Chapter 2920: Uncrossable Expanse

Luminous Master’s aura engulfed all the wildlands even though it was very far away from the expanse. All existences trembled in fear since they were nothing more than specks of dust that can be wiped away. The spectating emperors had no choice but to watch quietly.

The sensation of time being frozen only magnified everyone’s curiosity. Of course, Li Qiye on the wall also saw this whole thing. He only smiled and continued his task.

Luminous Master stopped by the shore for a long time; his intent remained unknown to the spectators.

He eventually left and the golden world of light also disappeared from sight. This departure was swift and caught everyone off guard. 

Once they calmed down, they started pondering and exchanging glances. The entire thing felt like a dream.

Nevertheless, they knew that he was actually there. It’s a shame that none could see him. Only a few were lucky enough to see his back. No one where he came from or where he was going. That was the style of a progenitor.

The eyes in space also closed with him gone.

“Maybe something big is happening.” Someone murmured.

The powerful beings could see that this was only the prelude. It might have something to do with Uncrossable Expanse or Luminous Master wouldn’t have come here.

A while later, the commander of Sky Pass sent out an invitation to the heroes in the world.

Tai Yinxi didn’t mention the reason for this banquet. This only made the crowd wonder even more. They believed that these recent events were connected.

Only emperors and Everlastings were invited. Ordinary experts didn’t have this privilege.

This banquet was definitely going to be exceptional. This caused quite a stir in Immortal Lineage.

“This isn’t a good sign…” Some became worried.

Tai Yinxi was an influential figure. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to put him on the same level as a progenitor right now. He rarely initiated banquets like these in the past so this highlighted the event’s importance.

“I hope everything will be okay.” Some started praying.

“What are you afraid of? Not to mention the reclusive masters, there are plenty of emperors in our generation on top of two progenitors. Moreover, the sky moat is right there, same with Sky Pass. Nothing’s gonna happen.” The more optimistic ones smiled.

This optimism wasn’t blinded. For example, if Sky Pass were to fall, then no one else in Immortal Lineage would be able to change the tides, meaning that it was pointless to worry.


Li Qiye finally finished his assessment and got a perfect understanding of the wall.

“Still too conservative. It can stop a massive army but these flaws and openings must be corrected. It can’t stop a real overlord.” Li Qiye shook his head with this conclusion.

“What are these old geezers doing? Can they persevere? That thing shouldn’t have appeared in this world, is it their fault then?” His eyes became profound as he gazed through Uncrossable Expanse. He murmured to himself but no one else would understand his point anyway.

“A calamity is coming.” He withdrew his gaze and said: “And a big one at that. One misstep and it is all over. If the geezers can’t hold on, Three Immortals will turn to ashes.”

“It has been able to escape for many epochs. Alas, it might go down before the nine worlds in this generation. Impermanence is inevitable. certain things can’t be escaped.” He said softly.

“If escaping is impossible, then just face it directly or there will never be a solution.” His eyes became serious at this point.

He stood there, seemingly deep in thought for a while. He then turned towards the wildlands behind the wall and said: “It won’t be long till the calamity comes from Uncrossable Expanse.”

With that, he crossed through space, heading for the great expanse.

Back in the wall, he took it one step at a time like a mortal. Now, each step of his teleported through endless space. It only took the blink of an eye before he was on a boulder by the shore.

Uncrossable Expanse has always been mysterious. No one knew how large it was, what was in there, and what awaited on the other side.

One could sense how immense it is while standing close by. While looking back, they would think that just one corner of this expanse was enough to drown out all of Immortal Lineage.

Even the best heavenly gaze wouldn’t be able to see anything but a vast and obscure region. The deeper inside, the greater the waves. 

In fact, some said that all Three Immortals together weren’t as big as one corner of this expanse.

Rumor has it that one would enter the legendary immortal world and gain everlasting life by reaching the other side. No one could prove the validity of this claim.

All in all, not a single soul in history could solve the mysteries here.

Moreover, no one ever returned after entering, whether it be the brilliant progenitors, peerless emperors, or invincible Everlastings. 

Alas, the lack of success never deterred these masters from entering. The actual reason remained unknown.

Some said that after reaching a certain power level, they became summoned by a mysterious power in Uncrossable Expanse.

Others believed that at that level, nothing else was worthwhile in Three Immortals. It was time to move on. The answer to reach the next step could be found on the other shore.

In short, too many have entered and none have left with an answer to this eternal mystery.

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