Chapter 2956: The Marvel’s Pride

All eyes were on this sword, especially Flying Sword Marvel. She stood up and felt as if she must have this sword.

“Miss Flying Sword, do you want this sword?” Tang Ben was staring at her, unlike the others.

“None of your business.” She glared back, still considered him an ant despite his wealth because of his cultivation.

Though they were on the same level at the auction house, her contempt for him didn’t lessen.

“I will buy it for you if you like it.” He smiled: “I have nothing but money and will not hesitate to spend it on you regardless of the price.”

“I’ll buy it myself.” She uttered coldly though her expression softened a bit.

She didn’t want Tang Ben to buy it for her due to her pride, not liking suitors like him. The only thing she worried about was if he felt the urge to buy the sword or made the price too high.

Both would surely damage her plan since she must have it.

“It would be my pleasure to buy it for you.” Tang Ben said: “As long as you want it, I will even pluck the stars down for you, money isn’t a problem. Three to five hundred million are still acceptable.”

The listeners smiled wryly after hearing this, even the powerful emperors.

Spending so much to please a beauty? Only a young master like Tang Ben would do such a thing.

She became even more worried. What if Tang Ben really bought it? At that point, she would be riding a tiger and couldn’t get down. She truly needed this sword, hence her appearance in person.

If he were to win it, would she accept his gift or not? After all, no one knew just how rich he was. He might really outbid everyone here and win it.

“I appreciate your kind intent. I do need this sword but rather buy it myself.” The marvel nodded at him.

Her attitude became better because she didn’t want him to buy it himself.

“Very well, as you wish then, Miss.” Tang Ben smiled: “Just let me know if you need anything, money-wise.” 

She nodded again to show her gratitude.

Many emperors and Everlastings heaved a sigh of relief to see Tang Ben agreeing to not participate.

They looked down on him but still felt greatly pressured by his wealth and unpredictability. Who knows when the guy would start bidding?

The powerful masters at this point really felt the might of money. As the saying goes - a coin can kill a hero. 

Normally, people like them could summon wind and cloud whenever they wanted, doing everything on a whim.

Alas, this level of money from an insignificant cultivator left them breathless. They needed to treat him as a formidable foe during an auction.

That’s why him backing off meant one less enemy competing for the sword.

Now, the marvel turned her sight towards Li Qiye.

With Tang Ben gone, Li Qiye became the next formidable foe. She definitely came prepared this time, confident enough to compete against any emperor.

This wasn’t the case against Li Qiye. She had nothing but anxiety.

The rest felt the same way about “Billionaire Li”. He was even more merciless and richer than Tang Ben. Others would have zero chance against him.

He noticed her stare and raised one brow with a smile in response.

This smile was treated as a provocation in her eyes. She has never stood down before anyone due to her pride, that’s why she felt annoyed and answered back: “This sword is no one’s but mine!”

Everyone heard her clearly and exchanged glances. This was a warning - any other bidders for this sword would antagonize her.

The other Everlastings and emperors didn’t voice their dissatisfaction regarding her imperious act.

They knew that she had enough power to back it up. First, she was a half-step Everlasting, this was enough to take down most of the audience members.

Moreover, her brother-in-law was Luminous Master and her clan sister, Creek King, was here as well with a mirror image.

Nevertheless, some were still very interested in this ancestral sword.

“No need to claim ownership before the start of the auction. The one with the most money will win.” One person criticized her threat earlier, unlike the reticent crowd.

Everyone looked over and saw that the speaker was Li Qiye.

“Billionaire Li again.” One guy murmured. Some became tense after hearing him. If he were to join and bid one billion again, who could actually beat him? Even Tang Ben accepted defeat.

Flying Sword Marvel’s expression soured since this comment clearly aimed at her.

Initially, Li Qiye had no interest in this ancestral sword. He even gave back Repentance, let alone this blade. However, he didn’t like her aggressive and cocky attitude.

“Money is not omnipotent.” She didn’t like an unknown junior provoking her despite her clear declaration earlier. 

This went beyond provoking her to the level of an insult. If this wasn’t Arrogance Enterprise, this man would be no different from an ordinary person. He wouldn’t be qualified to stand in front of her, let alone compete against her.

“We’ll find out soon.” Li Qiye smiled and leisurely responded.

The crowd became frozen. They have seen what happened to Brightking Buddha earlier.

Brightking was prestigious and powerful with great authority. Alas, he still got slapped in the face by one billion.

Holyfrost True Emperor shook her head at this scene with a faint smile.

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