Chapter 2938: Seeing The Bull Again

“Boom!” This cultivator got sent flying towards the horizon by a hoof kick after making this comment.

“Your sister’s a good candidate for a mount!” The bull said with disdain.

“So arrogant!” A cultivator nearby was left speechless.

“Hurry up! It’s over here, surround it now!” Someone shouted the moment the bull stopped.

A group came over and blocked off its retreat paths.

“Looks like the bull won’t be able to escape.” A spectator said softly.

“It’s really aggressive though, daring to cause trouble here at Sky Pass?” An expert shook his head while looking at the ruins to the left and right.

The bull knocked down so many things after entering this place. Of course, Strong Grass would pay for the damages eventually but it was still a sight to behold right now.

The ones surrounding the bull were all experts. A few old men were mighty Eternals - quite an awe-inspiring group.

“There’s no way it will get away.” Someone murmured.

“Strong Grass mobilized some high elders too.” Older cultivators recognized these old men.

“I heard Young Noble Guan is participating so they are sending a lot of masters with him.” An up-to-date cultivator revealed.

“It’s a little ostentatious, is he coming as the young lord of Strong Grass?” Another said.

“I think so, rumor has it that he’ll inherit the ruling spot of the system.” The previous speaker answered.

A youth walked into the barricade. He wore expensive clothes and a jeweled crest, looking imperious and noble. People could easily tell that he grew up with a golden spoon.

“That’s Young Noble Guan.” A spectator said.

“The son of Cirrus God, right?” Someone who hadn’t seen him before asked.

“Yes.” Another nodded and quietly said: “I believe his status as their young lord and the successor is confirmed now.”

“Surrender and be my mount. It is an honor.” Young Noble Guan looked at the bull and said.

The bull gave it a cold glare filled with disdain.

“Charcoal, why are you here?” A third party interrupted the tense atmosphere.

Li Qiye appeared out of nowhere and stood next to the bull.

“Haha, Sir, I’m here to look for you.” The bull laughed after seeing him.

Many didn’t expect another person to step into this muddled water. They didn’t even notice how he got there.

“Who is that?” Most people didn’t recognize Li Qiye and thought that he looked very ordinary.

“Who are you?!” Guan Yunpeng shouted.

“Does it matter?” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at the guy.

“I want this bull and it will be my mount. Leave if you’re not involved, don’t be stupid now.” Yunpeng said arrogantly.

Li Qiye glanced at the youth and said: “Do you know who I am?”

“This will be fun.” A few in the crowd actually recognized Li Qiye.

“As you have said earlier, does it matter? But you don’t know who I am?” Yunpeng scowled.

“No idea.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“I am the young lord of Strong Grass, the junior brother of Orchid Sage, my father’s name is Guan Yunshen.” He proudly stated his background, arching his chest forward in the process.

“Orchid Sage’s junior brother?” Some became startled. Skepticism arose.

Why? Orchid Sage was an unbeatable progenitor but this guy was only barely an Eternal. This made the claim hard to believe. He needed to at least be an Everlasting.

“It’s true.” An older cultivator nodded: “Yunpeng is fortunate to have a great father. Guan Yunshen is a lord in Strong Grass and a mighty Everlasting, the senior uncle of Orchid Sage too. He taught the sage during his younger days too.”

“I see, no wonder why he is so arrogant, such a prestigious background.” The spectators nearby said.

Everyone knew that Sky Pass Legion was not one to be trifled with. Thus, Yunpeng was very confident in his own backings in order to chase after the bull.

“I know Orchid Sage, but no idea about Yunshen or Yunpeng, whatever.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Really now?” Yunpeng felt infuriated about this public disdain from Li Qiye.

After all, whenever he named his background, both ancestors and geniuses would praise him next. This truly satisfied his vanity.

Of course, the praises had nothing to do with his abilities, only out of respect for Orchid Sage.

“I will be benevolent and forgive you for your insolence. Be smart and stand aside instead of meddling.” Yunpeng put on a serious expression.

“And if I refuse?” Li Qiye smiled.

“No?” Yunpeng’s eyes became murderous: “I will break your arms and legs so you will crawl out.” 

“Ignorant brat, even Orchid Sage wouldn’t dare to speak like this. He would be pouring wine and tea for me.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

This comment earned some gasps in the crowd. One person quietly said: “This brat is insane, that’s not even boasting, just a ridiculous comment. Does he think he is a true immortal or something?” 

“Right. No one in this world can have that privilege of being served by Orchid Sage.” Others shook their head.

“You dare to insult my senior brother? I will cut you to pieces and slaughter your clan.” Yunpeng furiously shouted.

“Fool.” The bull laughed in response: “The progenitor of Strong Grass is not bad, how is his descendant so terrible? Your ancestor himself wouldn’t dare to talk to him like this.”

“Forget it, just teach them a lesson.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Brats, you hear that? His greatness has spoken so I will teach you a lesson. Brat, I will ride you today!” The bull became spirited and trembled with excitement.

“You’re gonna die, beast!” Yunpeng was already annoyed at Li Qiye but even this bull wanted to join in? He became overwhelmed with rage.

“Screw you!” The bull surged forward, aiming its horns at Yunpeng.

“Halt!” The Eternals nearby shouted and summoned their treasures.

“Rumble!” Numerous artifacts flew straight at the bull but they couldn’t stop its sharp horns.

These Eternals went flying right away. The remaining cultivators from Strong Grass rushed over to stop the bull.

“Out of my way!” The bull swung its tail like an iron whip.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” Several hundred cultivators were sent flying like the rest.

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