Chapter 2925: Selling Or Not?

Bai Jinning had an off-day without any mission so she took a stroll in the city, not expecting to see Li Qiye right away.

The street was indeed narrow for enemies.

Of course, she didn’t care for payback since they had no real feud between the two of them. Moreover, the legion didn’t allow their members to act on vendetta either.

However, the moment she saw him again, the previous exasperation returned so she wanted to get payback.

“A priceless treasure.” He said the same thing as before.

“You have a priceless treasure? Really?” She saw no such thing in this wooden box and didn’t believe that he would have one either.

“Yes.” A direct answer.

“Open it so I can take a look at your priceless treasure.” She stared at him.

“No need for that, you can’t afford it anyway.” He lazily said.

“You…” She thought that she would never get along with this person. Her belly became filled with fire again. 

“Hmph.” Tell me what it is, we’ll see how much it is worth.” She gritted her teeth and asked.

“Just a waste of time.” He refused again.

“!” Her breasts made waves as she trembled with anger.

“Hmph, don’t want others to see? Probably not worthwhile.” She took a deep breath to calm down before uttering.

“And?” He smiled, deciding to play along since he was getting bored.

“Hmph, it must be stolen goods.” Her eyes lit up as she gritted her teeth: “I’ll let you have it if this is true.”

“As if you can tell. The original owner must be here to make their case, so go find them if you want to play.” He leisurely said.

This argument demoralized her. Though their legion had full authority here, abusing it wasn’t allowed.

Without an actual accuser, she would just be taking his item in a completely uncalled for manner. Moreover, she wasn’t on official duty today.

“Go away then if you don’t have anyone, stop bothering me since I’m waiting for a buyer.” He waved his sleeve.

“Hmph, you think I’ll just leave because you told me to?” She didn’t give up and sat not far from him.

This became quite interesting. She wasn’t a supreme beauty or anything but still looked quite good. This naturally attracted some eyes.

“What are you doing?” He asked the girl.

“Just keeping an eye on you. If you really stole the item, someone will eventually come looking. Plus, it can be fake too, I don’t want you to trick anyone. ” She gloated while resting her chin on her hands. 

She just wanted to annoy him since she wasn’t on duty anyway. There was nothing holding her back.

“That’s a good excuse to stare. You must have a crush on me and want to see my handsome face all day long. Yes, I know I’m handsome but don’t fall in too deep.” He retorted.

“Bullshit, haven’t you looked in a mirror before? The word ‘handsome’ is definitely not written there, maybe the word ‘shameless’.” She barked back while turning red.

“I have and found myself to be insanely handsome.” He leisurely said.

“...” It was hard for a young girl like her to argue with someone as shameless and sharp-tongued as Li Qiye.

“So, don’t fall in love with me.” He smirked. Teasing her wasn’t a bad idea to pass the time.

“So narcissistic.” She glared back.

Li Qiye chuckled and went back to his sleeping pose.

She continued to keep an eye on him, wanting to see what trickery he was up to.

Just like that, the two of them became a very strange pair on this street.

Eventually, another potential buyer looked at Li Qiye’s wooden box and asked: “Hey, what are you selling?”

She answered before he could: “That’s stolen goods, don’t buy it lest you want trouble.”

The buyer turned towards her then back at him, thinking that these two were weird. However, bizarre matters happened all over the city so he didn’t pry and decided to leave.

She was very pleased with herself for chasing a customer away and glanced at him: “Hmph, don’t think about selling anything today. I got my eyes on you.”

Li Qiye didn’t mind the provocation.

A while later, several more people came to ask him about the wooden box. Unfortunately, she repeated the same thing. Each shook their head and walked away.

This process went on for a while but Li Qiye didn’t mind at all. His biggest reaction was an occasional chuckle.

This perplexed and filled her with curiosity. It was as if she wasn’t chasing his customers away but more like doing him a favor - swatting the flies away.

“Hey, are you actually trying to sell this?” She asked.

“Obviously I’m trying to.” He leisurely said.

“Then why don’t you answer them?” She remained suspicious, thinking that Li Qiye wouldn’t have actually answered his customers even if she hadn’t chased them away.

“Because they can’t afford it, just like you, a waste of my breath.” Li Qiye replied.

“..... Hmph, we’ll really see what you’re up to.” She swallowed her anger and became more determined to linger around.

More people came and expressed their interest in the box. Li Qiye actually ignored them this time as if he didn’t hear their questions.

Her suspicion was correct. She didn’t try to stop anyone yet he still ignored them. What was he trying to do here?

“I’m here.” She suddenly heard a voice that disrupted her train of thoughts. An old man was there in front of Li Qiye now.

A very strange feeling struck her. She felt as if the old man was there the entire time but she couldn’t see him.

He wore a cotton robe meant for the winter. His hat nearly covered his entire face. She couldn’t really see anything due to his clothing style.

Of course, she didn’t know that these two have met before back in Myriad Lineage for a transaction. Li Qiye told him a story.

“That’s good. I thought you were dead.” Li Qiye opened his eyes.

The girl became drawn into the conversation. Li Qiye didn’t care for anyone else until this old man.

“I want to die… but can’t.” The old man wasn’t offended.

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