Chapter 2953: Stone Orchid Scripture

In the second half, Tang Ben was still involved. He won a few items but more importantly, he increased the prices of other auctions.

He would suddenly give up after raising the price to an unreasonable level. This infuriated the eventual winners.

Some big shots also came for specific items. They prepared enough money to win regardless of the cost.

However, Tang Ben increased the price far beyond their expectation. In one case, it was ten times more than expected. That’s why some buyers gritted their teeth in anger.

Alas, once again, they couldn’t do anything to him in this auction house.

In any other place, this prodigal son would have been torn to eight pieces.

Tang Ben was fearless indeed in his quest to show off his wealth. That’s why he wasn’t afraid at all.

In fact, he even bid against Supreme and Holyfrost True Emperor for a bit before giving up. Do note that the kid was smart enough to only raise the price by a little against these two.

“I’m suspicious of this brat being invited by Arrogance Enterprise.” The bull wondered.

Li Qiye only smiled in response.

“The incoming auction is a very rare scripture.” Another item was introduced as the bull was speaking.

On an old plate was an ancient scripture with a yellow hue from the passing of time. It shouldered a boundless amount of Buddhist energy as if there was a Buddha within, ready to break out at any moment.

The scripture didn’t activate its true power. Nevertheless, people felt that they could see a Buddha meditating on the plate.

“Its name is Stone Orchid, one of the three great ancient Buddhist scriptures.” The auctioneer revealed.

“What? The real thing?!” One great character of Buddhism shouted in astonishment.

“Absolutely.” The auctioneer went on: “A finding scripture of Buddhism of peerless value, even older than Lankavatara Buddha. According to the legend, this Buddha found an incomplete version of this scripture and eventually became a progenitor, starting a land of Buddhism. Need I say more about its value?”

The crowd started pondering after the introduction. The Buddhists present stared at the scripture with a fiery gaze. This was clearly their target of the auction.

Buddhism had three major branches. One was rumored to have originated from this scripture.

Just imagine, Lankavatara Buddha only had access to an incomplete version and still became a supreme progenitor. From this, one could easily see its value.

Of course, the other systems didn’t have that much interest in this scripture. There was an immense conflict between Buddhism and their own merit laws.

“The scripture is on consignment. The owner only wants true stones used by grand-completion Everlastings and up. The starting price is 20,000,000. 10,000 minimum each increment.” The auctioneer stated the price. 

Many big shots shook their head after this. A few were interested in this scripture but this price was ridiculous. Also, the buyer was most likely a grand-completion Everlasting, hence the need for these true stones.

“20,010,000.” Some Buddhists were still interested in this ancient scripture despite the insane price.

“21,000,000.” Tang Ben immediately did his thing again.

The previous bidder gave Tang Ben an aggressive glare, ready to make mincemeat out of him.

“Why glare at me? This is an auction house and whoever has money can bid as they please. Fight with money, not with fists, unless you want to ask Arrogance Enterprise first.”

The bidder couldn’t do anything. Arrogance Enterprise was unfathomable, not weaker than any system.

“22,000,000.” Brightking Left Child bid next, representing their master.

Brightking Buddha’s image in the mirror hasn’t participated until now. This was clearly his desired item in this auction.

“22,100,000.” Another joined.

“25,000,000.” Tang Ben happily raised, earning more hateful glares.

“26,000,000.” Brightking Buddha calmly followed.

“27,000,000.” Tang Ben wasn’t afraid at all, still looking like a prodigal son.

“28,000,000.” Brightking remained calm.

“29,000,000. My grandma chants every day so I’m going to buy this for her.” Tang Ben smiled.

“30,000,000.” Brightking still maintained his composure.

“Does he not know he’s facing all of Lankavatara Temple?” A spectator shook their head after seeing this.

“31,000,000. Buddha, you have become enlightened, why bother competing against me over one scripture.” Tang Ben asked.

“32,000,000.” The two monks looked at him with disdain and continued bidding.

This price was high but their temple system could still handle it. 

“33,000,000.” Tang Ben didn’t relent.

“100,000,000.” Someone slowly took it to the next level.

“Oh man, that billionaire is at it again.” People didn’t need to look to know who it was. There was only one person in the auction house who would do something like this - Li Qiye.

Sure enough, it was him.

He got a new nickname, “billionaire”, because he completely massacred everyone with his ridiculous bids.

“Wow, is his pocket endless?!” The crowd clamored. The curiosity regarding his origin intensified.

“Boss, you win again. I have money indeed but we’re not on the same level at all.” Tang Ben gave up.

The two monks glared at Li Qiye. They haven’t forgotten how he took the wooden carving from them last time. Now, he wanted their scripture too?

“Brat, you might have money but you still can’t compare to our temple.” The right child was easily provoked.

“300,000,000.” Li Qiye answered with another bid.

“... This brat is crazy.” The crowd became frozen.

“300,000,000. 300,000,000, anyone else?” The auctioneer became emotional. Li Qiye always went big each time so her contribution at the auction and pay would go up too.

“You! This is an ancient Buddhist scripture that should go back to our temple!” The left child uttered coldly. Both of them were red with rage.

“500,000,000.” Li Qiye replied.

“What does he think money is?” Numerous people stood up. The atmosphere boiled with excitement.

“500,000,000! 500,000,000! Does anyone want to go higher? Great monk, will you bid again?” The auctioneer was also red, just from excitement instead of rage. Her plump breasts heaved up and down as she became even sexier.

The two monks’ color changed into an even deeper red, nearly vomiting blood from anger.

A bid of 500,000,000 made the entire crowd crazy.

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