Chapter 2948: Creek King

The appearance of a progenitor stole everyone’s attention. They clamored in excitement and looked up at the bright palace.

The gate was still closed but one thing was certain - a progenitor was inside.

“Which progenitor?” Most felt that it was either Luminous Master or Orchid Sage.

“It is probably Luminous Master.” One cultivator predicted: “He came to Uncrossable Expanse a while ago and is probably here now.”

“Not necessarily.” An older cultivator disagreed: “I got news from a reliable source that Orchid Sage is on a journey right now around the world. His whereabouts remained unknown but there is a big chance that this grand auction might tempt him to come.”

Everyone became curious and speculated the identity of this progenitor. However, Arrogance Enterprise didn’t leak anything on their side.

“Creak.” The gate suddenly opened and out came two maids. Their appearance brightened the area because of their kingdom-toppling beauty despite only being maids - far prettier compared to some saintesses and princesses.

“It’s Luminous Master!” A hawk-eyed cultivator from the last generation shouted after seeing the two insignia to the left of their chest.

“Is he here right now?” The crowd exploded.

Seeing Luminous Master in person would make this trip totally worth it even if they didn’t get a single item. The entry ticket was definitely justified.

Next came the lifting of the white curtains on top of the gate. The curtains was embroidered with an elegant-looking spring. Its aura actually manifested into reality.

“Is it you, Sister?” Flying Sword Marvel stood up and bowed after seeing this.

“It’s Creek King, not Luminous Master.” People exchanged glances.

“Rise, Sister.” A very pleasant yet imposing voice came from inside the palace. There seemed to be a peerless empress sitting inside: “I am not here in person, occupied with other businesses, so no need for formalities.” 

One could imagine her noble characteristics just from listening to her stately voice.

“Just a mirror image, not even an avatar.” Some became disappointed.

In the beginning, they thought that Luminous Master was here. Now, not even Creek King was present.

“It makes sense though. Creek King is busy ruling over her domain, she doesn’t have time for this.” A few big shots understood.

It was common knowledge that Luminous Master was searching for the dao and didn’t care about mundane matters. His wife had to be in charge of administrative duties in his stead.

Nevertheless, Flying Sword Marvel still bowed and showed ample respect even though it was only a mirror image and in spite of her proud personality.

Though they weren’t actual sisters and were only clan members, Creek King assisted her numerous times before with regard to cultivation.

This was especially true when the marvel attempted to become an Everlasting. Creek King personally got involved, allowing her to become a half-step without any difficulties.

Other big shots including sect masters, lords, and even a few Everlastings stood up to greet her.

“I apologize for not being here in person and show everyone their due respect.” Creek King apologized to the crowd with her soothing voice.

Her current achievements weren’t only because she was Luminous Master’s wife. She herself was a powerful cultivator, already the ruler of Purification Creek before marrying him. 

The stage became quiet after her appearance. No one wanted to make a scene in the presence of so many masters.

Other big shots began showing up - a few low-level emperors and Everlastings.

The famous Metalkin War God also participated in this auction, just not in person, choosing to use a mirror image like his peers.

The pavilions shining up in the sky made the auction even more magnificent.

After Creek King, the crowd calmed down and no longer became as excited when great characters showed up.

Of course, some cultivators became dejected after seeing so many masters present. It would make the bidding very competitive.

These masters clearly wanted some items from the list or they wouldn’t have made the effort to come here. Thus, the regular cultivator lost confidence in outbidding these men.

Creek King alone had enough resources to compete against anyone, not to mention the wealth of her husband. Who could outbid this powerful duo?

She could get whatever she wanted and no one else would even bother.

“This will be a silent war.” One spectator quietly said: “We’ll only try in the first half, forget about the second half.”

The atmosphere became quite tense for the potential bidders.

As for the spectators, they didn’t have much money in the first place and only wanted to watch. Some actually only had enough for the entry tickets. The more big shots participating, the more excited they would be for the show.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” A gong rang on the main stage and came a woman with a gorgeous figure.

Her smiles and frowns were attractive and could steal the soul of young men, inciting an uncontrollable feeling.

“Gentlemen, Arrogance Enterprise’s quinquennial auction commences now.” Her voice had a magnetic property causing everyone to feel weak and ticklish. A few youths actually got the urge to push her down on stage and do the deed right there.

This auctioneer was indeed seductive to a dangerous level.

“The first half is starting. Please bring out the first item.” She kept on making the spectators’ heart beat faster.

An ancient cauldron was brought on stage at this moment.

“This cauldron originated from the Anyang Clan and was created by an Amaranthine Eternal. Eight-refined Gold for the body, Whitechill Jade for the legs, then fused together with the flame of peace. The clan wishes to auction it starting at 300,000 true stones, only at the Amaranthine level and up. Each increasing increment must be at least 10,000.” The woman said.

This highlighted another amazing aspect of Arrogance Enterprise. Each auction item has been appropriately appraised and priced; its authenticity guaranteed. No imitations or fake items would be used.

This has been true for millions and millions of years. The store was a firm believer in “one gets what they paid for”. 

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