Chapter 2958: Billionaire Li

Tranquility engulfed the auction house. No one dared to speak loudly; a few even tried to breathe quietly.

After all, the wife of a progenitor in Luminous Master has joined in. Her status was simply matchless.

Most people would just give up right now. There was no point in antagonizing her and creating animosity with a progenitor.

Moreover, if Li Qiye were to quit now, this was akin to doing Creek King a favor - a move described as smartly rowing the boat along with the current.

Most importantly, not a single person would mock him for giving up at this crucial moment. In fact, being a competitor against her was already an honor. Giving up wasn’t a big deal at all.

“Don’t pursue this any further.” One kind big shot told Li Qiye.

All could see that Li Qiye had no lack of money, meaning that he had no lack of treasures. Therefore, there was no need for him to bid on this sword. Why not do a favor for Creek King and drop a potential problem?

Everyone watched with bated breath, waiting to see what this madman would do.

“Her Majesty bid 110,000,000.” The auctioneer smiled at Li Qiye with ripples in her eyes like the autumn waves: “Young Noble Li, there are better items later on waiting for you.”

Her voice was as soft as water and enchanting enough to make even bones go weak. She naturally hoped that he would give up as well, hence her comment.

Of course, the auction house wanted to make money but they also wanted to build a good relationship with someone as wealthy as Li Qiye. She felt that it would be better for him to not antagonize Creek King.

“I will bid later if they’re good items.” Li Qiye smiled and casually tossed chips at the auctioneer. 

“Rustle.” Loud noises fell down, nearly covering the auctioneer completely.

“What? That has to be a few dozen million!” The crowd became astounded.

These chips were used in Arrogance Enterprise. Since the enterprise had stores everywhere, one could treat the chips as a form of currency.

Someone took a quick count and realized that these chips were worth a few dozen million!

Moreover, this was only a casual tip. Even the strongest and wealthiest emperor wouldn’t be so generous.

She stood there like a wooden chicken. She has worked in the auction house for decades now and still didn’t make as much as the tip today.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” She regained her sanity and bowed to show her gratitude.

“1,000,000,000.” Li Qiye then stated his bid in a carefree manner.

The crowd exploded into a furor once more.

“Another bid of one billion! This guy is insane! That’s enough money to drown someone to death!” All eyes were on him.

He didn’t give up and actually raised it to one billion, completely overwhelming Creek King’s previous bid.

“These are progenitorial stones we’re talking about…” One murmured.

“One billion progenitorial stones, what…?” Many became stupefied.

Progenitorial stones were prohibitively rare. Spending so much for an ancestral sword wasn’t worth it.

This amount was beyond the wealth of numerous systems. Only a few would be able to produce this sum, albeit with great difficulty. Only progenitors themselves would be able to do so. 

“1,000,000,000…” The auctioneer's hand shook violently, nearly dropping her gavel.

“Going once…” She needed to hold it with both hands now, feeling extremely nervous. Her legs were trembling as well.

“Sold for 1,000,000,000!” She finally smashed the gavel, ending this auction.

When this experienced auctioneer let go of her gavel, her hands were still trembling. Emotions still got the best of her.

Flying Sword Marvel watched the sword being delivered to Li Qiye while shaking, not because of Li Qiye’s huge bid but just from pure indignation.

Her supreme self has never been subjected to such humiliation before, not to mention that she was completely powerless before the power of money.

This was even more humiliating than if she were to lose a fight to him!

People took a deep breath, fully aware that Li Qiye had slapped three people in one go - Flying Sword Marvel, Creek King, and Luminous Master.

“Sir, I feel inadequate before your bold showing.” Creek King’s voice came from above, full of sentiments.

“It’s just pocket change, can’t reach the apex.” Li Qiye casually replied.

Creek King could only sigh and stopped talking. She wasn’t angry at all. Her self-control was superior compared to Flying Sword Marvel.

Meanwhile, the audience had a weak smile on their face. One billion progenitorial stones were considered pocket change?

This might be the most domineering statement they have ever heard. Only progenitors could say this without being laughed at.

Strangely enough, they didn’t think he was boasting after his repeated display of wealth. In fact, he was probably holding back, not being as ostentatious as can be.

They were completely convinced by his financial prowess at this point.

“Sigh, Boss, you must be rich beyond imagination.” Tang Ben became a fan: “I am a country bumpkin in comparison while you’re the richest in the city. I bow before you.” He lowered his head after saying this.

People didn’t know how to feel about Tang Ben. They were certainly annoyed at his bravado but he was being quite cute right now, easily accepting defeat.

“Billionaire Li lives up to his title.” Someone else said, liking this title even more.

Only Flying Sword Marvel remained furious. She glared at Li Qiye; her cold eyes containing a faint hint of murderous intention. It was impossible for her to let this go.

Next, the auction house sent out more items of the progenitorial level - a scripture, holy items, and rare artifacts… The crowd certainly broadened their horizon.

The competition was fierce. The buyers who were aiming for these items were on edge the entire time, afraid that Billionaire Li would suddenly join the fray.

They knew better than to compete against him at this point. Fortunately, he didn’t bother looking at these items, clearly not interested.

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