Chapter 2941: Leaving Seeds

Bai Jinning got back to her place around the same time as Li Qiye.

She was surprised by a big bull in the room, not knowing where it came from.

“Oh?” It saw Jinning and circled around her with a grin: “I didn’t expect you to have a secret lover too, hehehe, no wonder why you ran off to Sky Pass. So it’s a date with this little miss.” It started laughing after finishing.

A bull speaking was surprising enough but most importantly, it spilled out nonsense without holding back on top of that annoying smirk. This was as bizarre as can be.

She turned red with embarrassment after being teased.

The bull then turned towards Li Qiye and made a gesture similar to giving a thumb’s up: “Sir, your eyes are indeed special, capable of seeing within, unlike the common men who only focus on the bag of skin and beauty. This young miss isn’t that pretty but her roots are amazing with a good bloodline, a branch of Buddhism, very cool.”

The bull could use a lesson on politeness and propriety, but its insight and vision were second to none. 

Not to mention ordinary cultivators, even some emperors can’t see Jinning’s true background. This heaven-defying bull only needed a single glance.

“Yes, yes.” The bull continued with a wretched appearance: “This Buddhist bloodline and Sir together… the baby will be a sacred Buddha at least, incredible. This child will definitely surpass Lankavatara Buddha for sure and become a benevolent sage…”

Jinning’s complexion grew redder by the second and was left speechless.

“Just so you know, I have everything I need for a pretty good meal, just missing beef.” Li Qiye threatened.

“Uhh…” The bull awkwardly chuckled: “I’m just messing around but really, though my words are grating, why not leave your seeds behind in Three Immortals? One day when you decide to leave, your children will carry your dao forward in this world, it’s not a bad idea.”

The comment served as both a joke and a sincere suggestion. It would be a shame if a peerless existence like Li Qiye didn’t leave behind anything for Three Immortals.

“You might think that when you leave, no one will take care of them, but I will guarantee you that I will be their master and make sure that they will become the greatest geniuses. And if this is still not enough, we can get the old tree demon in on this as well. I’m not reliable? That demon gotta be, right?” It loudly banged its hooves onto its chest, showing off its confidence.

It got so excited that it spat saliva everywhere while imagining playing with children from Li Qiye in the future. Their group would dominate the world and cause chaos everywhere.

Its eyes flashed with excitement after thinking about how fun it could have as a babysitter. [1]

Li Qiye shook his head, aware of what the bull wanted to do with his kids.

Jinning remained astounded. This was her first time seeing a strange creature like the bull. She wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to.

“Hah, if you think this bloodline is still not enough, let me look for more. Hmm, how about the girl from Northern Academy? I’ve seen her before, a pure and righteous bloodline. A baby from the two of you will definitely exceed Desolate Saint…”

It was referring to Holyfrost True Emperor.

“If not, the girl from True Dragon Court isn’t bad either, her draconic bloodline is just fine.” The bull played the role of a matchmaker: “That on top of your bloodline will create a monster of a child, capable of ripping out heaven and earth with their bare hands. One fist can shatter the myriad dao…”

The bull wanted nothing more than to run off and find suitable girls for Li Qiye right now.

“That’s it, we’re having beef stew tonight.” Li Qiye interrupted the crazy bull.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop if you don’t want to.” The bull gave up for a second before adding: “But when you want to leave some progenies behind, just let me know.”

Li Qiye smiled wryly, wanting to kick this bull back to Sacred Mountain.

After a brief lull, Jinning calmed down and told Li Qiye: “Young Noble, I have prepared a spot for you at the banquet. Our commander will be there.” She exerted great efforts in order to get this spot for him.

Li Qiye only smiled in return. She was so serious in carrying out something he said as a joke. He could meet whoever he wanted, whenever. There was no need for her to put in the effort.

“What’s the point of meeting your commander?” The bull wasn’t interested in this at all. It came to play with Li Qiye.

“The brat hung around in Five Elements Mountain for a couple of years then went to Academy of Light to show off. Later on, everyone called him the commander of this legion or whatever, how boring. He used to be a playful brat but ended up picking the wrong path.” It went on.

“You know our commander?” Jinning became curious.

“Yes.” The bull lackadaisically said: “The clever brat was the first one to yield back then, otherwise, I would have urinated on him until he drowns.” [2]

“...” She didn’t know what to say. Remember, her commander was one of the strongest Everlastings right now.

He had great authority and prestige in Immortal Lineage, commanding respect from many people.

This was her first time seeing someone, no, a bull so disrespectful towards him.

“Our commander is an Everlasting.” She reminded the bull. After all, how could an Everlasting “drown” to death?

“So what? There are plenty of people stronger than him right now. He learned quite a few things due to his talents in Five Elements and got stronger after several years at the academy. Moreover, he made enough connections and eventually became the commander of your legion.” The bull replied.

This was indeed the truth. Tai Yinxi used to be a disciple of Five Elements. However, he wasn’t part of the main branch.

Rumor has it that he was either in a side branch or just an outer disciple.

Nevertheless, Tai Yinxi did come from Five Elements. This was confirmed by the system itself.

Five Elements was considered the strongest and most mysterious system in Immortal Lineage. Thus, just this background alone made Yinxi exceptional.

Later on, he joined Academy of Light and truly stood out, becoming a great genius in that generation.

The experiences in the academy established a strong foundation for him, whether it be his cultivation or his social network. This immensely aided him in becoming the commander of Sky Pass.

Jinning didn’t know what to say. The commander of both Sky Pass and the legion was a very prestigious position. Many people desired this seat but weren’t qualified.

However, the bull spoke as if their commander was no big deal - just the leader of a third-rate legion.

“I’ll go.” Li Qiye woke her up from her daze.

“Sigh, Sir, what are you trying to do? Why waste time here like this? If you want to meet Tai Yinxi, I’ll drag the brat over here right now. I’ll burn down his house if he dares to hesitate for a second.” The bull said to Jinning’s astonishment.

This was another first for her - hearing someone daring to take down members of Sky Pass.

“No rush, I have other things to do.” Li Qiye chuckled.

1. There’s a joke here that doesn’t translate too well. The literal line is - Just imagining the future as a (milk father), no, as a (milk cow) made the bull’s eyes light up. (Milk father) is just a literal translation, meaning a male babysitter/stay-at-home dad. (Milk cow) is literal, just a dairy cow used for milk. The joke is that the bull speaks like a human, so at first, it used the term for male human/dad. Then it realized that it’s a bull, so a milk cow makes more sense. I couldn’t really incorporate or localize this joke

2. Last line is not necessarily literal, just a foul way to say beat up. It could be literal…

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