Chapter 2951: Three Hundred Millions For A Beauty

The bidding remained competitive among emperors and Everlastings. This was a good experiment in their mind.

“She’s mine.” Li Qiye suddenly spoke when the bid was at 15,000,000 dragonblood true stones.

Everyone looked over at him right away. His tone was even more outrageous than Tang Ben earlier.

Tang Ben was still bidding in accordance with the rules but Li Qiye simply stated his intention.

Remember, he was talking to the Everlastings and emperors who wanted her right now.

Tang Ben seemed more cautious when dealing with these men.

Everyone noticed that he was too ordinary. Tang Ben at least looked the part of a young master. On the other hand, Li Qiye seemed like a random mortal on the street.

“It’s 15,000,000 right now.” One member scowled with disdain.

He turned out to be Guan Yunpeng, sitting at the same level as the Eternals. Of course, he wouldn’t be there based on his own merits. His father was simply too strong while being Orchid Sage’s senior brother.

“Oh, isn’t that horsey?” The bull noticed him and let out a burst of mocking laughter.

“You!?” Yunpeng turned red after seeing the bull and hasn’t forgotten the humiliation of being ridden in public.

“Everyone else should just keep their mouth shut now after I’ve stated my intention.” Li Qiye ignored Yunpeng and only glanced at the girl in the cage.

Some of the crowd frowned again. His attitude was even more aggressive than Tang Ben, treating all with disdain as if he was the number one in this world.

“Haha, Brother, you’re quite haughty but remember, this isn’t a joke. We’re talking about real money and real consequences here.” Tang Ben burst out laughing.

“Your little money is trivial in my eyes, just a pile of crap.” Li Qiye commented.

“Oh yeah? I bid 20,000,000.” Tang Ben became annoyed and shouted.

“50 million.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

“I bid-” Tang Ben was really rich and didn’t want to give up just yet.

“100 million.” Unfortunately, Li Qiye interrupted him without batting an eye.

“300 million.” However, the next line coming out of his mouth as he glanced at the youth was even more shocking.

“???!” The entire auction house fell into a clamor as they stared at him in disbelief.

“Is he insane?” People couldn’t accept it.

Bidding 50 million at first was crazy enough but he kept on outbidding himself before anyone else?

“300 million for a stonecarver girl? Where the hell did this guy come from?” The crowd wondered.

Meanwhile, inside one pavilion, Holyfrost True Emperor took note of the commotion. She looked down and saw Li Qiye, instantly recognizing him. She then bowed to greet him.

Tang Ben didn’t know what to do. This guy was even crazier than him.

The high-level emperors such as Supreme began staring at Li Qiye as well.

These top beings didn’t care for Tang Ben because a prodigal son wasn’t too rare. On the other hand, Li Qiye’s actions so far couldn’t be described as anything but utter lunacy.

“Can he really pay that amount of dragonblood stones?” Some questioned his financial abilities.

“Young Noble Li has no problem paying.” A worker from Arrogance confirmed.

“Who is this brat?” The crowd gasped again. The guy wasn’t just spouting random bids. He could really afford to pay!

300 million dragonblood true stones was a monstrous sum for any sect. However, it came from an ordinary-looking fella like Li Qiye.

“And here I thought I’ve seen rich people before. I guess I was blind.” One expert smiled wryly.

The ones he saw in the past were nothing compared to him. This guy must have been ludicrously wealthy on top of being a little insane.

As for Bai Jinning, she wasn’t too surprised by Li Qiye’s wasteful and ridiculous action since it wasn’t her first time.

Everyone began speculating about his background.

“Okay, Brother, you got me good, you win.” Tang Ben had no choice but to give up.

The other emperors and Everlastings also gave up after exchanging brief glances.

They could afford twenty or thirty millions but not this much. Moreover, Li Qiye could have raised the bid even more. She wasn’t worth this much.

“Young Noble Li wins with a bid of 300 million.” The auctioneer sent a seductive smile towards Li Qiye’s direction.

Arrogance Enterprise naturally welcomed such a big spender. An item starting at one million ended up selling for three hundred million? This was exceedingly rare in the entire history of their auction house.

This was the most shocking auction within the first half. Everything else seemed normal, at least for the top masters.

Tang Ben finally got his wish of entering a pavilion. He was on the same level as the top emperors now.

This was also a miracle. Everyone could see that he couldn’t match them in terms of status and cultivation. However, this special auction allowed him to do so thanks to his wealth.

“Not bad at all, this is a good spot. I’m satisfied now.” Tang Ben sat down and happily clapped, annoying some people even more.

The spectators below thought that this ruined the scenery. How could a newly-rich youth be on the same level as the great existences above?

“Your Majesty Supreme, your reputation precedes you.” Tang Ben greeted his new friends, looking very pleased with himself.

The emperor actually nodded back with a smile.

“Flying Sword Marvel, I’ve been a fan of yours and hope that we can have dinner together later.” He aimed at her next, thinking that he could get whoever he wanted.

She gave a cold glance before ignoring him. 

As for the more imperious type such as Brightking Right Child and Brightking Left Child, they didn’t even acknowledge his existence. 

In their eyes, having more money was meaningless. He was still only an insect.

He was only sitting in the same area as them in the auction. The moment they left Arrogance Enterprise, this insect was no longer qualified to be near.

“This brat is amusing.” The black bull laughed and approved of the gloating Tang Ben.

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