Chapter 2955: Sword Of A Progenitor

The furor eventually subsided. Some were still very emotional.

Money ruled all at the auction. Status no longer mattered.

Normally, Brightking Buddha was an untouchable existence with peerless Buddhist powers. He soared in the high heavens, freed from the mortal coil. Alas, he still lost today to a bid of one billion. This bid and the circumstances truly stirred the audience.

“Ahem, next item on the list.” The auctioneer forgot about her role as well despite being very experienced at her job.

This level of profit was unprecedented for her or any other auctioneer for that matter. Her contribution to the auction house would soar to the very top of the ladder after this.

This remained the climax for a bit. Several other items later also got sold for a high price but not close to one billion. 

After all, the other buyers still had some reason left in them. No one would continue to outbid themselves by doubling the price.

In fact, they realized something by this point, that Li Qiye would get whatever items he wanted. There was no point in competing against this rich man.

Fortunately enough, he didn’t bother bidding on anything after. Some of the buyers thanked their fortune since they didn’t waste a trip here.

This wasn’t the case for Brightking Buddha. His target was the Stone Orchid Scripture. Given his status and the wealth of his temple, he should have been able to get it with no problem, at least in his opinion.

Who would have thought that a madman would ruin it all?

Another was a victim of misfortune tonight - a very bad case at that.

“Clank.” The next auction item was brought up to the stage and heralded a sword harmonization.

Many swords began hymning together and wanted to fly out of their sheath.

“Harmonization?” People wondered and noticed that sword on stage.

It exuded a divine light after being removed from its sheath. The rays seemed so real, piercing everyone in the eyes in a painful manner.

Most importantly, it had an obvious aura of a progenitor that smashes like a wave to the chest.

No one could dodge and felt as if there was a hole on their chest now. Some became suppressed and dropped to the ground.

“An ancestral sword!” Everyone realized its grade right away.

“Clank.” The female auctioneer sheathed it again and smiled: “That’s right, this is a sword left behind by Sword Saint, created when he was at the myriad level and wasn’t brought along.”

“Sword Saint’s personal sword?” Many experts were shaken to hear this, especially those on the path of the sword.

Their eyes lit up as they stared intensely at this sword. 

Sword Saint lived only or the sword and served as an unreachable apex in the mind of many sword users.

He yearned for the sword and took this dao as his main, eventually becoming invincible.

He hailed from Myriad Lineage and eventually ascended as a progenitor. However, this wasn’t his stopping point.

He continued a streak of domination in Immortal Lineage, slaying one enemy after another. After some time, he became a special and brilliant immortal-level progenitor. This earned him the prestigious title of Sword Saint. 

Thus, all the sword users here desired his old sword.

Flying Sword Marvel stood up, completely fixated on this auction. She came specifically for this sword since this was her dao as well.

Gaining this sword wouldn’t only boost her battle potential but would also help her seek and improve her sword dao.

“This sword is not Sword Saint’s best blade, not even when he was at the myriad level.” The auctioneer elaborated in a clear and pleasant manner: “The materials are average, both the sword fetus and metal type. Sword Saint recast later on but didn’t change its fundamental cores. One thing is certain though, he carried and used this sword the most out of them all. It followed him through his youth all the way until he finished his dao. In fact, he still occasionally used it after becoming an immortal-level progenitor.”

She paused for a moment here, seemingly grasping perfect knowledge of this story. “Yes, the materials are mediocre but it has been refined numerous times. Moreover, his invincible power gestated it enough for it to have the power of a progenitor. It does not possess a sword spirit or its own consciousness but there is a murderous intent of a progenitor. Therefore, it definitely has traces of his sword dao embedded within. According to our appraisers, Sword Saint has engraved dao runes on this sword, allowing it to compete against any sword made from immortal materials. It cannot represent his sword dao in entirety, but certainly the majority of his journey. In short, all sword users should view it as the ultimate blade, worthy of being pursued. So, who will be the new master of this sword? Let’s find out.”

Sexiness wasn’t her only forte. She herself was a mighty Eternal with incredible knowledge. That’s why her introduction of this sword was profound yet easy to understand.

Other experts loved the sword even more. As for the sword users? They wanted nothing more than to jump on stage and grab the sword right now.

As she said previously, the sword was made from mediocre materials but it contained the progenitor’s power. That’s already strong enough. More importantly, it also included parts of his sword dao.

It didn’t have its own spirit but could still easily outclass imperial weapons. Everyone salivated at the thought of owning it.

“That’s good stuff.” One member said.

“Only Arrogance Enterprise would have an ancestral sword up for auction.” Another murmured.

No sect would ever willingly auction an item of this level. They would hide and worship it for generations.

Items of this level would never go on the market. Moreover, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to buy it anyway.

Only Arrogance Enterprise could make this possible. And even more impressive was that this sword wasn’t even the best treasure tonight.

This made the power of Arrogance Enterprise even more obvious to the participants.

Gulps could be heard around the area. Even the emperors and Everlastings couldn’t stay calm. 

Supreme True Emperor was on his feet now, gazing intensely at this sword.

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