Chapter 2947: Auction

The bull was running for its life after eating the leaves and didn’t have the time to slowly savor the taste. It didn’t remember anything at all.

“Like a bull eating a peony.” Li Qiye shook his head: “No wonder why the old demon wanted to kill you. I would have made a beef stew out of you too.

The bull was a bit embarrassed but still laughed. This was one of the proudest deeds in its life, stealing leaves from that heaven-defying demon.

Countless masters have coveted the leaves for millions of years, including progenitors. None were successful.

It took a while before Li Qiye’s group made it to the entrance. A worker accepted the entry tickets then took a look at the black bull.

Numerous demons were participating but they have transformed, unlike this black bull. This made the worker feel very strange.

“What are you looking at, a bull can’t go to an auction?” The bull glared at the worker.

“You should go into a beef hotpot instead.” Li Qiye joked.

The worker held in his laughter and said: “I apologize, gentlemen. Please come in.”

The bull was unhappy but didn’t want to bother with a worker. It scowled before following Li Qiye inside.

The auction stage was massive, making the participants feel like ants. Several hundred thousand people could fit in just fine.

It had the shape of a ship. The main stage was in the middle while the participants sat in a circle. The closer to the stage, the more prestigious.

Many were here already after the group came in. They sat in the right spot, waiting for the auction to start.

The trio also found their spot. The bull had a hard time sitting down straight. Fortunately, the seat was quite tough. Alas, it still creaked quite a bit because of the bull’s weight.

Seeing a bull sitting straight was quite a strange scene.

Of course, there was plenty of bizarre stuff here - a demon with a tiger head and a human body, a large man made of bronze, a treant with branches and leaves all over…

One could see cultivators and creatures from all over Immortal Lineage here. This could be easily mistaken as a meeting of the myriad races instead of an auction.

Anyone could participate as long as they had an entry ticket or were invited. Of course, they didn’t need to bid either. Buying a ticket just to watch was also popular. The auction made quite a bit of money from ticket sales.

“There are a lot of emperors and Everlastings here this time.” Jinning looked up at the sky and murmured.

In the sky were numerous floating seats, pavilions, and palaces.

Though the spots closest to the center stage were the most prestigious, these spots in the sky were even above that.

Closest to the ground were floating seats, completely filled by this point. Normally, only Eternals and above were eligible to sit here. They also had influential statuses such as being the high elder of a sect or the elder of a clan, the lord of a region…

Above them were pavilions, many of which were filled. They had maids from Arrogance. The guests here were as comfortable as if they were in their own home. These big shots were either emperors or Everlastings.

Finally, the highest level consisted of palaces decorated with extravagant and expensive decorations. The food was also on another level. Only progenitors could stay there.

“So many big shots here.” People looked up to check out these floating spots.

Normally, they have only heard stories about these masters and considered them to be legendary existences.

To be able to see some in person today was so valuable. This justified buying the entry tickets, no need to win any auction.

On a regular day, seeing one or two emperors was a joyous occasion. Now, they could see so many in the same place.

During regular auctions, the front rows consisted of kings and sect masters - very influential figures. Now, the participants found that these figures were no big deal compared to the ones in the sky.

Only Arrogance could conduct such an amazing auction.

“Look, Flying Sword Marvel is in there.” Someone quietly said while pointing at a pavilion.

They saw her sitting and carefully cleaning her divine sword. Its glint was blinding, deterring the spectators from spying for too long.

She had a proud and cold expression as if everyone below were mere ants.

“His Majesty Supreme is there too.” They saw the emperor sitting by the window of another pavilion. He had a natural expression while playing chess with a big shot from Arrogance Enterprise.

“Who is in that pavilion?” Another pavilion was occupied evident by the plaque hanging by the closed doors. Unfortunately, no one could see inside.

“Very powerful holy affinity, it should be Holyfrost True Emperor of the academy?” Nevertheless, a powerful cultivator still sensed it.

“Keen you are, Holyfrost True Emperor is indeed in there.” A cultivator nearby nodded.

“Her Majesty is here too? I heard that she has eleven palaces long ago, some sources even say twelve now.” Her appearance caused an uproar.

“The academy is incredible, able to groom such a peerless emperor. Her holy power stemming from the light is boundless.” An older cultivator who had met her before sang words of praise.

“Brightking Left Child and Brightking Right Child are here too, where are their master?” Someone else noticed another pavilion.

The ones nearby looked over, sure enough, the two monks were there. However, Brightking Buddha wasn’t present. There was only a Buddhist statue inside.

“Brightking Buddha isn’t here in person but he’s participating.” An old cultivator said.

“I see.” Many understood.

Some emperors and progenitors might not have time to join this auction. However, they didn’t need to be here in person and could select representatives to report the auction situations and bid in their stead.

Most people on the ground were very interested in these big shots. The ones sitting on the floating chair no longer attracted attention. They only cared about those inside the pavilions and palaces.

“Look, one palace is lit up now!” Someone saw a palace at the highest point above.

“A progenitor is participating too?” The entire stage clamored. Everyone stood up, hoping to see this magnificent being while trembling with excitement.

“Which progenitor? Luminous Master or Orchid Sage?” Exciting conversations sparked everywhere. Most knew about these two progenitors since they were current to the era.

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