Chapter 2914: Just Go For It

“No, I’m just looking at the ruins. That place is completely unfathomable, impossible to see through.” The youth’s face turned red as he immediately denied.

“There’s no saving you. This is just having a crush, a man needs to have the courage to admit it. Plus, you’re the great Three-eyed Prodigy, be arrogant like normal now.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“I…” The youth seemed like a different person.

“I’m not like this normally.” He admitted that he was strange around the emperor.

Very few people could make him this nervous. He didn’t become this awkward while meeting Luminous Master for the first time.

“It’s because you like her, or dare I say, love?” Li Qiye chuckled and didn’t make fun of him: “When you become nervous and watch your words in front of someone, this person is either your boss or your crush.”

“Love?” The prodigy didn’t want to admit this and was afraid others would find out too. That’s why he always responded with denial. Having someone tore through this thin wall left him in a difficult spot.

“You clearly care and want to show her your best sides. However, because you’re usually too arrogant yet still self-aware enough to know that it is not attractive, you overcompensate and become an idiot.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The youth understood that he wanted to put on a good display in front of the emperor but it didn't work out.

“Why do you not want to admit it? Why don’t you want others to know, especially her?” Li Qiye asked.

“I don’t know, I was very nervous.” The youth shook his head and put on a forced smile.

“Because you lack confidence. Three-eyed Prodigy is always imperious and arrogant before others, just not when speaking to Spiritheart. You think you are inadequate, not enough to move her. Now answer my question.” Li Qiye said.

“I, I don’t know.” The youth could answer.

“Because you are afraid of failure. Due to your peerless talents, you have never tasted true failure before. Even a loss or any setback was only temporary. You could learn harder merit laws and more profound arts as long as you have enough time. Those stronger than you might beat you for now but in your mind, you believe that you’re still young and weak. Just a few more years and you’ll be able to take them down. This isn’t the case for Spiritheart. If you were to court her and be rejected, that’s a true failure with no chance to try again.” Li Qiye said.

He paused for a bit before continuing: “Thus, the thing you’re fearing is failure itself. In fact, just accepting the possibility is difficult for you and this makes you subconsciously run away.”

“What should I do then?” The youth calmed down and asked.

“Go for it. It’s just one girl, so what if you fail? The sky won’t fall down.” Li Qiye said.

The youth opened his mouth but chose against speaking.

“Remember, there’s at least a possibility when you try. Don’t leave it as an impossibility.” Li Qiye told the hesitating youth.

“I feel that it, it is improper.” The youth said.

“Improper? What are you afraid of?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“She isn’t someone like that.” It took a while for the youth to respond.

“I see. Don’t worry, it’s just an engagement, not a marriage yet.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I’ve heard their sects have talked about marriage arrangements. Metalkin Divine Court has prepared the ceremony.” The youth quietly said.

“So what, as I’ve said, they’re still not married. She is still single, still Spiritheart True Emperor. If you like her, then chase after her, ignore everything else.” Li Qiye smiled.

“And, even if she was his wife, so what, still go for it if you like her. It’s hard to find the right woman in life, let caution go with the wind.” He added.

“That seems bad…” The youth said.

“You’re a supreme genius, don’t be tied up by secular norms. You have power and abilities, go win her over.” Li Qiye insisted.

“Perhaps, but her fiance is Metalkin War God…” Hesitation remained.

“Metalkin War God? So? Is he going to eat you?” Li Qiye smiled.

“He should have twelve palaces by now…” The youth said.

“Ah, so you think he is more brilliant than you are, hence your lack of confidence.” Li Qiye replied.

The youth looked around before nodding.

“Who are you? Say it loud!” Li Qiye shook his head and said.

“What?” The youth didn’t get it.

“Say it loud!” Li Qiye repeated.

“I’m Three-eyed Prodigy!” The youth got the point.

“Indeed. You are the youngest half-step in the world, the most talented in Immortal Lineage. Are you all-talk or do you live up to your fame?” Li Qiye looked him up and down.

“I can back it up.” The youth said.

“Good. Then what are you afraid of? So what if he has twelve palaces, even if he was a progenitor, it doesn’t mean that you’re less talented, right?”

“Right.” The youth remained confident in his innate gifts.

“So your talents are better and you’re younger too, what’s there to be scared of? Be persistent and move courageously forward with a firm dao heart and your achievements will be even more amazing. Tell me, what is your ultimate goal?” Li Qiye asked.

“To become a True God like Fardao!” The youth took a deep breath.

“There we go. Fardao is an existence that can slay progenitors! Not to mention that he’s only a twelve-palace emperor right now, you should still be confident in defeating him after he becomes a progenitor later on! To not have this little courage is an insult to your talents.” Li Qiye said.

These words struck the youth hard, almost like someone knocking his head without holding back.

Prior to this, he had this notion that her fiance was stronger than him. This was indeed the case right now. A half-step Everlasting was weaker than a twelve-palace emperor.

But now, Li Qiye reminded him about his peerless talents. He needed to realize that he would surpass Metalkin War God if he were to become someone like Fardao. His mind became clearer now after this conversation.

“You’re right, I’ll become someone like Fardao in the future and even immortal-level progenitors can’t take me on. I can definitely do it!” The youth clenched his fists, stating his determination and building morale.

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