Chapter 2917: Bai Jinning

Because of his previous examination, he got a full understanding of the profundity here. If he truly wanted to reach the deepest momentum beneath, he would be able to do so.

Alas, that would break the moat, akin to severing an underground dragon vein.

He had no feud with the creators and doing so would be unacceptable, ruining their hard work.

He also found a few problems while checking it out - flaws that stopped the moat from being perfect.

These openings were created by time. This place had been created so long ago back to an untraceable era. Therefore, time continued to batter it, eventually creating these flaws.

Of course, they could be fixed, albeit with great effort. The place would be resplendent again and could protect for another million years or even longer without any problem.

Because of this, Li Qiye gazed towards the horizon while wondering: “What happened back then to make the great creator become so cautious, not minding the great price to create this wall?

Something undoubtedly happened back then to warrant these powerful ancestors creating this miracle. Its existence made Three Immortals even safer.

He turned towards Uncrossable Expanse to the left and Sky Ruins to the right. The wall was perfectly situated to stop them from being close to Immortal Lineage.

Its location was obviously carefully selected. Perhaps the creators were wary of the expanse or the ruins, perhaps both.

Strangely enough, no foreign invaders have attacked Three Immortals. The reason remained unknown.

Due to the length of the wall, it wasn’t easy to meet another soul here. Plus, most were in a hurry.

He has been walking for a long time and only occasionally met a few cultivators. They rushed by him without halting.

Some were actually bored enough. They got on the wall to look into space for a bit before leaving. In their opinion, there was nothing worth seeing here - just a wall made of rocks. Thus, just seeing one portion was the same as seeing the rest.

No one walked like Li Qiye the entire time either. Some flying above looked down and saw Li Qiye, thinking that he was a fool.

“You’ll never get to the end by walking.” A kind cultivator reminded him before hurriedly leaving.

Li Qiye only smiled in response. He wasn’t here to sightsee, only to gauge this miracle.

“Do you need help?” He met a patrolling unit several days later.

It only consisted of a dozen soldiers or so; each extremely mighty.

The captain was a girl with neck-length hair, looking very direct and sharp. She looked quite heroic in full armor.  Her slender waist stood in stark contrast with her ample curves. This contrast only accentuated her beauty.

Of course, this unit wasn’t walking like Li Qiye since they would never finish in that case. They rode chariots issuing loud noises as the wheels rolled through the rocky wall.

They rode in a horizontal formation and looked quite cool. The wall was big enough to accommodate this.

Moreover, anyone who recognizes their banner would instantly make way. This was the banner of Sky Moat Legion.

Everyone knew that both the sky moat and Sky Pass were under the jurisdiction of this world-famous legion.

The unit didn’t stop Li Qiye because he was in the way. He just looked very suspicious walking in this place.

Bai Jinning, the captain, has joined the legion since youth. She proved her brilliance by becoming a captain at a young age despite not coming from a noble background.

The group just happened to see Li Qiye today. Normally, they were usually stationed in Sky Pass. There was no need for patrolling due to the peace in that area.

Moreover, the sky moat only consisted of rocks. There was nothing precious to guard.

However, something flew out of Uncrossable Expanse a few days ago. This made the commander of Sky Pass, Tai Yinxi, become cautious and command for patrols to start once more.

It has been many years since they needed to do this. Bai Jinning immediately led her unit after receiving this order.

These last few days have been just fine but she didn’t dare to slack.

Now, Li Qiye became the first suspect.

“Do you need help?” Jinning asked again as the chariots drew closer, intending on investigating him.

After all, it was too strange to see someone walking on the sky moat. Even the spectators would fly.

“I’m good.” Li Qiye smiled, aware of her vigilance.

She took a good look at him. The guy looked normal like a passerby. No one would take a second look at him. Moreover, his smile made him look quite innocuous.

However, she never judged someone by their appearance and added him to her list of suspects.

“Keep on going.” She waved at her subordinates.

The group acknowledged the command and moved forward, leaving behind their captain.

“Where are you from, Young Noble?” Her chariot approached Li Qiye.

“Immortal Lineage.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Where are you going?” She meticulously assessed him but couldn’t find any clues. She was being very polite too despite being a captain from Sky Pass. This wasn’t an interrogation in the slightest.

“Just strolling. As the saying goes - walking a thousand miles is better than reading ten thousand books, so here I am, trying to learn about this miraculous wonder called the sky moat.” Li Qiye answered.

“Ah, that’s a great outlook. I didn’t take you for a scholar at first.” She said.

“I’m no big deal, just read enough books to know the past and predict the future.” Li Qiye said.

Jinning didn’t know what to say. She only gave him a courteous praise yet he bragged without showing any humility.

“Oh, so you’re a gifted scholar.” She added.

“You can put it that way.” Li Qiye smiled: “Sages in the past say that no one can be the best at literature but I’m pretty sure I’m number one.”

Jinning was left speechless again, thinking that she had met an egoistic madman. She took another look, unable to see “the number one scholar” in him.

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