Chapter 2933: Mysterious Girls

Two girls came from the other side of this rowdy street. However, their presence demanded silence from the world.

The mortal coil seemed so far away from them. Their immediate surrounding area seemed like an entirely different dimension.

People could see that they were there, albeit not very clearly. The one in front was the master and the person who spoke earlier. Her appearance was shrouded without using a veil or a hat with long tassels.

No one could actually see her face even if she were standing in front of them. Or maybe, they would just forget in the next second. All in all, one wouldn’t be able to recall or describe her.

This was akin to being in a realistic dream. One would recall about that person but just unable to remember any concrete details.

The girl clearly used a heaven-defying means to hide her true form. That’s why it’s impossible to see anything with the naked eyes.

On the other hand, her maid was in full view. It wouldn’t be wrong to call her a kingdom-toppling beauty - exquisite eyebrows, an oval face, starry eyes…

Her enchanting curves could also attract all eyes. She wore a very neutral style of clothing, almost as if she was trying to disguise as a man. This only added to her charm due to her towering breasts pushing upward.

As the master-maid duo drew closer, any spectator would feel that they were talking out from a dream.

The two aggressive monks earlier changed their expression and assumed an unconfident pose with their head lowered. They were pale, clearly afraid of the duo.

Remember, they were favored by Brightking Buddha, a powerful Everlasting and the abbot of Lankavatara Temple.

They have seen plenty of incredible things in the past along with powerful masters. Very few in the contemporary could make them feel dread.

But now, this was clearly the case.

“So imperious.” The maid glared at the two monks: “So Brightking Buddha is strong enough that his attendants can force karmic ties in broad daylight now? Amazing.”

This maid certainly didn’t have a mild temper. 

The two monks didn’t dare to utter a word. Jinning found this very strange because she knew just how famous they were.

Now, they didn’t dare to breathe loudly in front of these two women. It meant that this mysterious master had even higher status and background than Brightking Buddha. This made her very curious.

“Forget it, I won’t pursue this. Just remember that there is always a higher mountain.” The mysterious master waved her hand and said.

“Yes, we will remember.” The two monks bowed towards the woman before leaving, or rather, fleeing. [1]

They looked like mice running away from a cat after being lucky enough to be spared.

Li Qiye didn’t bother with these two. His eyes fell upon the mysterious woman. He could see everything despite her concealing method.

She didn’t mind his prying gaze either but this wasn’t the case for her maid. The maid immediately glared at Li Qiye, seemingly warning him to back off.

He withdrew his gaze and smiled in response.

“Lecher.” The maid was very dissatisfied.

He turned towards her with the same invasive gaze as if she were naked in front of him. She felt something strange as if his hands were running freely all over her body.

This resulted in both anger and embarrassment, expressed by her fiery glare. She arched her chest forward, seemingly demonstrating her power and confidence. This only made her even more attractive than before.

“Hmph, not even thanking us after we did you a favor. They would have beat you up if our lady didn’t step in.” The maid snorted.

“No, you interfered needlessly with someone else’s business.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“What are you saying?” The girl became angrier: “Showing zero gratitude after receiving help. Why?”

“The ones you saved are the two monks, not me.” Li Qiye shook his head then turned to leave.

Bai Jinning bowed towards the two women before chasing after Li Qiye, aware that they were important characters.

The mysterious master didn’t try to stop Li Qiye, only watching his departing figure.

After he was gone, the maid voiced her annoyance: “Lady, he blamed us for helping him? Hmph, who does he think he is?”

“He’s right, we were saving the right and left child of Brightking Buddha.” The master smiled.

“Lady, you agree with him?” The maid became surprised.

“You were unable to see his unfathomable power, it is beyond your imagination.” The master shook her head: “Those two monks are mere ants in comparison, just one slap is enough to annihilate them. Brightking Buddha himself being here in person wouldn’t amount to much either.”

“He is even stronger than you, Lady?” The beautiful maid remained skeptical.

“Not just that, the likes of me are unable to see his actual power. He’s probably stronger than anyone else right now in this generation.” The master’s eyes became profound.

“Really? He certainly doesn’t look like it.” The maid said.

“Don’t judge by appearance alone.” The master taught: “Who is our ancestor? Do you think our ancestor would highly assess someone for no reason?”

“You’re right, Lady.” The maid accepted this logic and lowered her head.

The master had a strange expression, seemingly pondering while still staring towards Li Qiye’s direction.

“Lady, what should we do then?” The maid asked.

“We’ll be observing for now. It’s rare that we go outside so let’s have a look. Tai Yinxi is having a feast, yes? I’ll take you there.” The master said.

“And what about that Li Qiye? What will you do with him? Are you really…” The maid asked.

“It’s too early to say.” The master shook her head: “No rush.”

1. We here = disciples. They assumed lower seniority

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