Chapter 2959: Immortal Coffin

Finally, it was time for the most important auction of the night.

“Gentlemen, our Arrogance Enterprise appreciates everyone’s enthusiastic support. Next is the best and final treasure of the night. It will conclude our auction in a perfect manner.” The auctioneer introduced the item.

“This is the climax.” People became excited. Some stood up in order to get a better view of the item being brought up on stage.

The powerful emperors were moved as well. These quinquennial auctions’ ultimate items were always heaven-defying.

The thing was brought up on stage. However, it was fully covered. No one could really tell what it was.

“Our Arrogance Enterprise has prepared an incredible treasure to end this auction. Our young lord toiled his heart out and suffered untold hardships to obtain it. We will not keep it for ourselves but rather, give everyone a chance to take a look.” The auctioneer added.

“Whoosh!” The cloth cover was lifted, revealing the item.

“Gentlemen - the ultimate auction tonight - an immortal coffin!” She shouted.

Sure enough, there was a coffin in full display, far larger than a regular one.

Its blinding glow was surely the most conspicuous part about it. One wouldn’t be wrong to call it a big diamond block rather than an immortal coffin.

It had countless edges and surfaces, making the thing feel like it contained numerous separate dimensions within.

It nearly blinded the audience after the cover was lifted. These rays had the intensity of the brightest stars. Thus, it also resembled a galaxy of sorts, just completely sealed inside this diamond-like object.

When using a heavenly gaze, they would find a boundless space of numerous dimensions stacked on top of each other with no end in sight. This rendered it impossible to know the thing inside.

“So what is it?” Emperors failed to see through it, let alone the common experts.

Supreme True Emperor tried and failed. The coffin was too profound despite his best effort. It seemed to be bigger than all of Three Immortals.

“We can only call it an immortal coffin to indicate its grade.” The auctioneer elaborated: “Our store couldn’t comprehend its mystics but our young lord found it in a supreme land. It should be considered an item from an immortal world, that’s why we do not dare to discuss it without proof. Nevertheless, whoever can understand its mysteries will benefit immensely.”

Some parts of her story were baseless but no one would question her. They believed in its validity.

First, Arrogance Enterprise was full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. It had no lack of Everlastings. Moreover, it had the finest reputation in Three Immortals. Just this alone was enough for trust.

Next, this coffin was placed before everyone. The mightiest emperors present could stare all they wanted.

The enterprise wasn’t trying to mystify the coffin. Everyone could tell that it really contained some amazing secrets.

“So what is actually inside?” One big shot wondered. No one could tell despite activating their heavenly gaze.

“We did not come up with any conclusion.” The auctioneer smiled wryly and told the truth.

The auction house treated an unknown item as their best for the night? This was a little ridiculous to hear unless they were here to see it in person. In that case, it felt very normal, almost a matter of fact.

“Is it really from above, a world of immortals?” Someone speculated.

“So where is this world? No one actually knows.” Another shook their head in disagreement.

Immortal Lineage was the highest in Three Immortals; nothing else was above. Though people always talked about an immortal world, no one has ever seen or heard of anyone going there and returning.

“Maybe the other side of Uncrossable Expanse is the immortal world.” One expert laughed.

“You actually might be onto something. Why else would the progenitors try to cross it?” A few nodded, agreeing with this logic.

Of course, no one could prove it anyway.

“Hey, could this be the coffin that Xuan Xiao found back then in the lower realm?” A big shot from the last generation recalled this story.

Everyone turned towards him and also remembered the same thing. A robe from this tale was actually sold tonight as well.

“Our Arrogance Enterprise is actually sure that this is not the same coffin.” The auctioneer gave a definite answer this time. They must have had solid evidence.

“Gentlemen, feel free to come closer on stage to feel it? Let’s line up.” The auctioneer suggested.

Of course, only the VIPs could actually do so.

“Your Majesty Creek King and Young Noble Li, please come on stage first.” She invited the two.

The crowd naturally turned towards Li Qiye. What the auctioneer did was place Li Qiye on the same level as Creek King, intentional or otherwise.

Remember, Creek King sat in a palace meant for progenitors. She represented her husband for this auction. No one else had a higher status than her here and now.

However, Arrogance Enterprise has listed Li Qiye together with her. This actually took the crowd by surprise.

“This is inappropriate. Both Creek King and Luminous Master are unmatched in terms of status in our world. Only Orchid Sage can compare if we must bring up someone.” A dissatisfied member commented.

They viewed Luminous Master almost like a god and didn’t approve of an unknown junior like Li Qiye being viewed with equal importance.

“Are you forgetting that this is Arrogance Enterprise? It’s a place of business and profit, whoever has more money is the boss here! Spend a few billion and you can be on the same level as Creek King too just like Billionaire Li. He spent the most here so why can’t he be the first to take a look? Why would he go to Arrogance auctions again after being treated unfairly?” A different audience member sympathized.

“He’s right, they’re not really at fault. The highest paying customer deserves the highest treatment.” Another big shot jumped in.

These important characters have participated in multiple auctions and knew how the enterprise worked.

Some were unhappy but this was how it should be. If one wanted the same level of treatment, then just throw money away here. Arrogance Enterprise would also treat them like VIPs since profit was the main focus.

Billionaire Li was clearly a once-in-a-lifetime customer, to say the least. To not treat him the best would deter future customers from dealing with them.

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