Chapter 2957: Fierce Auction

Flying Sword Marvel had a fit of fiery anger churning in her stomach. She didn’t let it out just yet.

“Ahem, gentlemen, the auction is moving on.” The auctioneer read the tense atmosphere and interrupted: “There is a substantial discount because of the sword’s materials, 5,000,000 starting price using myriad-level progenitorial true stones! 100,000 each increase.”

“That’s with a discount?” Some complained.

Though they were at the myriad level, this 5,000,000 was still an unreal amount.

An ordinary sect would have a hard time taking out ten progenitorial stones or so. A bigger sect would have an easier time.

But as for millions? It would need to be a behemoth of a sect. Either that, or the people would need to be mighty emperors, Everlastings, or even progenitors.

“The sword still belonged to a progenitor, there aren’t that many on the market. Moreover, it had an embedded sword dao. Obtaining this sword isn’t the same as obtaining a progenitorial weapon, maybe one can study Sword Saint’s dao as well.” The auctioneer revealed a charming smile.

She was indeed correct despite the high price. Very few ancestral weapons ever get on the market. Masters and sects in possession of one would never sell them. It wasn’t easy to find one and put it up for auction.

“6,000,000.” Flying Sword Marvel added one million to the starting bid in order to show her determination.

“6,100,000.” Another big shot bid.

“6,500,000.” A third jumped in.

“7,000,000.” She swiftly retaliated.

“8,000,000.” A fourth didn’t relent.

“10,000,000.” She had a cold expression.

“11,000,000.” Her capable competitor didn’t let up either.

Just like that, the price went up to 20,000,000 in no time at all.

Though people didn’t talk back to her declaration earlier, it didn’t mean that they were afraid of her.

Among the big shots were high-level emperors and peerless Everlastings that have been famous for a long time. The temptation of an ancestral sword far exceeded the negatives of offending her.

Plus, money talks in this auction house. There was no need to be afraid of anyone. Billionaire Li was the best example.

The price didn’t increase as much anymore after reaching 20,000,000. Everyone wanted a discount and only raised it up by 100,000 each time. They weren’t as crazy as Tang Ben or Billionaire Li.

Eventually, Flying Sword Marvel bid 25,000,000. She has been bidding aggressively all along so people knew that she wasn’t messing around.

The emperors and Everlastings knew that she wouldn’t give up. Thus, it was better to quit now while they were ahead and sell her some face.

“25,000,000, anyone else?” The auctioneer noticed a lull and shouted.

“25,000,000, going once… 25,000,000, going twice…” She began raising her wooden gavel.

Flying Sword Marvel heaved a sigh of relief after seeing people backing up. Just one more call and the sword would be hers.

“100,000,000.” A voice came from below.

“Damn, Billionaire Li is at it again!” Everyone knew who it was right away without looking.

“The guy is insane, these are progenitorial stones we’re talking about here.” Another said.

No one outside of progenitors themselves should be able to produce this sum by this point.

“Is it worth it?” This question popped up around the stage.

The lower-level stones weren’t as bad. Some of the rich here could actually afford it. Unfortunately, this was no longer the case.

“100,000,000. Sir Li Qiye has bid 100,000,000! Any other bidder?” The blushing auctioneer nearly lost her mind again since this beat out her previous record. She shot so many seductive glances towards Li Qiye.

“You!” On the other hand, Flying Sword Marvel’s expression became extremely unsightly.

This sword was seconds away from being hers but now, Li Qiye had severed her path.

She could have handled anything around 50,000,000 but not 100,000,000. Moreover, this price was illogical too.

People have already backed off to do her a favor. Everyone could see that she nearly had it until Li Qiye took this ready-to-eat feast away from her.

“Not convinced? Just outbid me then, I’m sure you can afford it.” Li Qiye calmly met her piercing gaze.

Everyone stared at these two. They could tell that his bid wasn’t a regular bid but more of a slap to her face. It was too extreme, clearly aimed at antagonizing and humiliating her.

“Don’t think you’re all that because you have money!” She lashed out while feeling a murderous urge.

“As I said, just outbid me.” Li Qiye responded.

Normally, Flying Sword Marvel was prideful but still maintained a good temper. This was no longer the case.

How could a heaven’s favorite adore by all like her be defeated by an unknown brat and his money?

Nevertheless, she needed to calm down because this was Arrogance Enterprise.

“110,000,000.” A pleasant and commanding voice came from the sky.

“Creek King!” Everyone looked up, shocked.

“Her Majesty is bidding now.” Someone said.

“Shh, don’t talk right now.” The friend nearby reminded him.

Her involvement silenced the scene. After all, her status seemed supreme and a step above everyone else present.

Just being Luminous Master’s wife alone was enough for people to respect her.

Flying Sword Marvel became happy since this gave her a glimmer of hope.

Who would dare to try and bid against her? Would Billionaire Li do it?

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