Chapter 2950: Girl From Stonecarver Tribe

A few experts, especially the Eternals, became very dissatisfied at his tone and scowled in response.

However, there was nothing they could do since this was the territory of Arrogance Enterprise. Feuds would need to wait until after the auction. 

Moreover, this couldn’t really be considered a feud, just a minor annoyance. It wasn’t a crime to bid higher than someone else.

The first half of the auction felt ordinary without anything special happening. Of course, this was in the eyes of the big shots such as Supreme True Emperor.

This was only a warm-up at best. They had no lack of items at this level. Just one or two were interesting at best.

On the other hand, the regular cultivators were shocked at the sight of any treasure. Each was extremely precious and could be considered their sect’s ultimate treasures. They would never be able to get one in their lifetime. That’s why their anticipation for the next auction item was at an all-time high.

At the same time, they also realized the height of this world and the gap between them and the top existences. For ordinary cultivators, some of these treasures in the first half were insane. However, for people like Supreme and Brightking Buddha, they weren’t worth a single glance. How could anyone ever hope to bridge this gap?

Nevertheless, this eye-opening experience was another reason why this auction was so popular. All participants felt that they have gotten their money's worth.

Li Qiye didn’t make a move in this first half until the next auction. He finally became interested.

“Gentlemen, this is the thirty-sixth auction.” An iron cage was pushed up on stage.

Inside was a girl that instantly won everyone’s attention. Even some emperors and Everlastings took a look.

The majority took note of her beauty. She was indeed gorgeous - bright golden hair, blue eyes, and a straight-edge nose - a very exotic look.

She looked cold and aloof right now but this didn’t diminish her attractiveness at all. Any expression from her could move the heart. She was a natural-born treasure, blessed with perfect features.

“What a breathtaking beauty.” Numerous young men found her to be even sexier than the female auctioneer.

However, the emperors and Everlastings were focused on the chains around her wrists along with the cage.

Her hands were forcefully sealed by a mighty method - the chains and cage were made from celestial steel - famous for its toughness.

“Another customer is auctioning this girl. Her origin is a secret but we can guarantee that there is no potential complication after buying. I’m sure everyone can see that she’s special, a pureblood from the Stonecarver Tribe. Moreover, she’s still a virgin.” The auctioneer introduced the woman.

“A stonecarver?” A few knowledgeable cultivators were startled.

Meanwhile, most members of the audience haven’t heard of this unfamiliar tribe.

“It’s not easy to find one of them now, especially a pureblood.” One cultivator said.

This used to be a powerful race back in the olden days. However, they slowly disappeared due to some unknown reasons.

Later on, some people still considered themselves stonecarvers but their blood has been tainted and mixed with other races.

That’s why the appearance of an actual pureblooded stonecarver like this girl took some by surprise.

“What is this race?” One young cultivator asked.

“A long-gone race. In antiquity, they swept through Three Immortals. I’m sure you have heard of a prominent member from this race, Bao Pu.” A senior responded.

“Our first progenitor!” The youths have naturally heard of this name.

In fact, Bao Pu was the reason why the current generation still had a vague idea about the stonecarvers.

All eyes were fixated on this girl now. This revelation truly moved people.

“How do we know she’s a stonecarver?” One audience member asked.

“Very simple, gentlemen. Take a look at her hands.” The auctioneer revealed a charming smile.

The girl raised both hands. The weak couldn’t see anything, seemingly dazzled by an illusion. Only a few masters here could tell.

“She is indeed a stonecarver.” One emperor nodded.

“She is peerless, probably the only pureblood in existence right now of her race. We don’t need to say more about her worth since we all know the ropes. However, the customer has a special request and only needs dragonblood true stones. The starting price is 1,000,000. 10,000 minimum increments.” The auctioneer added.

“Dragonblood true stones?” Some big shots frowned after hearing this.

This was a special and precious type of true stones, far rarer than anything else.

Not to mention the 1,000,000 starting price, some people didn’t even have a single one. A few big shots got knocked out just like that.

“1,010,000.” One Eternal became impatient.

“1,500,000.” The rich kid named Tang Ben jumped in. He just wanted to annoy people regardless of who they were while showing off his wealth.

“1,600,000.” Another jumped in.

“2,000,000.” Tang Ben immediately retorted. He didn’t go up by small increments like the others, ready to go big.

This generosity naturally exasperated the crowd. This raised the price of all the items recently so they wanted to smack him. Alas, this was an auction of Arrogance Enterprise so they held it in.

“10,000,000.” It didn’t take long before the price raised to ten million. Even a few emperors and Everlastings have joined in unlike before.

These top masters were clearly interested in this girl.

“Why is she so expensive?” Bai Jinning didn’t understand.

She grew up in the wildlands and had no prejudice against human trading. This happened all the time in this region. Only the price astounded her.

“Her ultimate bloodline.” Li Qiye said.

The bull also put away its normally vulgar expression and was serious for once: “Sir is correct. This bloodline is ancient and can reach the source. If an emperor can marry her, their offspring will be out of this world. It’s one way to leave behind a legacy.”

Jinning understood right away. The powerful masters already had precious bloodlines after reaching their current level. They also wanted their progeny to be just as strong. Thus, this other half of the bloodline was precious enough.

A pureblooded stonecarver was indeed worthy of their attention.

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