Chapter 2954: One Billion For A Scripture

The crowd fell into a stupor while the auctioneer was ecstatic out of her mind.

A scripture selling for 500,000,000 grand-completion Everlasting true stones - this was enough to frighten everyone.

The female auctioneer never had such a high amount and profit before in a single auction.

All eyes were on Li Qiye at this point due to the insanity. Some really wanted to touch Li Qiye’s head in order to check and see if he had a fever or not. The fever might have destroyed his brain.

The monks were speechless, almost suffering internal injuries from anger, still astounded all the same despite their high status.

These weren’t ordinary true stones. A stone of this level was extremely precious and rare, just not to Li Qiye.

“Any-anyone higher than 500,000,000…?” The auctioneer herself smashed her gavel repeatedly.

“Fellow Daoist, will you tie a Buddhist fate...” The faint image of Brightking Buddha in the mirror spoke.

The rhythm of Buddhism filled his calm voice, akin to a million monks chanting in one’s ears. Listeners would get lost in a sea of Buddhist affinities before they knew it.

This supreme decree silenced the crowd. Many lowered their head; a few couldn’t resist the conversion property of his voice and actually got on their knees.

The auction house turned into a land of Buddhism. Many cultivators saw Buddha in their mind, resulting in mental ripples.

Just his voice alone was enough to make people prostrate - this was a frightening level of conversion.

Even masters such as Supreme and Holyfrost True Emperor shuddered a bit, realizing the Buddha’s incredible power.

“1,000,000,000.” Li Qiye said flatly before Brightking could finish.

He was completely unaffected by the Buddha. Moreover, his comment broke the Buddhist rhythm permeating in the area. A single hit disrupted the current ripples, leaving nothing left behind.

Everyone could react again - the liveliness of the atmosphere returned. Buddhism was no longer present, only a paradise for merchants and money.

“Did he just say one billion?” An audience member bellowed.

This bid served as a deafening bomb destroying Brightking’s influence.

Numerous cultivators were shocked once again by a bid from Li Qiye. He just threw money and slapped Brightking in the face, as if to say - so what if you have Buddhism? I will still smack you with money!

He garnered the attention of the audience again, not only because of the enormous sum but also because he blatantly showed Brightking zero respect.

Brightking Buddha clearly tried to start things out nice with him by connecting themselves with a positive karmic fate. The implication was obvious - for Li Qiye to stop bidding.

Li Qiye took no part in this and raised the price even more. Nothing from Brightking’s arsenal could match the explosion stemming from this bid. Brightking himself had no choice but to shut up.

A feud had been tied between these two, not a positive karmic fate. This public humiliation and insult were directed at both Brightking and his temple.

Brightking couldn’t retaliate either. This sum was massive even for his system; they would need to fully exhaust their resources and treasuries.

Very few people in the world could actually do this on short notice.

Moreover, their temple didn’t need to do so, being the premier Buddhist system and all. They had plenty of scriptures available, missing this one wouldn’t affect them too much.

“One billion going once, going twice, sold!” The auctioneer smashed her gavel the final time to signal Li Qiye’s victory.

Li Qiye became the target of many strange stares. Using one billion grand-completion Everlasting true stones for one scripture?

Calling him insane would be the same as insulting themselves. Why? Because this insane person could afford this sum, they couldn’t.

One could hear the drop of a needle right now on this auction floor. The auctioneer could only hear her own ragged breathing.

“It’s not worth it.” The black bull shook its head.

“It’s nothing, I just don’t like those two little monks so I bought it.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

Some nearly fainted after hearing this, especially the right and left child.

This guy spent one billion over something so trivial?

Holyfrost and Supreme True Emperor up above smiled wryly. They didn’t know what to think of this outside of feeling a little embarrassment and inferiority.

Most viewed them as supreme beings but were they rich enough to throw money away like this? No, they wouldn’t bear to do it even if they had plenty.

Thus, one could only imagine how rich this guy was to be able to do something like this.

Some shared a similar thought right now - it must be nice being that rich.

A few wanted to come closer and grab his thigh, hoping that he would find them annoying enough to swat them away with money too.

“Boss, I’m at a loss for words. Your title should be Billionaire Li from now on.” Tang Ben said with admiration.

“Billionaire Li sounds just about right.” People regained their wits and carefully thought about it.

Though it sounded vulgar, it actually fit Li Qiye very well after his showing.

“Billionaire Li!” Most didn’t know his real name, only his title.

“Billionaire Li! Billionaire Li! One billion bid every time!” Some started chanting too.

In the beginning, they found him annoying, thinking that he was the same as Tang Ben - a newly rich young master.

Ultimately, such a fella was still only an ant in the grand scheme of things.

However, this was no longer the case after this previous auction.

He had enough money to shut Brightking Buddha up, not even daring to release a fart right now.

“Billionaire Li! Billionaire Li!” Even the auctioneer started chanting along with the crowd.

Meanwhile, the powerful emperors and Everlastings remained silent.

Money was the real lord of this place, not cultivation level.

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