Chapter 2929: Wooden Buddha

She wasn’t being unreasonable. The majority would give the same answer when asked who was the strongest right now in Immortal Lineage.

This seemed logical because he was the first to become a progenitor in this generation - completely unfathomable and peerless in strength.

Li Qiye didn’t bother correcting her this time around, only revealing a faint smile.

“Why are you smiling?” She was dissatisfied with his attitude.

“A frog only thinks the sky is as big as the mouth of the well.” Li Qiye answered.

“So how big is your sky?” She retorted, furious.

“Boundless, exceeding your imagination so you can’t imagine it.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“Are you saying that I’m stupid?” She glared at him in response.

“I didn’t say that, although I would absolutely believe you if you were to say that you’re stupid.” Li Qiye replied.

“You!” She almost vomited blood from anger and glared at him again.

Unfortunately, he ignored her and casually strolled down the street.

“Your commander is Tai Yinxi, right?” Li Qiye suddenly asked.

“Yes, and?” She angrily said.

“Nothing. Go tell him that I want to see him.” Li Qiye replied.

This attitude rendered her speechless. He was treating her like a servant at his beck and call.

“Why should I listen to you? I’m not your servant or anything.” She said.

“Oh? That’s fine. I’ll just go meet him then.” Li Qiye didn’t mind.

“You think you’re a progenitor? Not just anyone can come and see our commander. He’s in isolated cultivation right now. Few actually get to meet him.” She said.

“No problem, I’ll pay him a visit.” Li Qiye added.

“You gotta be insane. Sky Pass is not the same as before, if you do anything stupid, our legion will surround you. And I’ll warn you now, it won’t feel good then.” She gave him the side-eye.

“I heard that your legion is the strongest in Immortal Lineage. Let’s see how strong it is.” He responded.

“....” She became speechless.

“Why do you want to see our commander?” It took a while for her to calm down.

“Just want to chat with him for a bit.” Li Qiye replied.

Bai Jinning didn’t know whether Li Qiye was crazy or just insanely egotistic. Not just anyone could have an audience with their commander. His nonchalant attitude about the whole thing was just too arrogant.

“You’re insane if you think you can go wherever you want in Sky Pass.” She said with a mean glare.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t answer.

“Our commander will show up in a few days.” She didn’t know why she wanted to help him: “There is a big banquet with numerous guests. Maybe I can get you a seat so that you can meet our commander.”

She immediately regretted this potentially foolish move. To sneak a stranger inside? She wouldn’t be able to handle consequences if something were to happen. Alas, it was too late to take it back. She wondered if there was something wrong with her right now.

“Sounds good.” Li Qiye nodded and accepted the suggestion.

His casual demeanor was simply infuriating to her. Did he not know that she was risking her life to do this favor?

“Don’t cause any trouble or, or I’ll be the first to deal with you.” She gritted her teeth.

He answered with the same smile.

They have been walking for a while and just happened to come across a store with a display window.

He didn’t really care but the content of the store made her stop for a bit.

He walked several steps ahead before noticing and stopping to look at the dazed girl.

“Let’s go in.” Li Qiye opened the door and was greeted by an enthusiastic worker.

Jinning regained her wits and also followed along. The two of them were next to the display window now.

“It’s not bad.” Li Qiye knew exactly the item that stole her attention.

“Esteemed Guests, you have keen eyesight. This carving is in the form of Lankavatara Buddha. Our Shopkeeper has identified it as authentic.” The worker told the two.

“I’m aware.” Jinning jumped in.

The item on the window display was a wooden Buddha, small in size, and had a cute smile - looking quite merciful.

Lankavatara Buddha.” Li Qiye chuckled while looking at it.

“Yes.” The worker said: “It has been blessed by Buddhist arts and able to expel evil and subdue fiends. It might come from the Buddha himself, a very fine item.”

Lankavatara Buddha was a progenitor in Immortal Lineage, one of the few that didn’t have an official title. He started a temple with the same name at first. This eventually became an entire system.

For a long period of time, some said that only he could rival Desolate Saint in terms of illuminating and saving the people. His Buddhism affected many generations in history.

“Definitely high-grade.” Li Qiye nodded.

It was clearly treasured by its previous master - shiny and clean.

“Would you like to buy it?” The worker asked.

“Yes.” Li Qiye smiled, not bothering to look at the price.

“Are you crazy?” Jinning became startled and pointed at the price plaque beneath: “It cost 300,000 Eternal stones.”

Her reaction was justified. This was a monstrous sum to her, not something she would even dare to dream about. She thought that he didn’t see the price.

“Oh? That’s fine.” Li Qiye glanced at the plaque and still didn’t care.

Jinning was astounded. Not to mention regular cultivators, even the successors or princes of systems wouldn’t be able to produce such a large sum in one go. However, Li Qiye acted as if he was only paying three pebbles found on the street.

“Amitabha.” Right when Li Qiye was about to grab the wooden Buddha, the threads of a whisk coiled around his arm to stop him.

Two young men were standing next to him now, both wearing the robe of a novice monk and had orderly dots on their forehead.

They had a bright glow behind their head, looking like two little Buddhas. Their robes were simple but still glowed all the same, making them look freed from a single speck of dust.

They looked very similar; one would easily mistake them for twins. There were distinct differences - the one on the left had long arms while the one on the right had big palms.

The one using a whisk to stop Li Qiye was the left monk.

“Amitabha. Benefactor, this wooden carving is connected to us through fate.” The left one placed his palms together and told Li Qiye.

“What does that have to do with me?” Li Qiye seemed slightly annoyed.

On the other hand, Jinning was nervous and hurried pulled on his sleeve while whispering: “Don’t argue with them.”

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