Chapter 2926: Seeing The Mysterious Old Man Again

“It’s good if you die, I will buy firecrackers for your funeral. See, at least there is still someone who cares enough for you.” Li Qiye smiled.

“And I appreciate it.” The old man chuckled.

Meanwhile, the girl thought that these two didn’t sound like friends, just acquaintances. All in all, their attitude was very confusing to outside listeners.

“Is it that thing?” The old man looked at the wooden box.

“Three leaves, just so that you can have a smell. That’s how you found your way here, right?” Li Qiye smiled.

The old man looked up and stared at Li Qiye for a long time before nodding: “You do have it, I see. I’ve been searching for a long time but couldn’t get it due to various constraints.”

“You’re just fishing, don’t call it searching for a long time.” Li Qiye said.

“Are you the fish? Or maybe you’re the fisherman and I’m the caught fish.” The old man smiled.

Li Qiye laughed and didn’t comment on this.

The old man picked up the wooden box and opened it for a look. Meanwhile, Bai Jinning’s neck seemingly stretched quite a bit. She was very curious about this so-called priceless treasure.

She thought that Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to produce something of that level, at least based on his appearance.

The old man saw three leaves inside, as green as can be. A majestic aura struck him in the face.

Bai Jinning also felt as if she was inside an ancient forest with boundless life forces. However, she didn’t get a good look before hearing a pop - the old man closing the box tightly.

Despite not seeing them well, the aura just now left a deep impression on her. The three leaves were equivalent to three forest worlds.

A question popped up in her head - are these three leaves really priceless? They didn’t look like immortal alchemy materials.

“This is it, these three leaves are right. I will bring them back so others can take a look and celebrate this great news.” The old man nodded.

The old man recognized that these leaves came from the Three Immortals Tree, unlike Jinning. Li Qiye let them out in order to draw him here.

“Mmm, I’m waiting for my payment.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What do you want? Or rather, what must I do?” The old man looked at him.

“Hmm, hard to say.” Li Qiye rubbed his chin in response: “How about this? What do you guys have? Let me pick something suitable so I won’t go overboard, just to be reasonable.”

“I’m pretty sure you will try to extort us.” The old man didn’t hold back.

“Haha, I was a little embarrassed and didn’t want to do so, but now if I don’t do it, I’ll be letting myself down. After all, you three have been setting up this net for too long and far. A fish such as myself deserves something sweet for biting, right?” Li Qiye smiled.

“This isn’t a good place to talk. We’re just speaking without any proof, why don’t you come to our place and we’ll take our time there?” The old man pondered for a bit before answering.

“You want a three-on-one? It’ll be a desolate place so what am I going to do if you decide to rob me?” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed with a smirk.

“You’re afraid?” The old man smirked back.

“No, your group should be the ones afraid.” Li Qiye’s smile grew wider: “You’re in a tough position right now so can you spare the effort to deal with me? I’ll be one taking everything mercilessly.”

“Is that so?” The old man’s eyes narrowed.

“Certainly. I don’t mind taking on three at the same time since I want to see the apex of this world. Plus, I don’t need to hold back in Three Immortals, unlike you three.” Li Qiye remained relaxed but his words were quite imperious.

He still sat there without posturing but Bai Jinning felt as if he was the ruler of the entire world. Everyone else crawled next to his feet like ants - including progenitors and emperors. He would only need to stomp to decimate them all.

She felt suffocated by this strange feeling. Li Qiye had turned into a completely different person.

“I’m immortal in Three Immortals all the same, but you three? Let’s pretend that we’re on even-footing, it still won’t end well for this world.” Li Qiye said.

The old man remained silent against the threat.

“You think such a thing will happen?” He eventually smiled and said.

“Who knows? I just like items and there’s no point in taking you down anyway, I don’t benefit from it or feel accomplished.” Li Qiye smiled back.

“We’re not your targets.” The old man said.

“Then let’s continue this transaction?” Li Qiye asked.

“Look at me and my pitiful cultivation, I don’t have anything good. You have to come to our place for them.” The old man said.

“So you still want me to visit your place.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Why not? We won’t let you come there and leave empty-handed.” The old man became friendly right away: “Plus, I’m sure you’ll cross the ocean anyway even without this transaction, am I wrong here?”

“Whether I go or not is a different issue. Of course, the trip is not a big deal either.” Li Qiye said: “But keep in mind that due to recent events, the path is very chaotic and it’ll be harder. Don’t you think the fare should be double, no, ten times the normal rate?”

“You want to raise the initial price?” The old man didn’t like this.

“No, but the fare has to be ten times more than normal. Otherwise, how can I get to your place?” Li Qiye was blunt.

“Has anyone told you that you’re a merchant with no heart?” The old man said but didn’t look angry at all.

“No, you should be thanking me for being so nice by just raising the fare, the nicest man in the world, in fact. I’m sure there are those who would pay more for what I’m offering.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I don’t think anyone can afford it.” The old man shook his head.

“Really? That’s true in the past but now, I know that some will be more than willing to pay a sky-high price.” Li Qiye added.

The old man had no response.

“You would trade with those existences? Your targets should be them.” The old man eventually said.

“No, they’re not my targets.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Of course, I’ll be sweeping through them in the future, but it’s still fine to do business with them right now.”

“I doubt it.” The old man didn’t believe it.

“You think too highly of me, more than I do myself.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh.

“I don’t think highly of you, just your dao heart. It told me everything I need to know.” The old man smiled back.

“That’s why you three cast such a wide net to reel me in.” Li Qiye said.

“Aren’t you doing the same thing, trying to catch some big fish too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come to us in the past.”

“Fine, I will have to make do with this loss then.” Li Qiye nodded: “You have my words, I will bring it to your place.”

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