Chapter 2919: Luminous Master

Something big happened outside of the wall during Li Qiye’s investigation. This attracted everyone’s attention.

To the left was the boundless Uncrossable Expanse. A golden light landed next to it.

No one noticed in the beginning but this golden light radiated with greater intensity as time passed.

Golden strings of light fell down, as faint as silk strings hanging in space. Later on, these strings multiplied and covered the coast of the expanse.

“What’s happening over there?” Spectators were only curious in the beginning.

Not long after, buzzing noises ensued. These strings emitted a supreme aura, turning this golden brilliance into an ancient and lofty world.

“The aura of a progenitor.” Many felt this aura even though it was so far away.

Just one strand was enough to crush the firmaments and make the masters tremble.

Numerous masters in space opened their eyes, woken up from their slumber.

“Luminous Master.” A sigh could be heard from an old person.

These eyes originated from the ancient grounds of dao systems. Or, some of these beings were actually hiding in space.

Those who could see the eyes would shudder with trepidation. Even Eternals would be intimidated. The owners of these eyes were too powerful.

They were at least grand-completion Everlastings. Some were at the peak or the supreme stage.

Another gaze emerged inside Sky Pass. These eyes were profound with boundless divinity and strength.

“I see.” He was Tai Yinxi, an extremely powerful Everlasting - the commander of Sky Pass.

“Luminous Master is finally out of his isolated cultivation! He’s at the shore of Uncrossable Expanse right now!” This news erupted across the wildlands and Sky Pass.

Some powerful True Emperors and Eternals back in Immortal Lineage found out as well.

“He’s out again.” Everyone became startled.

This title was full of charisma and power in the present day since it represented the apex. Luminous Master was an incredible talent in this generation and proved himself by becoming a progenitor.

His appearance next to Uncrossable Expanse was definitely not a coincidence. The thing that flew out there had shocked all of Immortal Lineage. Thus, the strongest existence right now had to have a reason for coming there.

Other masters including Everlastings and emperors immediately headed for Sky Pass in order to watch. However, they came quietly without any fanfare.

After all, there was no point to do so after Luminous Master. The guy had taken all the spotlight. One would just look foolish to even try.

“Buzz.” Luminous Master came alone. Though he didn’t try to put on an imperious act, each of his actions could move the winds and clouds. The stars were affected by his every move.

His golden brilliance engulfed the area despite his best attempt to hold it back. Even this massive area seemingly couldn’t contain his light.

He felt bigger than the entire world. Everything became tiny beneath his shadow. Just one shake from him should be enough to crush everything.

The light felt like a tsunami stuck in a tiny basin. There was no way the area could contain it and became overfilled.

The aura then shot out and suppressed everyone. This was a progenitor in person, not a remnant aura left behind by one. This power was utterly unstoppable.

“Luminous Master!” Many began prostrating in both the pass and the wildlands beneath.

Only the emperors and Everlastings could stand up straight. Everyone else felt a great pressure and were forced to the ground.

“He’s there in person.” This aura made them understand that it wasn’t an avatar.

So many turned towards Uncrossable Expanse but now, the area was shrouded by a golden ocean. No one could see anything clearly.

The place where he stood was especially resplendent as if there were a thousand suns appearing in unison.

Not to mention the naked eyes, even heavenly gazes didn’t suffice. Forcefully using the heavenly gaze might result in becoming blind.

The ones strong enough to resist the property of the light were repelled by something else - another form of power.

Luminous Master clearly didn’t want anyone to spy on him. Even the eyes in space restrained themselves.

The owners of these eyes were strong enough to break through the various barriers. However, there was no need to do so.

The guy clearly showed that he wanted privacy. To do otherwise meant offending Luminous Master - a very unwise move.

Thus, no one saw what he wanted to do by the expanse. The other masters only noticed a powerful and majestic figure at best.

He turned his back on the rest and faced the expanse, standing as still as a statue.

The spectators felt as if time had stopped. Luminous Master turned into the ruler of the realms.

If he didn’t move, neither would time. This affinity became frozen and subservient to his whim.

“What does he want to do?” The powerful masters wondered since Luminous was only standing there.

“Does he want to enter?” One emperor speculated, feeling quite emotional.

“I don’t think so. He has a great dao and incredible talents. There is still a lot of potentials and more room to grow. He can try after becoming an immortal-level progenitor with a perfect dao.” An old Everlasting said.

Everyone knew that this expanse was the final destination for progenitors. All of them would attempt when the time was right.

That’s why some thought that Luminous Master was trying to do so while standing next to the shore.

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