money alone can’t figure out the profundity of the dao.” Flying Sword Marvel snorted at Li Qiye, still holding a grudge.

“Don’t be disrespectful and narrow-minded like a frog under the well for the world is full of hidden masters.” Creek King scolded her right away, albeit in a soft tone.

Flying Sword Marvel didn’t dare to disagree and lowered her head.

Keep in mind that she was a half-step Everlasting already, strong enough to look down on the world. Moreover, she was a proud woman, never afraid of anyone before. Nonetheless, she still looked like an obedient child before Creek King out of respect.

The crowd was paying more attention to Creek King, hoping to see some clues from her expression and movement.

Alas, nothing seemed to be happening. The duo has probably failed.

“Your Majesty, what’s the secret of this coffin?” One big shot lost his patience.

“I can’t be sure.” Creek King gently shook her head and still responded amicably: “This coffin is incredible. It is impossible to figure it out in such a short time.”

Everyone exchanged glances after hearing this, aware of her power.

If she herself had a difficult time seeing through this coffin, this only increased its value.

Li Qiye opened his eyes a while after and chuckled.

“Fellow Daoist, what do you think?” Creek King looked at him with a friendly stare, almost like spring returning to the world.

“It’s a nice item.” Li Qiye smiled and returned to his seat.

She tilted her head a bit, pondering after hearing his response. “Buzz.” She then disappeared from the stage.

“Next will be the emperors and Everlastings. Please come on stage.” The auctioneer requested.

“Hahaha, I’m going.” The first to react was Tang Ben. He laughed and jumped on top of the coffin.

This vulgar and impolite act of his didn’t earn him any grace from Flying Sword Marvel.

The emperors and Everlastings came after for a closer look. Supreme, Holyfrost, and the others were very interested in the coffin.

Holyfrost became shrouded in radiance, exuding the purest rays of holiness towards the coffin.

These rays entered a boundless domain with too many worlds and dimensions to count. If she were to gather her power into a single ray, it could illuminate all of Immortal Lineage. Alas, in this case, it was akin to throwing a pebble into the ocean. She failed to get a single response despite being a powerful twelve-palace emperor.

Supreme derived his supreme grand dao full of righteous affinity. It engulfed the coffin and turned into dao laws in order to imitate and understand the mysteries within. He garnered zero reaction as well.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” Ear-splitting banging resounded with the strangest attempt.

Tang Ben had a large hammer and didn’t hold back on smashing the coffin. Alas, this still didn’t damage the coffin or weaken its light at all.

People didn’t know what to do outside of shaking their head. This young master was different from everyone else.

“You’re being too loud, stop bothering other people.” Flying Sword Marvel lost her patience and told Tang Ben.

“Haha, I’m gonna smash it open to see if there’s a fairy inside so I can fall in love with her.” Tang Ben salivated, looking quite wretched in the eyes of the marvel.

“Sis, can I keep on trying with other methods?” Tang Ben smiled at the auctioneer.

“Young Noble Tang, if you like it, buy and take it home then you can try as much as you please.” She revealed a seductive smile.

“That’s probably what I will do.” Tang Ben seemed to be bewitched by the auctioneer. He laughed and added: “How much will it cost if I want to buy you too, Sis?”

“That depends on your own charisma.” She wasn’t bothered by his flirting and smiled back, making others want to push her down and do the dirty deed.

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