Chapter 2940: The Devious Bull

Li Qiye and the bull left the main street. He looked at it and asked: “Don’t want to stay at Sacred Mountain anymore?”

Sacred beasts had a hard time leaving after being converted. However, the bull was an exception.

It wasn’t affected by the light power in there. The reason for its stay was because it didn’t want to leave. In fact, one could say that it was guarding the place.

Of course, it wasn’t for the sake of the academy. He considered Sacred Mountain as his possession and home.

“Hehehe, it’s too boring there so I’m on vacation.” The bull laughed: “Plus, it’s good to see more of the world and on top of that, I can have fun with you, Sir. It seems like a win to me.”

“Isn’t it because you have the key to the mountain now?” Li Qiye shook his head.

The bull stayed there for so long because it was afraid of someone else taking Sacred Mountain. Now, the void palace was destroyed and it took the seal. Thus, it stopped worrying since its Sacred Mountain was only temporarily staying in the light system. The latter didn’t have enough power to control the place right now.

“Hehehe…” The bull smirked: “It’s all mine now, no one else should even think about getting a piece of the pie, not even the old tree demon.”

Li Qiye disagreed and said: “You won’t be able to move it with him taking roots there, so what if you have the key? The only reason why he doesn’t have it is that he doesn’t care enough to take it from you. Thus, the key itself is meaningless. You need him to either die or leave.”

The excited bull became dejected like an eggplant covered in frost after hearing this.

“Damn him!” The bull murmured: “I don’t get it, why would someone as heaven-defying as him stick around there? It’s just a broken system without anything valuable. He can just create his own system instead of just lazing around there, what a waste of time and life.”

The bull accepted inferiority to the demon tree. It couldn’t move the mountain away because of him. In fact, finding someone capable of carrying the tree demon away seemed impossible.

“Everyone has their own pursuit. In my eyes, Sacred Mountain is a crappy place. Is it worthy of your protection?” Li Qiye said.

“It’s not the same since the mountain is my home, that’s why I must take it away.” The bull defended.

“Just forget this idea for now since it’s hopeless unless you get his permission.” Li Qiye chuckled.

It started thinking for a bit before its eyes lit up with an idea. It looked up at him and said: “Hehe, but I’m sure you have a method.”

“Of course, it’s not hard to get him to move at all.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hehe, so why not lend me a hand since you are the greatest progenitor in existence? Hehe, I’ll do anything for you…” The bull begged.

“Unfortunately, the tree demon is more reliable than you as a person. If I were to help, I would rather help him.” Li Qiye laughed in response.

“Sir, how can you say that? I was such a good host when you visited my Sacred Mountain, you can’t treat me like this… Is your heart made out of stone?” The bull complained indignantly.

“Don’t pretend to be pitiful. You should be glad that I didn’t make steak out of you back then. I knew exactly what you were trying to do.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve.

The bull forced a smile since it really wanted to trick Li Qiye during their first meeting.

“The future looks grim so it’s actually better for you to stay in Sacred Mountain. At the very least, the tree demon will be able to protect that area.” Li Qiye said.

“I know.” The bull shrugged and said: “But in the worst scenario, everyone will die anyway. I will try my very best to survive and run back so that I can die in my home.” 

It seemed very open-minded and knew exactly what it wanted in life.

“True. No one will be able to escape if it escalates to that point.” Li Qiye nodded.

“I saw the demon look at the stars two days ago. He murmured something about an incoming calamity and that he needs to cultivate faster. I think he’s not confident at all judging by his worried expression. That’s the first time I’ve seen him look like that.” The bull revealed. 

They have been neighbors for too long to remember. The bull knew just how strong the demon was. 

In fact, the world usually praised people for being strong and supreme. However, this demon was the real deal. Some brilliant progenitors have visited him before but he didn’t think much of them. Thus, only something extremely serious would warrant such an expression from him.

“It’s coming and you better start hoping that fortune is on your side. Many things will turn to ashes.” Li Qiye glanced over towards Uncrossable Expanse.

“Is it that serious?” The bull became nervous.

“Depends, if the situation is under control, then it’ll be just a fun show. If not, then Three Immortals will be done for.” Li Qiye said with a profound gaze while smiling at the bull.

“Shit.” The experienced bull knew that Li Qiye wasn’t messing around.

“That’s why it’s not too late to run and find a safe hiding spot. Maybe after the calamity will be an era where you reign supreme, the creator of a new epoch, the boss, and the first divine bull.” Li Qiye was clearly joking.

However, the bull really had this potential. Its background was incredible. As long as the circumstances were right, it could really become a supreme lord.

“I’m already a boss, no need to wait till then.” The bull was a prime example of a narcissist. 

It moved closer towards Li Qiye and said: “Hehe, I’m pretty sure the safest location in the world right now is next to you, Sir. If your place isn’t safe, then no other locations are.” 

“You’re not stupid at all.” Li Qiye seemed amused.

“The calamity might not be a bad thing. I’m sure the old demon won’t abandon Academy of Light.” The bull thought of something else.

“That is true, his dao heart is firm. He’ll live and die with it.” Li Qiye nodded.

“If he were to fall, then I’ll have the chance to take Sacred Mountain back.” The bull had an idea.

“If he falls, what do you think is the chance of your Sacred Mountain surviving? It’ll be broken and in pieces.” Li Qiye replied.

“Hmm…” The bull agreed: “True. Then the old demon can’t die, he needs to protect my mountain too.” It didn’t care for the system, just Sacred Mountain.

“Let’s not worry about that, I’ll just follow you wherever you go. You can handle anything, even the sky falling down.” The bull changed the topic.

It had many flaws but lacking insight was not one of them. It knew that Li Qiye was safer than any sacred ground once a calamity came.

“Interesting. Well, I’m about to go to Uncrossable Expanse. Are you coming?” Li Qiye said.

“The expanse…” The bull shuddered after hearing this.

Li Qiye chuckled and moved on without it.

“Are you really going there?” The bull shouted from behind but didn’t get a response.

“Haha, oh well, one day at a time then.” It made up its mind and shamelessly followed him.

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