Chapter 2918: Looking To Marry, Miss?

“Number one…” She murmured while looking at him.

“What about Orchid Sage?” She then asked.

“Way better.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“You’re definitely better at boasting.” Jinning glared at him.

She didn’t actually expect him to reply earlier, hoping that it would shut him up or that he would admit his inferiority.

Who was Orchid Sage? An invincible progenitor on the same level as Luminous Master. All other scholars paled in comparison.

Thus, Li Qiye’s confident answer astounded her. Even the biggest braggart had his limits because overdoing it wouldn’t successfully convince anyone.

Alas, this guy made it sound as if Orchid Sage was just another random scholar.

She became frightened by his ridiculous audacity, not knowing whether he was telling the truth or not.

“Pa!” He interrupted her glare by gently flicking the tip of her nose.

“What are you doing?!” She instantly moved back and put on an offensive stance, looking quite mighty.

“Has anyone told you that your eyes are very pretty? Spirited and bright.”

She became stunned again and didn’t know what was wrong with Li Qiye. Has he always been like this or did something go wrong in his brain just now?

They’re strangers yet he touched her nose as if they were very familiar.

“You must be ill right now.” She became annoyed because he just took advantage of her and still acted nonchalant.

“You have a cure?” He said.

She glared at him and instinctively grabbed her sword, wanting to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately, she was under orders and didn’t have time.

He chose to ignore her exasperation.

She took a deep breath to calm down and aggressively said: “Do you know who Orchid Sage is? He’s a progenitor…”

“I know.” Li Qiye said: “Just a progenitor, no need to tell me twice. Plus, we’re not talking about fighting here. In terms of literature, I’m numerous times better. If he’s a scholar sage, then I’m a scholar immortal.”

Her jaw nearly dropped to the ground. This was her first time seeing someone so insanely full of himself.

“I can’t see it given your appearance.” She eventually said with no intention of mocking him. It was simply the truth.

He looked too ordinary yet his words could scare people to death. He spoke as if he was the definite number one in all aspects.

“Can’t judge a book by its cover - this phrase is perfect to describe me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“You have a problem.” She thought that he was asking for it by putting on this arrogant act.

“So many fools in this world. I’m telling the truth but they all think I’m bragging. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it.” He shook his head in response.

Black lines started to form on her forehead. Her above-average patience started running thin as she felt the urge to give him a good beating.

His eyes, in particular, were infuriating. They seemed to be pitying her “lack of knowledge.”

“You’re talking about me?” She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.

“Take a deep breath and calm down, you can’t accomplish anything big if such a little thing can trigger you. How are you going to be a general? More like a foot soldier for the rest of your life.”  He leisurely said.

His pompous face became a frustrating sight to behold but he was right. He didn’t do anything to warrant a beating yet. If such a matter were to spread, it would be terrible for both her reputation and the legion’s.

She had no choice but to loosen her fists and take a deep breath.

“In spite of your flaws, I wouldn’t mind marrying someone like you.” Li Qiye added.

“Why?” She immediately asked but regretted it right away. Ivory wouldn’t come out of a dog’s mouth.

“People from ancient times teach that a scholar can’t reason before a soldier but I’m the number one scholar, my literary skill is enough to deal with any uncouth and violent girl. That’s why I’m wondering if I should marry a soldier like you or not.” He stroked his chin, seemingly contemplating while looking at her.

She nearly vomited blood after hearing this and entered a crazed state. He was making fun of her for being violent and crude.

She still had confidence in her looks despite not being a supreme beauty, definitely not a “brute” in the army or a violent shrew found in the markets.

“Say it again.” Her fists were tightly clenched.

“Forget it, no one in this world is worthy of someone as talented as me. I guess I won’t be marrying then.” Li Qiye waved his hand right before her explosion.

His sudden change of mind left her in a bind again. She wanted nothing more than to kick him down and stomp him several times.

“What’s your name?” She aggressively asked.

“Li Qiye.” He answered with a wide smile. Though his appearance was mediocre at best, his teeth were perfectly straight and white.

“Don’t fall in love with me, I’m just a legend.” Li Qiye said: “Trust me, hang around with me and you can’t help falling in love with me while not caring about anything else.” 

She was about to go crazy. He might be the most shameless egomaniac she has ever seen.

“Scram!” She eventually erupted, unable to hold back. Being around her more would end with her beating him up.

"You go your way and I go mine, there is plenty of room for both of us on the path towards the grand dao. Don’t tell me to scram.” Li Qiye shrugged.

“Fine!” She trembled with rage before driving her chariot to get away from this man if he didn’t want to leave.

“Hey, why are you leaving so fast? Don’t you want to interrogate me some more? Maybe I’m up to no good?” Li Qiye shouted in the back.

“Shut up!” She didn’t turn back and kept on moving. At this moment, she believed that he was just a crazy egomaniac, not a villain or anything.

That’s why there was no point in infuriating herself any further by lingering around.

“What a shame, I really thought about marrying you earlier, you are giving up the chance to become a queen respected by all with a throne above the firmaments.” His voice sounded in her ears.

She nearly fell from her chariot after hearing the last line.

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