Chapter 2952: 10 Million For Clothes

The first half of the auction merely served as the appetizer. The second half commenced with its first item.

A treasure robe inside a pushable cupboard spewing out auspicious energy as if it belonged to an immortal.

“This robe has a heaven-defying origin. Xuan Xiao, that’s all I need to say.” The auctioneer introduced the item.

“Who’s that?” Not all have heard of this name before.

“True Emperor Xuan Xiao.” A True God versed in history replied.

“Yes.” The auctioneer went on: “However, that’s later on. When he entered Immortal Lineage, he was yet to be an emperor, just an unknown cultivator, a weakling from the lower realm.”

“Impossible!” Many youths found this astonishing.

In their opinion, only invincible emperors or extremely powerful True Gods could ascend. How could an unknown cultivator make it through?

“According to the legends, Xuan Xiao entered the Bewildiner Palace and made it through more than one hundred locations. He eventually came across a coffin with a fairy inside. The two of them then ascended to our world. That’s all we have in writings, the details are fuddled.” An old Eternal said.

“Who is this fairy then?” Many became interested in the person in the coffin.

How could a normal girl or a weak cultivator easily ascend?

“No idea.” The Eternal shook his head: “Everything about her is a mystery. Xuan Xiao might be the only one who knew she is. Rumor has it that his achievements are thanks to her, becoming perhaps the only emperor in Three Immortals that can slay a progenitor.”

“What?!” The auction house exploded at this revelation.

“Im-impossible!” Skepticism arose.

The gap between an emperor and a progenitor should be impossible to cross. The mightiest emperor was only an emperor; the weakest progenitor was still a progenitor.

Even the strongest twelve-palace emperor might not be as strong as a myriad-level progenitor.

An emperor needed to surpass a trial before entering the domain of a progenitor. Thus, how could an emperor kill a progenitor?

“I highly doubt it, there’s no way.” Discussions sprung up all around.

A few emperors became interested in this conversation too. They knew that they didn’t have the ability to take down one.

“It’s true.” One Eternal solemnly said: “It is written in history and accepted by other emperors and progenitors. The one killed was White Cloud Progenitor.” 

The crowd became silent and started glancing at each other. If this was accepted historically by the top masters, then it should be true.

“How did he do it?” This became the next question.

Some top emperors were present such as Holyfrost, Supreme, and Metalkin. They knew that they would be helpless against a progenitor.

“That’s why Xuan Xiao is listed among the five greatest emperors, extremely brilliant.” The Eternal concluded.

“You are completely right, Senior.” The auctioneer smiled softly: “This robe was left behind by the woman and Xuan Xiao. The thing itself is not a supreme treasure but its value lies in the potential experiments and research. The starting price will start at 3,000,000. The buyer only needs five-palace true stones and up. 50,000 will be the bidding increment.” 

People began staring at the item. It felt a bit boring compared to the previous items.

The reason was very simple - the duo was shrouded in mysteries. No one knew who she was since she didn’t leave a mark on the river of time. The only thing people knew about her was her connection to Xuan Xiao.

“3,050,000.” Someone finally started.

“3,100,000.” Some were still interested in this regular robe.

The bidders were just more cautious. There was a clear lack of competition.

Plus, the price alone also deterred any potential buyer. Those strong enough to afford this amount felt that it wasn’t worth it.

“3,200,000.” More and more people gave up.

“That girl is mysterious indeed. I don’t know her background.” The bull stared at the robe and said.

“You don’t know plenty of people.” Li Qiye said.

“So you know who she is then?” The bull’s eyes lit up.

“4,000,000.” Finally, Tang Ben broke the slow increase.

“10,000,000.” Li Qiye casually jumped in.

“Brother, you got something against me?” Tang Ben asked.

“No, I simply have too much money. Of course, feel free to continue. Bet 100,000,000.” Li Qiye replied.

No one had a thing to say. Everyone knew that Tang Ben and this ordinary-looking fella were wealthy. The latter was on another level.

“Boss, you win. All yours then.” Tang Ben was interesting in that he could accept defeat despite his pompous and arrogant act.

“10,000,000 going once, going twice…” The auctioneer said.

Three times and no one else interjected so Li Qiye won the robe.

Everyone was used to his insane style by now and didn’t bother competing with him. Moreover, this robe just wasn’t worth it in their mind.

Five-palace true stones were extremely precious. Most sects would consider this an exorbitant amount. Why would one spend so much to buy a robe of unknown effect?

The proceeding items were far more popular and sold at a high price. This made the auctioneer very excited; her smile enchanted the crowd.

Li Qiye had spent enough by this point to elevate his status. A worker came by to ask whether he wanted to go up but he refused.

A while later, the bull also wanted an immortal blade of grass and easily won.

Don’t be fooled by its appearance. The bull was extremely wealthy, far exceeding the emperors in this place. 

Most emperors who came in person had something they wanted in the auction.

For example, Supreme True Emperor obtained a golden dragon arrow. He clearly came specifically for this item and outbid the competition.

A bit later, Holyfrost True Emperor won a gem with a pulsing holy light. 

Their competitors weren’t serious and eventually gave up. They could see that the two emperors came for these items so it was better to do them a favor.

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