Chapter 2923: Can’t Say No After Taking The Bribe

“Someone has gotten very hungry now after the long years.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and said.

“What actually caused this?” Fear spawned in the youth’s mind. He was strong enough to have a pretty good guess, just nothing concrete.

He has been here long enough to conclude that a disaster was coming, starting with this expanse. Li Qiye had confirmed his thought just now.

“The details aren’t clear. Three Immortals and the expanse have been through numerous epochs yet the balance remains. This shows a historical consistency that has been broken, why? Because of an outside force.” Li Qiye said.

“Evil is invading.” The youth thought about the heavenly tribulation back then along with the evil engulfing the entire world.

“That’s one way to put it, who knows if you can classify them as ‘evil’. It depends on the definition once more.” Li Qiye smiled.

The youth smiled wryly and got the point.

“Will we be able to escape?” He respectfully asked.

“It’s hard to say. I believe that it was only a test, just the beginning. So what does this mean? Would you scout against a bunch of ants? No, you would just destroy their nest, so scouting shows a lack of confidence in strength.”

“Makes sense.” The youth nodded.

“If I’m not mistaken, there will be a vanguard. The future depends on if someone can hold them back and the real power of the expanse.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“The sky moat will be the first gate.” The youth stared at the wall and Sky Pass.

“Yes.” Li Qiye nodded: “The best strategy is to keep the fight outside of the wall. It will be difficult if anything makes it to Immortal Lineage. Once the seeds are there, they will sow discord everywhere in the three worlds.”

“Please tell me more on what to do, Teacher.” The youth said.

“No need to worry at your power level. Just leave and the flames of war won’t touch you. Only worry about yourself.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Immortal Lineage is my home, I don’t want its inhabitants to suffer and for it to turn into ruins.” The youth said.

“It’s simple then. Gather the forces of Three Immortals and fight the enemies outside the wall. That’s the simplest and most effective method. Of course, if you are decisive enough, kill your way into the expanse and take them down!”

“You think too highly of me.” The youth shook his head: “I am weak and won’t be helpful. So many stronger people have entered the expanse. I can only hope to try and stay alive in there.”

He wasn’t being humble. Across the years, numerous progenitors have entered. The ones at the immortal level were frighteningly strong.

“Then protect the wall. As long as Sky Pass is there, everything will be fine.” Li Qiye said.

“I wonder how long we can last. My dao isn’t enough.” The youth stared at the wall. He felt a bit helpless because he was aware of the incoming forces.

“That depends on the guests from Uncrossable Expanse. Pray that they aren’t as strong as your group. Otherwise, you might hold for now but not forever.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What will you do, Teacher?” The youth stared at Li Qiye.

“If I were to raise my blade, the myriad ages would cower in fear.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Please help us!” The youth cupped his fist.

“Why should I?” Li Qiye shook his head: “I’m only a passerby, not the guardian or savior of Three Immortals.”

“For the sake of all living beings?” The youth asked.

“As I’ve said earlier, if I chose to move against Three Immortals, I would be an immortal right now. Am I not showing enough mercy already?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Not mobilizing is indeed a great showing of mercy.” The youth pondered and had to agree.

“Thus, I have no interest in protecting anything. Just sparing this world is already more than enough.” Li Qiye finished another cup.

“Teacher, fight one battle to illuminate the ages.” The youth eventually cupped his fist and requested: “It will herald eternal dawn. You can test your incredible prowess in this battle before going all the way later. Let’s make the loudest bang to build morale?”

“Hahaha, well said. Very well, I guess I can test my blade with this battle to start things off. So be it.” Li Qiye laughed in response and patted his thigh, seemingly quite amused before finishing another cup.

“Thank you, Teacher.” The youth excitedly bowed and poured another cup for him.

“Your flattery struck the right chords, I know that you’re digging a pit but I’m jumping in anyway.” Li Qiye drank the whole thing and shook his head.

“Of course not, given your peerless dao heart. You would have joined even if I didn’t say anything to make this battle the first of your great campaign, raising your blade and waving your banner.” The youth poured more for him.

“A scholar indeed, making flattery so flowery.” Li Qiye shook his head with amusement: “Sigh, it’s hard to say no after already eating someone’s food. Your meals and wine have done their job well as a bribe.”

“Your approval amplified their value. It’s a shame that I came in a hurry and didn’t have time for ample preparation. Otherwise, I could prepare even better dishes for you.” The youth laughed heartily. [1]

“Three Immortals does have a lot of delicacies.” Li Qiye nodded: “Too bad it is not the purpose of my trip or I would give them a try.”

“I know that there is an incredible meal in Sky Ruins, probably the greatest of all time and virtually impossible to find.” The youth smiled.

“Trying to tempt me with food again? If I eat another meal of yours, I will have to jump into another pit.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Of course not. It’s already enough to have you join in this battle. It’s only regrettable that I haven’t prepared more dishes for you, Teacher. Give me a little time and I’ll go catch them and make some appetizers for you, okay?” The youth said.

“Good, I want to see if it is really as good as you say.” Li Qiye smiled.

This great feast unavailable to emperors was slowly enjoyed by Li Qiye, accentuated by the sea breezes. He treated it as just another meal at home.

He stood up after finishing and smiled: “I have to go to Sky Pass for a small matter.”

“Alright, I will go to Sky Ruins and catch one of them to let you have a taste.” The youth also bid goodbye.

“I’ll be waiting.” Li Qiye smiled and moved on.

The youth cupped his fist. He then turned back for a quick glance at the expanse before sighing. 

Next, his sight turned towards Sky Ruins. His body flashed once and he instantly appeared inside Sky Ruins.


Li Qiye landed on Sky Pass and was greeted by a prosperous aura, the opposite of the solitary shore.

One could truly feel the changes of life while standing in this massive area - the first gate of Immortal Lineage and the only check post of the great wall.

Once the sky moat was activated, the only way to enter was through this pass. Otherwise, one would be stuck outside.

Thus, the pass was extremely important geographically. However, it never had the chance to show its importance due to a lack of invaders.

Nevertheless, as the biggest pass in Immortal Lineage, it also became one of the biggest cities after years of accumulation. The prosperity and liveliness here could match any other city.

It was independent of any system. The only entity in charge was the legion of the wall.

One would be hard-pressed to find a more powerful legion in Immortal Lineage. The members consisted of the natives in Sky Pass along with men recruits from the wildlands.

Moreover, other cultivators in the system could also join as long as they met the requirements. Thus, the actual composition of the legion was relatively complex.

1. The “I” here is student. He refers to himself as a student to show respect.

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