Chapter 2924: Sky Pass

Sky Pass was no longer limited to a military fortress or a base. It resembled a great city with busy commerce.

Despite being the first gate of Immortal Lineage, the place lacked both guards and patrols. 

This was due to a lack of foreign invaders. Moreover, the legion was actually very capable. The wildlands had plenty of villains but none dared to mess with this area.

This resulted in rather lax security. Anyone could enter the pass without being searched or interrogated.

They could come via flying beasts or riding divine mountains or with their auras fully activated… No one would bother to stop them.

This freedom of entry wasn’t a sign of weakness for the legion. It didn’t lack control over the wall and the pass. On the contrary, its grasp remained as tight as ever in the past.

The power of the legion was virtually unmatched in this world. Moreover, its commander, Tai Yinxi, was unfathomable.

This confidence and absolute control resulted in the current lack of military presence, at least in these sectors.

In fact, one would find it difficult to find a single soldier on the street. Nevertheless, everyone still obeyed the laws of the pass, whether it be a powerful Eternal or a regional tyrant.

Even the villains in the wildlands would tuck their tail in between their legs after coming here. There would be no place to hide once being targeted by the legion.

The existence of order resulted in peace and prosperity for many generations. Li Qiye witnessed it the moment he set foot inside.

The prosperous city was enchanting like fine wine. Cultivators would be lost in the temptations of this city and never look back. They would rather be lost in this world and live like kings.

The streets were built with wars and battles in mind. That’s why they were wide enough to accompany dozens of carriages in parallel without a problem.

Impressively enough, they were completely filled with pedestrians. They came from all over the world. One would truly broaden their horizon by just people-watching.

This might be the place with the most diverse gathering of races - Heavenly Buddha Tribe, Eight-armed Tribe, Metalkin Tribe, Immortal Bronze Tribe, Celestial Tribe…

It also had the most merchandise from all over the world. If one couldn’t find something here, they wouldn’t be able to find it anywhere else.

That’s why many powerful cultivators would come to look for their desired artifacts.

Arrogance Enterprise also had a branch here. It might be one of the biggest stores in all of Immortal Lineage.

Outside of the big stores, there were little merchants and peddlers all over the streets. 

“New octo-purified dragon blood, come take a look, it’s definitely worth your time!”

“A family heirloom! A treasure tile for cheap!”

“Look, eight-treasured pills personally refined by an alchemy saint, only one bottle left for the highest bidder!”

One could hear these merchants shouting up and down the streets.

Cultivators who wanted to buy things for cheap or young ones without money roamed these areas searching for good deals. Of course, these places were complicated and laden with scams.

A few cultivators also tried to sell their own items. They found an open spot and sat down, either marking a clear price or trading for other items.

Li Qiye watched the merchants and cultivators along the way with a smile on his face.

This sensation was too familiar. He actually enjoyed going to such places to find cheap treasures whenever he had free time.

This time around, he was looking to sell. He picked an inconspicuous corner and sat down, took out a wooden box and placed it in front before leaning back on the wall and closing his eyes.

He didn’t bother to yell or name a price. The corner he picked seemed quiet relative to the rest of the city - a point of serenity among a cacophony of noises.

He only had one customer in mind so he was going to wait here until the time was right.

There were too many sellers like him in these alleyways so few actually paid attention.

Of course, due to the huge mass, one or two would find his item interesting.

“What are you selling, friend?” One person came up and asked.

“A priceless treasure.” Li Qiye answered without opening his eyes.

“Priceless?” The person became interested and took a meticulous look.

This didn’t look “priceless” at all, at least not when judging by this wooden box.

“Can you open it so I can take a look?” The person asked.

“You can’t afford it.” Li Qiye lazily said, eyes still closed.

This attitude annoyed the potential buyer. His expression soured: “Bold words there. I want to see what your treasure is that I can’t afford them!” [1]

The buyer had high status and only came out of curiosity, not expecting to be shown such disrespect.

Li Qiye ignored him and maintained the same posture.

“Hmph, you think too highly of yourself, it’s just a broken box.” The buyer snorted and had no choice but to leave. 

Freedom of trade was encouraged here. He couldn’t force the guy to sell the wooden box to him even if it was worthless. No one would dare to rob someone in broad daylight in this city.

A few more came later. One or two were actually masters with keen vision. They could see that this wooden box was special.

They asked to take a look inside but Li Qiye also ignored their request. His attitude annoyed the potential buyers, forcing them to leave.

If this wasn’t Sky Pass, people would have tried to beat him up several times already. After all, his attitude was really asking for it.

This didn’t matter to Li Qiye. He just needed to wait for one person to come. This type of fishing required patience. Plus, he believed that it wouldn’t take too long.

“Oh? It’s you again.” A pleasant voice sounded today.

Li Qiye opened his eyes and saw the girl - Bai Jinning. She didn’t have armor on today, just casual clothes. This made her look relatively more amiable but still mature and experienced.

He closed his eyes again after a quick glance.

“Great Scholar, what are you selling here?” She remembered how this bastard teased her on the wall and her anger returned.

1. The I here becomes superior, only used by the big bosses, you know?

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