Chapter 2916: Sky Moat

Li Qiye began traveling across the stone wall after the youth left. 

The size of this “moat” was unimaginable. While looking down, one could see white clouds beneath. It must span for millions and millions of miles, not to mention being high enough to reach the sky vault.

This place separated Immortal Lineage from outer space, serving as a protective barrier. That’s why calling this great wall a sky moat wasn’t an exaggeration.

It was built back on top of the desolate wildlands stretching across the borders of Immortal Lineage. This land was larger than a dozen systems combined. Unfortunately, it was barren compared to the rest.

Nevertheless, it consisted of people from all seas. They had different reasons for being here. Some wanted to hide from their enemies or fled due to a life of crimes. Some masters would also live reclusively in this place.

This place was good because it wasn't under the jurisdiction of any system. Thus, the only law was the law of the jungle. The stronger ones could make the rules.

Nevertheless, the sky moat remained orderly despite the chaotic state below. The heinous villains and powerful lords didn’t dare to do anything reckless.

Why? Because the sky moat was under the control of Sky Pass. The legion here was one of the strongest in Immortal Lineage. Their guard commander, Tai Yinxi, was unfathomable.

Thus, people needed to weigh themselves carefully before deciding to cause trouble here.

The wall was incredibly wide. Dozens of carriage could fit side by side at the same time without crowding. It looked like a public square more than a wall.

Li Qiye could cross through the whole thing with just several steps due to his speed. However, he chose to walk like a mortal, feeling every brick along the way.

However, these bricks were made from an unknown material. No one in history had gotten the right answer.

It looked like gray rocks with a touch of white inside. They were coarse, seemingly taken off of a cliff and moved here without further carving.

Each was extremely large. A few areas had rocks spanning for several hundred or even several thousand miles.

It was incredible to think about the construction of this place. Someone might have split open mountain ranges and cleared off the mud and trees before bringing them here.

“Thump, thump, thump.” His steps served as a measurement method to calculate the wall’s infrastructure.

“Not just rocks.” He began seeing an outline of the place as he got farther.

The materials only had the appearance of rocks but weren’t. They must have been assembled in an ancient era and experienced numerous storms and rains.

Nevertheless, they stood strong as part of this toughest wall to protect Immortal Lineage. Ordinary rocks had no chance of accomplishing this miraculous feat.

As the analysis went on, Li Qiye found that the materials were awfully complex.

One particularly massive one seemed to be refined from an entire star, spanning for ten thousand miles. Another was made from the bones of dragons and other exceedingly rare beasts.

Moreover, the powers of these beasts were infused into the “rocks”, allowing them to have similar powers.

Other rocks were made from an entire mine consisting of incredible divine metals - extremely suitable for weapon crafting. However, the creator of the wall chose to use these mines for defensive purposes.

In short, each rock had an interesting and majestic background. Any of them would be considered an ultimate treasure back home.

Alas, it was impossible to remove any of them from the wall. The entire moat was one now.

These rocks weren’t just piled on top of each other. A grand momentum has been formed first then these rocks were added to the right places, eventually ending with this wall. Therefore, removing one piece proved to be an impossible task.

“Marvelous.” Li Qiye finally took a break and became sentimental: “Even an immortal would require many years to create this defensive line. This isn’t someone a progenitor can compare to.”

Clearly, a miracle like this couldn’t have been created by any system or regular cultivator.

One must possess the power to change the shapes of the world and pluck the stars from above in order to create this wonder.

Strangely enough, no one had a clue when this wall was built. All in all, it has been here in everyone’s memories as if it existed at the start of time.

Records pertaining to the wall were sparse, only a few tales here and there. None of them ever talked about someone trying to attack it.

“Such meticulous preparation, Three Immortals is lucky to have these ancestors, allowing it to escape numerous calamities and destruction. No, it has nothing to do with luck, this is due to the effort of its peerless ancestors.” Li Qiye said.

Three Immortals could be described as a colossal fortress. Its inhabitants had no idea that they were living in one.

Of course, it had a unique advantage at the start due to its location but these ancestors must be praised for providing this protection.

Unfortunately, previous epochs, the nine worlds, and the thirteen continents wouldn’t be this lucky since they were outside of this realm.

People usually knew the sky moat for its size but they didn’t know about the power beneath. This power turned into a grand momentum strong enough to shoulder this wall.

Therefore, simply attacking the sky moat wasn’t enough. They needed to take down the power below as well.

Li Qiye smiled and wanted to scout this miraculous power. His body became gradually transparent, seemingly melding into the wall.

“Pop!” After he got low enough, the underground power could feel the presence of this invader. It released a bouncing force and blew him out.

“Really strong.” Li Qiye praised.

It would be extremely hard to find something capable of repelling him while he was serious. This power far exceeded ordinary progenitors.

The creators of this wall must have been something else.

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