Chapter 2935: Liu Sanqiang

“Even more precious.” Li Qiye smiled.

She stood there in a daze, aware of who Lankavatara Buddha was.

This progenitor could be on the same level as Desolate Saint according to some sources. Just a regular carving from such a being should be amazing.

This might be the reason why the two monks wanted to buy it. They just weren’t completely sure.

“Can you tell me what it is?” She inquired.

“Catch.” Li Qiye laughed and threw it towards her.

Her soul almost left the body as the carving flew through the air. She rushed forward to catch it, afraid of the consequence.

She felt sweet relief after holding it firmly with both hands. Nevertheless, they were still shaking - a testament to her nervousness earlier.

Even if it wasn’t her family heirloom, losing an item that cost 100,000,000 stones was just too much to take. 

“What…?” She didn’t know why he tossed it to her as her eyes darted back and forth between the carving and him.

“Giving it to you, the original master, since it used to be your family heirloom.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

“To… to... to me?!” She stammered and her volume rose to a shouting level towards the end.

How could Li Qiye just give this wooden carving that he bought for a sky-high sum to her just like that? She had never seen someone throwing money away in this manner before.

“Really?” It took a while before she could speak again.

She naturally wanted this wooden carving for the sake of her clan. First, this was her responsibility to bring it back regardless of its value.

Moreover, the clan sold it just so that she could cultivate in the past. This made her burden even heavier.

On the other hand, Li Qiye spent 100,000,000 to buy it.

“Of course.” Li Qiye chuckled. He threw the carving away as if it was a single coin.

“I don’t want it.” She took a deep breath and gave it back to him, albeit with hesitation.

“I do want it but you spent too much, I can’t take something so precious from you.” She added and looked away.

This could have made the clan celebrate for removing a source of shame from everyone. Alas, she still couldn’t do it.

“Take it.” Li Qiye didn’t take no for an answer: “Just a wooden carving. Even a True Buddha in person is no big deal to me. It’s the same for you and a bun.”

She stared at Li Qiye and could tell that he was telling the truth.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” She got on her knees after putting away the carving: “You have shown great kindness to our clan. I, Bai Jinning, will be your ox and horse when you require my service.”

“Rise.” Li Qiye accepted the gesture and nodded.

She stood up with the carving in her chest, finally realizing that this wasn’t a dream despite feeling like one.

“Everyone, everyone, don’t miss Arrogance’s auction, it’s about to happen right now!” They heard a shout after crossing another street.

This youth wore shabby clothes with several pouches hanging by the waist - on the verge of becoming an adult but still had the hairstyle of a kid, hair combed up high with a traditional patch akin to that of a farm boy. 

His oval face was large with a beaming smile, looking very friendly. One wouldn’t find his solicitation distasteful.

“Sir, come to our auction, it’s about to start, would you like an entry ticket?” The youth gave Li Qiye a pamphlet.

“Arrogance Enterprise?” Li Qiye smiled at him.

“Yes, our branch here is the largest in Immortal Lineage, no, even in all of Three Immortals. No other place in Sky Pass is bigger…”

“Get to the point.” Li Qiye interrupted.

It sounded like a brag but this was indeed the truth. This branch of Arrogance was the largest in Three Immortals.

“Ahem.” The youth was slightly embarrassed: “Sir, we are having a large-scale auction today, everyone can enter to see plenty of items such as Skywalk Pearl, Aeonic Buddhist Pot, Nine-star Plate…” 

He went on about the various treasures, displaying his incredible memorization skill.

“It’s a big auction every five years.” She forgot about it due to recent events

The enterprise has been advertising this for a while now.

“I see.” Li Qiye lacked interest after hearing the treasures.

“Look at this one, Sir, it’s definitely worth a high price, an immortal coffin…” The youth noticed this and opened an advertising pamphlet for a sure-kill move.

“Sir, this coffin is from the immortal world itself, definitely unique and peerless.” He went on.

Sure enough, Li Qiye was indeed won over by this coffin. The diagram in the pamphlet looked quite real, perhaps a good depiction of the actual item.

His eyes narrowed while looking at it.

“You found it during the previous calamity, right?” Li Qiye asked.

“Umm… I’m just a lowly worker and don’t know anything about that... but everyone says that it is from a world of immortals.” The youth gave a vague response.

“So you don’t actually know.” Li Qiye said.

“Sir, I’m just selling auction tickets and don’t know much. The auctioneer will introduce the items in detail.” The youth hurriedly said.

“You sure sounded like you knew everything earlier.” Li Qiye said.

“Is that so…” The youth forgot about his spiel earlier.

“Sir, would you like to buy a ticket? My price is the lowest in the city, honestly. Only 500 for you.” The youth named Liu Sanqiang changed the topic.

“Didn’t it used to be 200? It’s a regular entry ticket, not a VIP one.” Jinning lived in Sky Pass and knew about it.

“The price went up a little bit…” The youth instantly defended: “But I guess since meeting you is my pleasure, I will reduce the price, just 200. I’m losing money now…” He lamented.

“You dare to take my money?” Li Qiye grabbed the ticket from him and smiled.

“Sir… I’m just a nobody trying to survive by selling tickets.” The youth put on a pained expression since Li Qiye took his ticket without paying.

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