Chapter 2931: Money Talks

His skepticism was understandable due to the illogical circumstances. Why would anyone want to pay more unless they were crazy?

He looked as if he was afraid that the item wasn’t precious enough and needed to raise its value.

“Yes, I want it.” Li Qiye was nonchalant about the price.

Jinning couldn’t speak anymore. Words were stuck in her throat. She thought that paying 100,000,000 was ridiculous for a wooden carving. Calling him an insane prodigal son wasn’t enough.

“Ah.” The shopkeeper rubbed his palms together and said: “Sir, will, will you pay with cash or a different method?”

He was still unsure about this idiotic endeavor, thinking that Li Qiye was only messing around.

“Amitabha.” The right child placed his palms together and said: “Words can’t be taken back just like splashed water. Benefactor, you named the price, it is time to pay up.”

The monks didn’t believe that Li Qiye could actually pay this price so they wanted to humiliate him.

“Only spare change so I don’t normally carry it with me.” Li Qiye said.

Everyone exchanged glances after hearing this ridiculous statement.

“Benefactor, 100,000,000 is not 300,000 and definitely not one or two stones. Watch your words.” The left monk raised his voice towards the end.

They were waiting for Li Qiye to be unable to produce this sum. Thus, they could make fun of him on top of buying the carving for the original price.

“Is there a difference? 100,000,000 is still the same as one or two, just a tiny number.” Li Qiye looked at them and said.

The two monks didn’t know what to say; their face started turning red.

There was something about Li Qiye’s appearance that infuriated others.

Spending 1,000,000 to buy this carving would hurt these two monks. On the other hand, 100,000,000 didn’t sound like much for Li Qiye and couldn’t even be considered pocket change. It was as if he was just buying some fried dough bread on the street.

“Sir, so how, how will you pay?” The shopkeeper calmed down after witnessing Li Qiye’s crazy statement.

Li Qiye glanced at the shopkeeper and said: “I have this pearl or something, it’s not much. Take it.”

He then took out a wooden box and threw it at the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper caught and opened it. A brilliance from within nearly blinded him.

The two monks didn’t get to see the item before the shopkeeper hastily closed it.

His chest heaved up and down, frightened. He slightly pushed up the top again for another glance before closing it instantly.

“Is that enough?” Li Qiye waved his carving and said: “What’s your appraisal?” 

“It’s enough, no, more than enough. We, we’ll get you the remaining surplus.” The shopkeeper hurriedly added.

“No need for that, if it’s not enough then I’ll add more.” Li Qiye replied, seemingly wanting to spend more.

“No! Sir, it’s really enough, we’re actually making a lot of this… more than a thousand years of profit… I’ll immediately go get you what’s leftover.” The shopkeeper shuddered after hearing this.

His heart couldn’t handle this. This carving selling for 100,000,000 was frightening enough, but this pearl was another issue.

According to his appraisal, he was already making plenty and wanted nothing more than to give back the difference.

However, this guy didn’t even want that?

He never expected several billions to be at stake for this carving. Even a merchant with the evilest heart couldn’t handle the guilty conscience. [1]

The shopkeeper no longer tried to hide how much they were making off this.

“You still have a conscience for saying this. It’s fine, the rest will be your reward.” Li Qiye said.

“... Thank you for your generosity, thank you, Sir!” The shopkeeper reacted by kneeling on the ground and said.

This was akin to selling an item for more than one hundred times the price. Moreover, Li Qiye gave a tip that was even higher than the insane profit? The shopkeeper would lick Li Qiye’s shoes right now if asked.

The monks realized that they had met a real moneybag with something wrong in the brain. They decided to leave in a gloomy mood.

“Sir, I will wrap it up for you.” The shopkeeper accepted the carving from Li Qiye with more respect than he had ever shown anyone else before in his life. This was a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with a real rich man.

Meanwhile, Jinning felt she was losing control of her legs from watching this mess.

The shopkeeper respectfully handed the wrapped item to Li Qiye and said: “Sir, do you want anything else? You can grab whatever you want in our shop.”

He couldn’t handle the guilt since this pearl was more than enough to buy his entire shop. Thus, he was willing to let Li Qiye pick anything in the place for free. Li Qiye could take all merchandise if he wanted to. That’s the only way for the shopkeeper to feel better.

“Do you want anything?” Li Qiye took a quick glance around at the items before asking Bai Jinning.

“You… you’re talking to me?” She pointed at herself.

“Do you want anything? Go ahead and pick.” Li Qiye said.

“Re-really?” She thought she was dreaming. A captain like her couldn’t afford to buy many things in this shop.

“Yes, yes, Miss, pick anything you want, just grab them all.” The shopkeeper nodded, hoping that she would cure him of this mental affliction.

“How about this shield?” She wasn’t too confident.

“Yes!” The worker immediately wrapped the shield with lightning speed before respectfully handing it to her.

She couldn’t believe that this was happening as she was holding the shield.

“Miss, anything else? Keep picking!” The shopkeeper encouraged her to take more items for free.

“Well, then I want this sword.” She hesitated for a bit before picking another.

1. The cost of the pearl should be billions

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